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House sold yesterday at Trustee auction, what next?

Discussion in 'Wells Fargo - American Servicing Company (ASC)' started by Olypentax, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Olypentax

    Olypentax Guest

    Maybe someone here has gone through this and can give me an idea of what will happen next. My house was sold on the courthouse steps yesterday back to beneficiary, Wells Fargo. Do they now retain a realtor to negotiate my departure? I am still living here and want to negotiate C4K for moving expenses.

    I guess my question is will they contact me or do I need to contact them?
  2. Spectrum

    Spectrum LoanSafe Member

    Based on my freinds experience WF will have a local Realtor specilist contact you, leave not on your door, to see if house is occupied. Call tht person back and explian you have no money to move but would be willing to negotiate C4K. They will give you the WF contact information to see if your property is eligable (depends upon investor from what we guessed). If so, then you can dicker with the realtor on the amount and the time frame. In her case is was 2 weeks and $3k (but we had already moved, so not a problem). Seems the longer they give you in the house the less they offer, but no proof that is the case. Good luck
  3. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member

    Olypentax, For some background on what will happen, and an idea on strategy, read the 2nd half of this recent post of mine. www.loansafe.org/forum/deed-lieu-fo...lk-away/26339-walking-away-bankrupt-city.html. Good luck.
  4. Olypentax

    Olypentax Guest

    A Realtor came by today and said he was the one who will be handling the property. He explained that Freddie Mac, who now owns the house has a C4K program and typically they offer the most if you are out in 30 days and less if it is longer. He said that he did not do the negotiation regarding the C4K but a Freddie Mac attorney will be contacting me regarding the amount which could be $2k to $3k in the next few days. When the date agreed on to be out arrives, he (the Realtor) will bring the Freddie Mac check by and check the house to make sure everything is out and broom clean. He also said that if we agree to be out by say 1/10/11 but we are ready on 1/5/11 to call him and he would come by when it is convenient for us.

    The guy was very nice and I am so relieved to now know exactly what is going to happen. I am also glad he didn't want me out in 2 weeks and hopefully this information helps others in a similar situation. BTW, we have not made a payment since Dec. 08 and stayed rent free for 2 full years. All of this possible because of the information provided on this website.

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