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Lost in New Jersey..advice

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by lostitall, May 24, 2011.

  1. lostitall

    lostitall LoanSafe Member

    Have been applying for MOD.for over a year.Was denied and denied on second in house review.Was making partial payment for yr.,they stopped taking partial in March 2011.Loan with BOA. They suggested DIL,Short Sale....,I need to prolong the foreclosure process.
    Question,from the time I am served by the court how long is the process.
    Thank You[
  2. SurfwhenUcan

    SurfwhenUcan LoanSafe Member

    lost, go to the thread The HAMPster Wheel Game - this thread is devoted to stalling the process and making some money. If you can't get it done there, you can't get it done. By suggesting SS or DIL, they are almost asking you to play. Read the thread thoroughly. Good luck!
  3. judithoo5

    judithoo5 LoanSafe Member

    I am in Nj as well...i am 15 months behind, and they still havent started the foreclosure precedures yet. it takes about 18 to 24 months once they filed the NOD in the county record...
  4. lostitall

    lostitall LoanSafe Member

    Did not,will try that next..thanks
  5. lostitall

    lostitall LoanSafe Member

    big help,the not knowing is the worst part...will still try and keep house but having some idea of timeline allows for less sleepless nights.
    thank you.
  6. acesfull

    acesfull LoanSafe Member

    Hi Lostitall

    The average foreclosure time frame in NJ is 908 days.. NJ is homeowner friendly compared to most states in regard to foreclosure. Your results will vary depending on how much you read, research and confuse your lender. For best results, Visit The Hampster Wheel tread in the Chase subforum.

    Best regards,
    NJ-7 months
  7. lostitall

    lostitall LoanSafe Member

    Thanks for the info.It all helps.Will be calling my negotiator today,not sure what to expect.
  8. acesfull

    acesfull LoanSafe Member


    Hi,, tell your negociator that your financial situation has changed and that you want to reapply for the HAMP program.

    Best regards,
    NJ-7 months
  9. lostitall

    lostitall LoanSafe Member

    BOA..sent new packet requesting more of same docs...in the past I would have 30 days to respond ,this time only 5 days.Fedex today..
  10. lostitall

    lostitall LoanSafe Member

    update...assigned negotiator , LOL...ha no negotiations...simply told me i did not qualify for in house MOD. will try reapplying for HAM

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