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Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by Amp_Husky, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Amp_Husky

    Amp_Husky LoanSafe Member

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  2. goldie

    goldie LoanSafe Member

    That explains what's going on with me. Thank you for the article. If this is a well-known tactic, why isn't anyone up in arms about it (except for us chickens)?:confused:

    Never mind...think I know the answer. :(
  3. Kirby'sMom

    Kirby'sMom LoanSafe Member

    Sounds like may stories on here! Frustrating and very scary!
  4. whbsolutions

    whbsolutions Guest

    Very frustrating indeed...
  5. lucky2

    lucky2 LoanSafe Member

    How can you prevent this from happening to you?

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