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Discussion in 'Option One Mortgage - American Home Mortgage Servi' started by jhildebrand, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. jhildebrand

    jhildebrand LoanSafe Member

    Dear Forum,

    I am very glad somebody had the wherewithall to create such a forum! I cannot believe how angry I am.

    My name is Joe Hildebrand and I am an Option One mortgage customer. I am also a Realtor. I am current on my mortgage and always have been. With the adjustments it hasn't been easy but I am fortunate to be able to work more or harder to cover the difference.

    With Option One I would always make my payment online around the 10th of every month. This month I went to sign on and found that AHMSI has bought out Option One. I couldn't care less until I realized that they now want a fee to "process my mortgage payment made online."

    You would think they would be happy to have anybody making a payment and would make it as easy as possible for them. NOPE! They are trying to charge a fee! I am ok with this as Countrywide charges a "convience fee" on another home we own. I am ok with it because I knew about it up front. What is the difference you ask?


    They see that they did not get my intro letter to me but to them that doesn't matter. Basically they can do what ever they want! Well...That may be the case. My only request was that they waive the fee this time seeing how I was not notified. Ms. RITU in India said they will not waive that fee in any circumstance whether notified or not! Fine. I will pay the fee this time. However, they have just pissed off the wrong person!

    As a Realtor on the front lines of this ridiculous mess I can do A LOT MORE TO THEM. For instance, I will instruct my clients who are buying a home to find out if their current mortgage can be sold to AHMSI. If it can, I will counsel them on the issues and to investigate other lenders. I will not sell any bank owned REO, short sale, or foreclosure properties where AHMSI is affiliated in any way. I will do all of this and much more.

    The American people have been sold a bad bill of goods! We work too hard to be robbed, cheated, stolen from, and just plain held up for "convenience fees." Our government has failed its very people. It is supposed to be by the people and for the people! It is not by the people for the people in BIG CORPORATIONS!

    I will make AHMSI life hell and the same for any politician who allows corporations like theirs to fleece us. It is time we all take a stand and it might as well start with me!

    AHMSI you are hereby forewarned. You transferred the wrong person to India and have pissed the wrong person off! I HOPE TO SEE YOUR DEMISE AND YOUR EXECUTIVES BEHIND BARS FOR ANY WRONG DOINGS COMMITTED!
  2. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    Welcome to the forum Joe and this is the place to let out your frustrations. It's good that you can vent and also expose the BS you have been facing with Option One because I am facing the same problems and I know exactly why.

    It is as you expected, AMHSI is ridiculous to deal with. They happened to purchase Option One in May. This made things turn for the worse, and when I say worse I mean WORSE! This billionaire Wilbur Ross apparently plans to gouge people and charge them fees to make his billions.

    What you need to do is use your anger and contacts in a productive manner. Expose them by continuing to chronicle your story here and by using the law to catch them in the act. Study RESPA servicing laws and start helping people in your community to fight back.

    Keep fighting the good fight Joe!
  3. jhildebrand

    jhildebrand LoanSafe Member

    Thanks for the reply, Moe. I imagine this site gets comparable traffic to AHMSI yet you find time to respond to people. Have you thought of outsourcing your replies to India? Just kidding!

    I have some strong relationships with individuals in the Colorado State Legislature and the CO Attorney General's office. I have already sent them emails. I am reviewing the entire HUD site along with the RESPA laws.

    I understand that I am only complaining about the lack of notification and service fees which pales in comparison to others. However, I am quite certain plenty of people did not receive that notice and that will be what kickstarts the chain of events that become a foreclosure.

    I am disgusted by all the posts I read on sites like this. I am sure some people screwed up. Some admit it. The majority seem to be good, hardworking, honest people that were duped one way or another. It is time the American Consumer gets their voice and rights back.

    I promise I will stay in touch with the forum until AHMSI is gone. Thanks again for the reply, Moe!!!!
  4. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    Haha..India, good one :)

    I like your fire Joe and use that to make contact with your connections and be calculated in the fight. I am telling your right now that this new servicing company will be giving ALOT of people hell now and in the future. Time to shine a light on this because it begins with fees and then ends with more fees.

    Thanks for saying thanks and lets keep in touch about AHSMI.
  5. 925girl

    925girl LoanSafe Member

    Don't forget it's not just you. It's thousands of people and thousands of fee's. Frankly, everyday brings new news of some bank failure as was predicted. Yeah, love those calls routed overseas.
  6. jhildebrand

    jhildebrand LoanSafe Member

    That's for sure! Thakn you for the reply.

    Here is an update for everybody. I went to pay the mortgage payment online last night (the 16th) after failing to get my friends in India to waive the fee. The site allowed me to input all information to make a payment and select the 16th as a draft date. However, when I went to submit my payment, it would not allow it. The site was forcing me to choose another draft date so it could auto populate the late fees, higher convenience fee and then take the payment.

    I carefully checked the whole site and there was no disclaimer saying a payment after a certain time would not be accepted for that date. Countrywide's site will not allow you to select a certain draft date if it is not available.

    Eventually, I made the payment and documented the entire process. I have notified my state regulators and a certified letter has been sent to Wilbur "the crook" Ross and all of his cronies!

    Every little mistake they make will be publicized and exploited. I promise to make their life a living hell until they choose to operate with basic business integrity and within the law.

    Joe Hilderband, Realtor
  7. faith

    faith LoanSafe Member


    I admire your courage and boldness. Someone has to start fighting against these people who loves to make money out of the misery of other people.

    Don't worry they will answer to God Almighty, God knows how many hearts that has been broken, how many lives has been destroyed, how many couple divorced because of what these banks and lenders, CEO, owners included has done.

    0ne of these days they will pay for their crime, what they reap they sow. You sow goodness and kindness, you will reap the same, you sow greed and misdeeds, the punishment is the same more than they sow, double they sow. And when it is all said and done, everything they accumulated are all gone, vanity,
    vanity, all is vanity.

    I am glad tlhat you are standing up for what is right. But be careful that your emotions will not turn into hatred because what is more important is You, Your heart is important to Thee.

    God loves you and God bless you and your family.

  8. 925girl

    925girl LoanSafe Member


    I am cheering you on!! I love people like you who actually get on the ball and do something proactive. Yes! Now call your local news consumer guy and see if you can get air time. Please tell us how to get the politico's attention. I wrote Sen. Dianne Feinstein's in Calif but not even a computer generated msg.
  9. RefusetobeStressed

    RefusetobeStressed LoanSafe Member


    I am watching NBC Nightly News and it was annouced that Merrill Lynch is in big trouble. They annouced today they had a loss for this past quarter of 5 billion dollars. (GOOD FOR THEM) As you know, although I am with Option One, now American Home Mortgage my investor is Merrill Lynch who owns my home.

    I received a letter last month and they have raised my payments from $4100.00 to $5600.00 which was due 1 July. I am not behind on my payment but I refuse to pay $5600.00. I AM NOT GOING TO PAY!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! I have drafted a three page letter to Mr. John Thain, CEO of Merrill Lynch. I should be getting it out on Monday morning.

  10. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage


    what happened to the modification at the step rate starting with the 4.7% for the first year? Did that not go through?
  11. RefusetobeStressed

    RefusetobeStressed LoanSafe Member


    Yes it did. I have been making my payments on time with no problem. They paid my taxes and insurance. I purchased my own insurance with the company I have my car insurance with. Sent them the policy number as well as my insurance company contacting them. It was all verified. Well prior to this they purchase their own insurance on the house for an outrageous fee. They also paid my taxes which I knew they would but I was told that once they were paid I could request that they extend the payments over a 36 months which would be included in my mortgage. Once the county received the payment I fax a request in asking that the payments for my taxes be extended beyond 12 months (12 months is what they usually allow) to 36 months as well as asking them to have the insurance they paid removed. I received a letter from American Home Mortgage informing me that they had received my request and it would take any where from 60 to 90 for a response; they also stated I would have to continue paying the $5600.00 until a decision is made; and last but not least they stated I would have to pay the difference from the time they purchased insurance up to the time I purchased and pay the difference.

    Can you believe this......I RefusetobeStressed
  12. elpjohnson

    elpjohnson Successful Homeowner / Loan Safe Guide


    I am also cheering for you....I want to jump on your bandwagon!!! I too am an OOMC/AHMSI customer who has been fighting them for months and months now for a loan mod....I was just told today that my investor doesn't do loan mods (LIES)....so here I am back to square one working with Moe and my attorney to get this done and hopefully soon. However, I was also pi$$ed when I paid my mortgage online and was charged $5.95 fee.....I think it's outrageous and they shouldn't be allowed to gouge us in this manner.....so, whatever you're doing or gonna do, sign me up!!!! I'm on board with you 110% DESTROY OOMC/AHMSI!!!


    WTF??? I cannot believe that! I know how you feel, it's terribly distressing and disappointing. I am not gonna pay them anymore either...my loan adjusts in August and I'm not paying it AT ALL!!!! I know it's been a long road for you, refuse, but DON'T GIVE UP!!!! I am praying for you and your family hell I'm praying for all OOMC/AHMSI customers because we need it!

    Take care and God bless you Joe and Refuse......
  13. caligirlsteph

    caligirlsteph LoanSafe Member

    Right on Joe!!!!
  14. hollydo07

    hollydo07 LoanSafe Member

    5.95 is nothing I pay Ocwen 10.00 a month to make my payment on line. I was involved with Fairbanks a fews ago and they charge crazy fee and you know the drill so I make my payment on line so I can print the page and the page show the time and date I made my payment I will not ever go threw what I went threw with Fairbanks. I was charged over 6000 dollars in different fee's, insurance fees and they were my second and my first was escrowing for my taxes/insurance. IN the end after the class action all I got back was just less than 600.00 and to date they never fixed my credit report. Even though I had prove I made all my payments and on time. but 5.95 cheap I am crazy to pay Ocwen 10.00 but I want proof when they got my payment . good luck
  15. elpjohnson

    elpjohnson Successful Homeowner / Loan Safe Guide


    It's not really about the $5.95 fee it's about them charging for something that they NEVER used to charge for before....OOMC never charged to pay your payment online......now all of a sudden they are charging for online payments AND they are charging $500 for loan mods and that was never charged by OOMC either. Ever since AHMSI took over they are charging excessive fees for everything......what's next? They'll probably start charging for you to call in to customer service....
  16. bigald1

    bigald1 LoanSafe Member

    Sign me up!!!! A few months ago I received a notice that AHMSI recalculated my escrow and that my monthly payment would go down by $80. What I did not notice was that the fine print of the letter said this would take effect in November '08. I went ahead and paid the modified amount for October and they went into a full court press harrassing me at work, threatening my credit record, even going to the point of sending me a letter threatening foreclosure over $80 lousy bucks. I paid the $80 bucks but now I have a very low opinion of AHMSI.

    Last month, I got a letter from these clowns telling me that my rate would remain at 10.1%. After reviewing my "Adjustable Rate Rider" in my loan documents. I found that my loan documents state that the rate is the 6 month LIBOR plus 6%. On Dec 1, that rate was 2.59%. On Jan 1, it was 1.75% With the December 1 rate my loan should reset at 8.59%. I had to argue with their "customer service" person in India and they first argues that my minimum rate was 10.1% (wrong), that the loan can only go up or down 1% (not for the initial reset) and that I needed to wait 2 years (loan was made in Dec. '06). In other words, they are going out of their way to rip people off and banking on the fact that you 1) did not save your loan documents or 2) don't understand the language of the loan documents to steal from people. I fully intend to lodge a complaint against them with the Attorney General of California and would appreciate other ideas for keeping the maximum pressure on them. They couldn't rip me off because I am a CPA and can decipher loan documents but I am sure that there are literally thousand of people who are getting ripped off in this shameful manner.
  17. whatafool

    whatafool LoanSafe Member

    I started with bnc to option one to amhsi .Never notified of the change except on the bills. Amhsi was where last payments went. they refused to work with me after 6 years They said they wanted the house not the money ,they served foreclosure papersin us bank name.Sheriff sale was 12-18-2009 .I moved out 2/2010.They took house put it on market. 12/2010 pulled the house off the market .1/2011 started sending loan mod. papers,put insurance in my name.i contacted them? they stated 12/2010 they rescinded foreclosure ..i could move back in exc. i said no way??? They never notified us of the rescind of foreclosure nothing! They squashed the title out of my name ,& put property tax in the us bank name. The foreclosure was also on my credit report in 2010! now 2011 the foreclosure is off my report but they have in process of foreclosure! Top that off my phone rings threating to foreclose on me! I told them I dont own it go ahead & foreclose on me it baffled the hurassing caller!I have all the original paper work all the proof of sale exc.but no lawer will touch it! talk about fraud.Foreclose ,evection papers,put on the market,take it off market erase foreclosure on their records,insurance in my name ,loan in my name under old loan number . They need to be stopped!

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"Hello Moe, I just wanted to tell you, your website has saved my life (literally), I stumbled on your site in the middle of losing my home, I was able to network with people going through the same thing as I am. I didn't feel alone anymore, I have tried to give back and counsel those that haven't walked in my shoes yet. We hear so much about what is wrong with America, I just wanted you to know, you are whats "right" with America."

Nina Mitchell
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