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How much did my neighbors house sell for?

Discussion in 'Sell My House' started by Alex Ferreras, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Alex Ferreras

    Alex Ferreras LoanSafe Greeter

    Many homeowners are looking to educated on selling their home and what the best price to list their home is. One of the best ways to figure out the proper selling price for your home is to find out how much your neighbors home sold for.

    So how do you find this information out?

    The facts are that while the home is in escrow, it will be very hard to locate this info since it is considered private. Once escrow closes, then this information will become public and much easier to find. However, you can still try and locate this info by being a nosy and persistent neighbor.

    Here are the best ways to locate this information fast!

    1. Knock on your neighbors door and ask them what it sold for?

    2. Locate the agent who is representing or represented the seller and just ask them?

    3. Bribe one of the neighbor's children with $20 to get the information from their parents.

    4. Once the home is sold, do a property records search at your local county recorders office.

    5. Use websites like Trulia, Zillow or Yahoo Real Estate

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