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How many months delinquent are you?

Discussion in 'Chase Mortgage - Tell Us Your Chase Story' started by rachel_p, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    Obviously a personal question, feel free to NOT answer it if you don't want to. I'm just really curious to see how far behind some of us are on our mortgage payments, and what your status is with Chase right now.

    We are 6 months behind. Chase advised us to fall 3 months behind last year so we could qualify for modification (wish I had found this forum then, and I never would have done it). We made 6 forebearance payments ending in June. (saving us a whopping $30 a month off our regular payment) We haven't paid a July, August and now September payment as per Chase's request. They said NOT to pay because their computers were down and we needed to wait to see what happens with modification.

    Computers were fixed last week (after more than 2 months?!). Modification proposal went in on Friday. Said we know within 7 days.

    Received intent to foreclose letter 32 days ago. Called Chase in a panic. They told us to disregard. Called CEO's office, they told us to disregard letter.

    Current status: 6 months behind. Repeatedly calling chase to see when we should send a payment. Notice of intent to foreclose received, but told to disregard. We have received NO collection calls whatsoever since we started this all last fall. All calls have been from us TO them. Anyone in a similar situation?a
  2. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    Hi rachel p,

    It seems like your getting the complete run around from Chase.. Have they told yet that there is someone assigned to your case? Find out right away if someone is assigned to your case because if not your modification may fall through the cracks and they may set up a foreclosure date very soon, if they already sent you the intent to foreclose 32 days ago.. Keep calling and talk to as many reps as needed be until you get your questions resolved.

    Which dept have you been dealing with?
  3. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    We have been in direct contact with a lady from the CEO's office who assures us that our case is being handled by upper management. She said that since we contacted the CEO's office that things will be taken care of.

    She also is the one (along with countless call center reps) that told us that there is no sign of foreclosure listed on our account and that the letter was computer generated. She told us that she was assured that no further action would be taken.

    Our case has also been assigned to a member of the "executive team". She hasn't been very good at calling us though (well, she never has called us) and she doesn't return phone calls. She just says she is working on it and it will take time.

    This whole mess is making me physically ill.

    We are considering Chapter 13 right now to cure this disaster. However, since we already received the intent to foreclose letter (even though it was computer generated) it means that foreclosure proceedings have already started and it may be too late to save our house if they were to continue. So technically, they could say that they started foreclosure proceedings before we filed Chapter 13 and therefore our house could not be included in the bankruptcy and it would be foreclosed on. (even though they have told us repeatedly to disregard the letter).

    My husband is calling the CEO's office again today to see what our options will be if our modification is denied.

    If we didn't have 4 kids, we would walk away. We don't want to uproot them. We don't want to lose our home. I can't believe we are in this situation. I can't believe it.

    If anyone has any other numbers to an employee that has helped, I would appreciate knowing them. We are trying to make all the calls we can.

    Am I the only one so far behind on payments?
  4. shade

    shade LoanSafe Member


    The system does send out those letters but the reps have to put the foreclosure on hold during a trial mod per the HAMP guidelines. When the executive team rep told you there is no sign of a foreclosure date in the system they are most likely telling you the truth but I asked for it in writing. I talk to my ET rep via email and he is great about getting back to me and in one email I asked that very question (as I received a forclosure notice as well) he said in writing that the system generates it and I have removed the foreclosure date to coincide with the mod rules.
  5. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    We did ask for it in writing, and they said that was impossible to do.

    Our lawyer told us that them telling us we are NOT in foreclosure is just as good. We have names and dates of when and who told us this. I sure hope you are right Shade. I hope we aren't up for a certified letter this week.

    My husband has already put the call in to the CEO's office today and is awaiting call back from them. They are really good to return our calls usually the same day. He is going to ask for a new rep on the exec. team. The one we have isn't doing a satisfactory job for us.

    I'm not sure we qualify for a HAMP mod? We are so confused, as we didn't research this going in, we just kind of fell into it. Our loan isn't backed by ginnie or freddie or the like. It is a "farm loan", although it isn't a farm that we live on. It is a government type loan used to develop rural communities. However, it is not one of those loans where you work to build your own house and therefore have a lot of equity once you move in. It's a standard loan with a standard interest rate (6.75 % is what we got) Chase has told us that the farm loans have very strict standards to modify loans, so we aren't expecting any miracles here.

    We just want to be assured and reassured that once we are denied (IF we are denied...still crossing fingers) that Chase will work with us to cure the default.

    We didn't receive a sale date, just the intent to foreclose letter. If we do get a sale date, I'm assuming that would arrive this week or early next week.

    Your post reassures me, Shade, and that's what I'm looking for right now. Are you behind quite a few payments as well? I would feel 100% better about this if we were current on our loan. Then I know at least our home is protected.
  6. Whites376

    Whites376 LoanSafe Member

    We are almost 120 days late.......tried for DIL, calls stopped around that time, we waited almost a month to find out that we were denied.....STILL no calls.....prior we were getting calls 2 or 3 times a day......I finally called them and told them we were filing Ch. 7 bankruptcy, and that the home is currently vacant........we received an "intent to foreclose letter" about 30 days ago, but still no calls.
  7. lexusfrank

    lexusfrank LoanSafe Member

    I paid chase about 3 payments back in April but otherwise havent been able to pay them in about a year but during that time have had modification once and a payment plan so that probably delayed things. I have to admit they have always bent over backwards to help me. This time though I'm the most payments past due and working with NACA and trying to deal with the time it takes to find out whats going to happen. Did you get a letter from an attorney or chase? If its from Chase I can tell you from experience not to worry about it, if its from an attorney then worry . Either way dont sit still and hound them. How /where is the executive team info and how do you start that process and what is the contact info for who you have there? Hope this helps.
  8. GonnaMakeIt

    GonnaMakeIt LoanSafe Member

    We haven't made a payment in 12 or 13 months! We did just make a payment 9/1/09. the first in our 3 month trial they offered us.
  9. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    So far (knock on wood), we've only received the notice of foreclosure letter. The standard letter that it seems like a lot of people receive automatically.

    We have an attorney that we are consulting with. He says we have an excellent case to fight foreclosure if it comes down to it.

    However, we are just wanting to hold foreclosure off right now and try to buy some time to make up the 6 months payments that we are behind.

    So stressful. I've been worrying myself sick for days about it. Today I've done a little better. I figure that my worrying isn't going to help things out at all. I'll just make sure we are doing 110% of what we can, and remember that I have no control over Chase and how they work.
  10. OH-WAMU

    OH-WAMU LoanSafe Member

    We have just entered our 5th month behind.

    But, it's not like we stopped paying for 5 months straight. For the 1st 6 months of the year we were hovering around 80-90 days late. Then, we slipped another month behind in July. Then, we slipped another month behind in September.

    We are clinging onto this side of the slope with all we've got!

    FHA WAMU loan
  11. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    OH-WAMU, that is similar to us. We were 90 days late (encouraged to go late to qualify for modification....our most stupid move yet), then we paid for 6 months (forbearance plan), then they TOLD US NOT TO PAY in July, August and now September. They said we should wait to see what happens with modification. But, if we are denied, then of course we owe ALL six months worth of payments immediately.

    We are just trying to scrape together all the money we can and hopefully we can buy enough time to come up with the rest of the $$.

    We are clinging with all we've got too :)
  12. OH-WAMU

    OH-WAMU LoanSafe Member

    If they ask for a lump sum AT ALL over $1000 (our house payment is $890), we are screwed.

    I would hope we could do a one-time partial claim with FHA to cover that.

    Other than that, I am eyeing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but not sure if that would help in the case of a house debt.
  13. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    We talked with our lawyer yesterday about doing a chapter 13 to save our house.

    At this point, for us, I don't think it's our best move. Talk to a lawyer first. I guess there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a chapter 13 taken out to save from foreclosure. It doesn't always work.
  14. lesliec

    lesliec LoanSafe Member

    I am now at about 10 months behind with Chase and was just served the foreclosure action this past weekend. I had an atty's office trying to get me a loan mod from the 1st month I stopped paying and they were unsuccessful as well there were other issues I had with his office so I am currently speaking to another atty I was referred to.
  15. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    Leslie, what is Chase saying about the foreclosure notice? Was it a letter of intent to foreclose or was it the actual notice from a lawyer that is sent to the local court house?

    We received a notice of intent to foreclose just over a month ago. Chase keeps telling us to ignore it because we are trying to work things out. I'm scared to death that we will receive "the real thing" before we can get this figured out.
  16. lesliec

    lesliec LoanSafe Member

    Rachel it is a "complaint to foreclose mortgage" that was served to us not like a warning letter, and sadly was handed off to my daughter who is 18 who only knew a minimal amount as to what was transpiring. The reality has truly set in and yes very scary!
  17. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    So sorry Leslie. That is awful. Have you tried calling Chase and seeing what your options are?

    We are consulting with our lawyer, but we are doing all the footwork ourselves, for now. We call Chase twice a day every day to check the status of our modification, and to make sure they aren't moving forward with foreclosure.
  18. lesliec

    lesliec LoanSafe Member

    Thanks.. it is very comforting to talk to people in the same boat! I met with a different atty yesterday who was referred to me by several people. I am going to hire him to answer the complaint and help me work on a new modification. I honestly dont feel like I have the fortitude to deal with this on my own. I just went to the Chase site to see what they determine my value to be and it is way lower than I "guesstimated". I paid $700 in 11/06 and they say worth $396, yikes!! You would think it would be most beneficial to work with me rather than take that kind of loss!
  19. chasex2

    chasex2 LoanSafe Member

    I have not made a pmt on my 1st mtg with chase since april 08 when they did a mod on my loan. My 2nd is also with chase who said to "mod the 1st then we will mod the 2nd". They did not agree to the 2nd mod and i ended up filing a chap 7 and not reafirming which put everything on hold for a while. After the discharge in feb 09 the letters came and said i qualified again for a mod with the obama 3mo plan but the 2nd still wont agree to anything-not that i would anyway having wiped out the obligation with the chap 7. The attys have put a hold on my file per the request of the bank so im just waiting on them and saving my $. jb
  20. Whites376

    Whites376 LoanSafe Member

    .....and go figure, for some reason today, the calls started again.....both my husband and I got a call this evening....I told them we were filing Ch. 7 - and they said they will note the account, but to call them and let them know once we retain our lawyer. We have an appt. on 09/10.

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