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Is CitiMortgage quick to auction?

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by stucknnv, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. stucknnv

    stucknnv LoanSafe Member

    This is my first time posting. I have a first & second loan with CitiMortgage. It's an FHA loan. I owe $150k on the first loan, and $5k on the second loan. My home is currently worth around $55k. After filling out modification paperwork 3 times, and asking for DIU paperwork & never receiving it, I decided to let my home foreclose. My last payment was January 2011. The notice of default was filed 6/24/11. On my paperwork, it has a number to call to check foreclosure status. Last time I called they said they can't set an auction date for 90 days after the NOD was filed, so that would be 9/24/11, and she was estimating the auction would be set for mid October. I plan on calling tomorrow (9/26/11) to see if they've set a date but I'm nervous they'll hold off. I want out of here! I have drug dealers 2 doors down and do not feel safe in my own home. I was advised by a credit counselor to stay until the end so this is still my primary residence and I won't be responsible for taxes.
    Does anyone have any experience with this? Are they likely to auction soon, or will they delay? I'm in Nevada if that matters. Thanks everyone!
  2. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide


    Thanks for your post and welcome to Loansafe. If you want to leave your house and neighborhood due to safety concerns, I recommend you just move. The credit counselor who advised you to stay is just silly. I recommend you immediately stop paying your mortgage and property taxes. If it were me, after vacating, I'd shut off the utilities and cancel the insurance policy.

    Good luck.
  3. stucknnv

    stucknnv LoanSafe Member

    well I called today and the file is on hold pending mediation. She said Nevada requires this. I asked if there was any way to push it through and she said no. According to her, the mediation paperwork was filed in August. *sigh* I just want out of here!! :sad:

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