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NACA FAX Cover link NOT working. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'NACA' started by Mercury213, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Mercury213

    Mercury213 LoanSafe Member

    If you are a NACA member, please go to this page and tell us if you are able to click a link to get your NACA fax cover. I am not.

  2. LadyDoveFL

    LadyDoveFL LoanSafe Member

    I get a server error from the NACA fax cover feature.

    However, I just checked my list of downloads received and, much to my surprise, I see that the 38-page fax that I sent to them around 2PM today was listed!

    For a bit of irony, I don't have a landline, so I went to my lender's local branch office and had them fax the package to NACA!
  3. Mercury213

    Mercury213 LoanSafe Member

    Hmmm. At least you have a link to get an error. I have NO link. Just text. AND I cannot access any list of "downloads received." I'm sure NACA will get right on this problem. Right!

    Thanks for checking.
  4. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking LoanSafe Member

    I hope I don't sound stupid but any fax cover sheet that has your NACA ID# on it is sufficient to get the documents processed. The most important thing is to put your NACA ID# on every document using their fax cover sheet or a plain sheet of paper. Either way works fine.

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