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In need of David Spector Signed docs

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by pennotsword, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. pennotsword

    pennotsword LoanSafe Member


    I have been investigating my mortgage and have been shocked at some of the things I discovered. I have searched high and low (oh yes, I even asked the banks) for David Spector's signature. You see I have a signed scribble by an attorney, (former-no longer serving BOA) and gee, his signature is the exact same as David Spector's who served as executive with Countrywide. :blink1: Anyone who can provide this, or any information it is greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks & God bless!
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  2. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    Welcome and thanks for joining the community.

    What document did he find his name signed on?
  3. pennotsword

    pennotsword LoanSafe Member

    If this is a duplicate reply, please forgive me. In regards to what documents, it's the 3rd page of the note. There were apparently additions made to my paperwork, and it had to take place after June 2007 and as late as December 2011. I give Dec 2011, as the latest date due to the paperwork being delivered (after sometime) following a validation request. It appears there was an attempt to pass off a documenting of my forged initials (nice attempt, but my background keeps me keen on this kind of thing), there were some cosmetic changes, and Mr. Spectors, stamp and what may be his signature was added after June 2007, I know this as I rec'd a recorded copy in 2007 and the information was not on the County's copy. I have more, lots more, and really want to get a look at some other of Mr. Spector's signature. I have asked for "blue ink copy", asked for contact information for Mr. Spector, all with 3 certified QWR, no response to these request, and it's been well over the legal given time limit. I would appreciate any image of Mr. Spector's signature.

    Thank you
  4. oneofsubstance

    oneofsubstance LoanSafe Member

    Would you please post your Spector signature information, so that I might verify my document as well? Thank you.
    View attachment 900
  5. BuddyKur

    BuddyKur LoanSafe Member

    My David Spector signature is exactly like yours. If I compare your signature to the endorsement in blank on my note I can tell with out a doubt this was a stamp because all the curves of his name EXACTLY line up with our in blank of ( I do not know anyone who signs their name on a line in exactly the same place ecerytime, do you?) In addition he left Countrywide in 2006 when our mortgage was wrote. Imagine, he signature does not appear on my note (Exhibit) in our Foreclosure summons, but it does appear all of a sudden on that very same note, with some discrepencies, that is attached to BofA "Plaintiff's First REquested to Admit, Interrogatories, and REquests for Production of Documents" in the attached Exhibits.
  6. BuddyKur

    BuddyKur LoanSafe Member

    Do you have the attorney's signature you could post? Have you tried contacting David Spector at PennyMac? I am trying to find something like an article or legal document with this man's signature.
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  7. brokaw

    brokaw LoanSafe Member

    I have a note that is stamped by David Spector but it doesn't match up to the one previously posted ... I'm sure there are multiple stamps floating around ...

    My would have been stamped after August 2006 when Spector left CW.
  8. pennotsword

    pennotsword LoanSafe Member

    Yep same scenario here, here are my assumptions, the stamp was placed upon recognizing that signatures were missing, but ignoring that we already had documents (mine from county) without Spector's signature . The only thing is during the 2007 filing I rec'd signature was nowhere on my documents. The first time I witnessed this signature was upon requesting verification of the loan in 2011. Not only was the signature added, different bar codes, and while someone did a decent job, not perfect my initials were forged in one area, I know this as I have the original and the signatures are different. To date BOA has not responded to certified request or request for an investigation into the activities and alleged forgery. I have sent Mr. Spector a letter asking him why he waited until he left the firm to sign my docs and if he was mistake why wasn't I told. Sure it will be no different then my contact and request with BOA. I am also in belief that a local law firm has its hands mixed up in this. Once I gather all my info I'm going to move forward. Thanks so much for posting that.
  9. BuddyKur

    BuddyKur LoanSafe Member

    What state are you in? There was another case where a Lawyer who wrote an article called "Beyond Robosigning" in 2010 recently filed an answer and 3rd party complaint. In this case David Spectors stamp also appeared. Better yet the law firm BofA hired is brought into this case and is helping falsify these documents. I have found that many cases, including the Kemp case have Spector's signature. He left CW in Aug 2006. Back in 2006 banks had 90 days to assign and Me Spector left CW before 90 days of our mortgage being wrote. I left Mr Spector a VM at Penny Mac with obviously no call back. I am surprised you his signature in 2011, may I ask about when. Most of the cases involving his signature have appeared around Feb of 2012. Mine happened to be in April 2012. In our case we believe too, there was some question of documents being forged or photoshopped. We actually received blank documents at the time of closing. Nice, huh? Let me know if I can help at all. is your signature an endorsement (allonge) in blank?
  10. pennotsword

    pennotsword LoanSafe Member

    Illinois (the state familiar with corruption) sounds just like my situation. The signature came to me as part of a verification request. It took longer than I thought (came via collection attorney). When it arrived it was completely different from the docs I have, a change in barcode, placed over the previous , my initials were changed in one spot, and an attorney with the firm signed off, of course with no traceable name( just a scribble). Yes on my closing docs my signature as an endorsement and then no others . Thanks got a feeling some more cover up is in the works. I think I rec'd the docs around , end of 2011, yes it was in December around 15th or so..
  11. BuddyKur

    BuddyKur LoanSafe Member

    I am in Wisconsin. Look up Kemp vs. Countrywide. I know this case is often cited as a defense as against BofA. This case also has an allonge with Mr Spector's signature.
  12. Sld11

    Sld11 LoanSafe Member

    I live in Wisconsin and also have just received a copy of my Note magically endorsed by David A. Spector. This is the third set of paperwork I have received from BOA's attorneys that are trying to foreclose. In the first two attempts I wrote the Court and attorneys an answer letter stating that my note was not endorsed. The first time this happened the attorney's for BOA dismissed the case without prejudice. I was hoping they would do the same this time around, but unfortunately they are proceeding with foreclosure. In the paperwork they sent me and the Clerk of Courts to pursue the motion for summary judgment of foreclosure the Note has this new endorsement that is NOT present on any of the other Notes they have furnished or used initially to foreclose. So basically they have magically found a stamped document that they could not furnish for over a year.
  13. bminer

    bminer LoanSafe Member

    Here is my David A. Spector Signature which I just received on an Amended Foreclosure.

    View attachment 1042
  14. Sld11

    Sld11 LoanSafe Member

    On my copy I can read out a D and an S. Your copy is just a scribble. Im attaching mine for your review.
  15. bminer

    bminer LoanSafe Member

    Thanks for the copy of the David A. Spector signature that you attached. I now have 4 total if you include mine. I have one that is his actual signature that I got from another site witch I am told came from a Corporate Document in Maryland. I will attach for review. I agree that the signature I have is suspicious. View attachment 1044
  16. Hopeful In Hawaii

    Hopeful In Hawaii LoanSafe Member

    View attachment 1054

    This is from my note, not in foreclosure, and other than my signature this is it.
    Every time I asked for my note with all assignments, endorsements etc, they would only send me a copy of my note that only had my signature. Now I suddenly got this copy with David Spector. If this is real it should be from 2003
  17. tayconcm

    tayconcm LoanSafe Member

    Seems like a rubber stamp

    Attached is scan of what BOA claims is David A. Spector's original signature. From a "America's Wholesale Lender" note in November 2004. The signature appears to be exactly the same as yours (sld11). Each signature is positioned exactly on the signature line above his typed name. Note the "D" starts exactly same distance from the word "BY". The "S" ends exactly above "David". Also note tops of both the "D" and "S" stop exactly at the "n" and "y" in "Countrywide". After review of the original note provided by BOA and other signatures posted here to be Mr. Spector's, IMHO David Spector DID NOT endorse the note, but indeed rubber stamped or signed by Countrywide staff for packaging to a trust.
  18. charleswaynecox

    charleswaynecox LoanSafe Member

    Spector Sig

    Mine is exactly the same as yours. If we share and provide affidavits/declarations might help as exhibits to show that what you have is a rubber stamp just like mine.

    Note, Spector left CW September 2006. In our case we have povided copies of the purported "note" absent indorsement after that.
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  19. Sld11

    Sld11 LoanSafe Member

    I contacted Fannie Mae and they pushed BOA to modify me right before our court date. My friend who works in foreclosure said WI doesn't require original documents to foreclose so I took the trial payments they offered. I guarantee with your documents that they couldn't provide originals because it is clearly stamped. If you pursue the signature thing keep me posted and best of luck in your efforts to save your home.
  20. charleswaynecox

    charleswaynecox LoanSafe Member

    Not to mention, the original (I have the original!) was on legal size paper. See where the phony stamp is off to the left. Probably wouldn't even fit on the original. Secondly, the Note and DOT are not written to Countrywide Home Loans, doing business as America's Wholesale Lender but the Deed of Trust states specifically America's Wholesale Lender a CORPORATION organized and existing under the laws of New York. There was no such corporation until 2008 and it has nothing to do with Countrywide. Yes, CW has file dbas but still, neither the note or deed were written to CW dba AWL!

    Secondarily, I have "copies" of the "note" sent to us long after Spector left CW (which was in December 2006 BTW) It is phony as a 3 dollar bill but getting a judge to understand it, is another thing.

    One more issue, I was able to obtain in discovery, a MIN report stating the "Transfer Beneficial Rights" took place on 02/01/2005 and the "New Investor" is Bank of New York Mellon from the "Old Investor" Bank of America, N.A.. Problem there is, BONYM did'nt exist until July 2007! Further, there is NO "indorsement" on the note from or to Bank of America, or assignment. This is going to get "fun"...

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