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Judge denied postponement of Sheriff's sale

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by kshel02, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. kshel02

    kshel02 LoanSafe Member

    Please help! My best friend's house is scheduled for Sheriff sale on Tuesday. She went to court on Friday to petition the court for a motion to stay. The Judge denied it. The banking Commisioner's office finally got a hold of Sean Wilson at Litton Loans and he said that they just got her loan modification doc's (amazing) and that Litton would contact their Attorney and have it postponed. We called the lawyer's office and they don't know anything about it. We are very sketchy because Litton has been giving her the runaround and she's freaking out. What is the timeline if the sale does go thru??? Does she have to be out on Tuesday??????? Please help, Thanks Kerry
  2. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    Thank you for joining the forum and welcome...

    Sorry to be abrupt, have to feed dogs or else, legs in peril...here is what you need to do first thing Monday, AM get that jerk from Litton on the phone, get the sale postponed verbally with him and with instructions to the morons at Litton to communicate with their Attorneys immediately as to the postponement, I am sure that the Banking Commissioner had something to say along this line as well...not a pleasant conversation I am sure.

    Get to the Banking Commissioner again on Monday and tell them that the Servicers/Lenders Attorney has gotten no instructions for postponement yet....make trouble for Litton....

    Then with the verbal advisement from Litton on the postponement, fax a letter confirming the postponement to the moron at Litton, get his direct fax line with the borrower's name, loan #, property address, and SS# on all pages confirming that postponement and the new date. Also confirming that they have the Modification papers and will give them expedited review and accommodate their borrower to the utmost ability and that no less is expected. Simultaneously then send the same letter via fax to the Attorney of record for the foreclosure.....immediately...

    Fax all of these 3 times and make sure that you get a confirmation of the fax on your end. Here are a few numbers that I have gleaned....you may have more and the Banking Commissioners office may share a few with you, please share them with me, they are a tough servicer.

    Erick Kalvan Fax # 713-793-4380 Litton Executive offices.
    800 247 9727 ext 7719 Portfolio Department Litton
    Litton Loan Servicing 800-999-8501

    You need to get that moron from Litton on the phone 8:00 AM on Monday he will have to get this done and done NOW as per the Banking Commissioner, if he is dragging his feet and reluctant, then get the Banking Commissioner back in play on the situation. That faxing stuff is important, you need to cover the situation in this fashion.

    The area that you have to complain to about this treatment is FTC and HUD on these idiots, but get that foreclosure postponed, immediately...and get that wonderful Banking Commissioner's office back in the game first thing Monday morning....

    Let's not talk about moving out until we see what this brings.....
  3. kshel02

    kshel02 LoanSafe Member

    Oh my God Poppy,

    You are a lifesaver. I only know how to help her because I also am facing foreclosure. This is nuts. I have been obsessed with this whole process. I did get my Countrywide modification papers, but I still have to get HSBC (HELOC) to agree to a modification. I have been working with Acorn in Delaware. I went on our local news station for an interview to get the word out about this crisis. Thanks so much for your help!! Kerry
  4. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    Sorry that you are all going through this, at least there is strength if not for anything else, emotionally in numbers. Give this a try and on the HSBC HELOC, keep us posted they have recently loosened up for the firsts, but I suspect that they are still pikers on the seconds and HELOC's.....

    Please let me know Monday where you get with this, during the day, I am working, but I will monitor this thread...
  5. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    More Litton Contacts from the Sticky above

    800-2479727 ext. 4913 (Unknown helpful person, woman)

    Get those Country Wide papers signed and returned....make sure that you keep copies and fax a signed copy to them...very important to fax and then Fed X the original back to them...

    This is a very unopen/covert organization and getting information is tough...
  6. kshel02

    kshel02 LoanSafe Member

    Thanks Poppy,

    I like the part about unknown ,helpful woman at Litton. I am in Delaware, what state are you in? I saw a very elderly woman in a WHEELCHAIR at a foreclosure prevention clinic a couple of weeks ago, WTF?????? I'm so glad this site is here.
  7. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    I kind of keep that data sort of close to the vest, due to my ties in the industry, working in the industry and doing this are kind of like oil and water....they, the industry folks would not be happy with the idea....my close friends in the industry jokingly say that I have gone to the "dark" side....

    Yeah, we should never have done these damn loans, they were poisonous and had no foundation for success, doomed to failure and misery....

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