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Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by davephx, May 12, 2010.

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    As I've reported ABC 12 News Phoenix has since about December done a wonderful every few days reports on the problems facing AZ homeowners with HAMP mods. They have exposed the banks and the frustration of us. The name of the series is "You Paid For It" - you bailed out the banks now what are they doing to help you. Not much from all the reports.

    A few folks active on Loansafe have even been on TV with their issues featured.

    But 12 News is getting floods of requests for help and can only feature a few with the most compelling stories.

    In an attempt to help the masses they are doing a "Loan Mod-A-Thon" with real estate "experts" wanting to help. But just for one day Wednesday May 12th starting at 5 AM. I question how effective it will be, assume phone lines will be flooded but gets a good attempt by those at 12 News obviously frustrated with the problems so many face in AZ dealing with the banks with mods.

    They want you to have extensive details with loan numbers, what you have done, notes etc. So each call could be very long. The phone number will only be give it seems on news programs starting at 5AM, although it may be on their website (azcentral.com)
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    Our phone bank will be taking calls Wednesday (May 12) from 5:00AM to 11:00PM. Here are the numbers to call:
    Inside Maricopa County 602-258-1212
    Outside Maricopa County 1-888-838-KPNX (5769)

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