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Home Retention Services Inc are absolute Idiots

Discussion in 'Countrywide Home Loans - Tell Us Your Countrywide ' started by AzGryffindor, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    Guess what I received via Fed Ex today:

    I have tried to call them repeatedly today and cannot get anyone to pick up a phone line.

    I find it rather suspicious that I called them at 12:22 yesterday and confirmed that they did in fact have all of my documents. The Fed Ex label was printed at 1:33 p.m.

    I have sent them this information far too many times for this to be continuing. I have made numerous calls (which I can document as they're all from my cell).

    I don't know what to do at this point. I plan on sending them this:<o></o>
    <o></o> <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> I know their next move will be to deny that they ever received any of the documents (as they already are doing).<!--[endif]--><o></o>
    <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--><o></o>
  2. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    Wow...I received the exact same letter today except for the fact that they are asking for even more documents that I have already provided.

    I too had a 1099 from a company on my '08 returns and they keep asking me to provide a P&L statement.

    I don't know what to do either as I have made 5 trial payments and desperately want/need this to be finalized.
  3. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    Yep, we're in the same boat. Are you in AZ too?
  4. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    Nope...Southern California.
  5. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    My Paperwork has 5 bullet points:

    * Correct or Complete borrowers signatures
    * Copy of the most recently filed federal tax return with all schedules
    * Copy of the two most recent pay stubs indicating year-to-date earnings (clean and readable)
    * If self employed, copy of the most recent filed federal tax return with all schedules and a copy of the most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit/loss statement.
    * Copy of benefits statement or letter from the provider that states the amount, and frequency and duration of the benefit, and evidence of receipt of payment, such as bank statements showing deposit amounts. Unemployment benefits must continue for at least 9 months to be considered qualifying income under this program.

    I haven't been self employed since '07 and have had steady work from a single employer since.

    I have provided them with pay stubs from the last two pay periods that I have been paid for.

    I have NEVER drawn unemployment.

    I have provided them with Federal AND state tax returns.

    I am the only person on this loan. My wife signed a quit claim deed in escrow. I am the only person on title to the home.

    What am I supposed to provide them with? They want additional borrower's signatures? I AM including my wife's income to qualify for the loan mod. We live together and she does contribute to the mortgage but she is NOT a "borrower".

    They want Unemployment benefit records? Why?

    What to do??
  6. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    They have no clue of what they're doing.

    You're going to need to put a fax together to send to them. Feel free to copy some of my verbage on the letter I'll be faxing them.

    I can't help but wonder if this office sent out these letters in retaliation for the statement that came out of the White House yesterday in regards to cracking down on the Servicers?

    It would be really interesting if we could see just how many of these bogus requests for information they either have or don't need went out.
  7. agatka16

    agatka16 LoanSafe Member

    They are taking into consideration your household income, not only your income. My husband is unemployed and he had to provide his unemployment benefits, even though I am the only person on the title and the loan.
  8. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    I'm with ya Az....

    I had just sent all of this info to them as of the 27th of November.

    I don't get it. We are all doing the best that we can and are providing EVERYTHING they are asking for but they seem to be playing games and dangling the carrot in front of our face just to make us jump through hoops....because they know they can.
  9. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    That's understood but my wife has never drawn unemployment either. The only reason they are "considering" my wife's income is because I provided it to them.

    As the only person on the loan I only have to prove my income and can choose to include my wife's if it helps me to qualify. You didn't have to include your Husband's unemployment but it was necessary for you to do so in order to qualify for the program.

    Did your husband sign all of the forms as well...even though he is not a borrower or co-borrower?
  10. agatka16

    agatka16 LoanSafe Member

    No, he didn't. The agreement has only my name on it. No spot for him to sign. It was pre-printed.
  11. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    Yep. I got the same bogus letter from them on the 17th of November and immediately called them. Lo and behold, their rep found the docs they needed in our file and said she'd send our file back up for review.

    Apparently their reviewer does not know how to read.

    I don't know why I'm trying to hold on to this house. We are now severely upside down on our loan. A quick search of Zillow last night showed that the average property in our subdivision is selling for about $60k. We owe $140k. What's really sad is that when we bought this house in 1994 we paid $82k for it. It's now worth less than it was 15 years ago.

    I found out a couple of days ago that BofA is refusing to work with our next door neighbors and they are going into foreclosure. A house almost directly across the street recently went into a short sale for a whopping $47k.
  12. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    Did you do an In-House MOD with the bank or are you doing HAMP/HARP?

    I was sent the HAMP package and had to fill out the paperwork. Both the 4506-T form and the packet had sections for the "Borrower" and Co-Borrower" to sign.

    Since my wife is not a "Co-Borrower" I didn't have her sign anything in the packet or the 4506-T form. The 4506-T form says that if it is a joint return (which ours is) that EITHER husband or wife may sign.
  13. agatka16

    agatka16 LoanSafe Member

    HAMP. He signed the 4506-T, but not the Freddie Mac expense report. Besides that the agreement for trial loan mod had only pre-prented my name and a space to sign.
  14. worried welder

    worried welder LoanSafe Member

    My wife and I began having that discussion the other day. Our quality of life is diminishing rapidly...meaning that we just aren't happy anymore. We both work hard. She is a salaried employee but works 60-70 hour weeks. This home was our dream and we had hopes to start a family in it and stay here for many years. Fact of the matter is that now we work as much as we can just to make ends meet and we don't even have kids yet. There is no way that is happening anytime soon with our financial status.

    We bought our home for $489k and are on a 5 year ARM @ 7.375% Jumbo loan w/PMI. Our house appraises at $325k according to Zillow and MUCH less according to Cyberhomes. The home was built in the 60's and is all original. Soon it will need new paint (inside and out), new windows, new plumbing, new kitchen (our oven hasn't worked for almost a year now), new bathrooms, and new carpet.

    Our current payment is $3600/mo, Interest only, with impound. Our "trial" has us at $2500/mo.....

    The trial payment is affordable for us and we would be happy to take that deal if they would ever close but the headache and heartache that all of this causes just doesn't seem worth it to me. In the last year I have put on 30 pounds and have half a head of gray hair at the age of 30....solely from dealing with this situation.
  15. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    Worried Welder: Well, it will either work out for us or it won't. I really don't need the added stress from these idiots who can't read a simple fax.

    I scanned 20 pages of documents and emailed them to my boss. He's going to fax them from his house tonight as I don't have a land line (only cells). I asked him to fax the docs as many times as he could overnight so that when they get into their office tomorrow there's no way they'll be able to miss or lose my fax.

    I'll follow up with a call tomorrow.

    I'm seriously thinking of writing Ms. Deboeser (the BofA President that's listed on the sticky on how to escalate), and making her aware of the schenanigans that their subcontractor is pulling.
  16. This Is It

    This Is It LoanSafe Member

    Worried Welder: We recieved the same fed-x yours as today!!!:mad: Maded 4th trial payment yesterday.
  17. Garry

    Garry LoanSafe Member

    That's really the only attitude you can have. Hope for the best and prepair for the worst. We got on these mods thinking the worst was over and the nightmare would be coming to an end soon. The three month trial period was only supposed to be to show tax payers we would make the payments and it wasn't a waste of tax-payer money. We did the three as required and understood the reasoning behind it, now we are going on 5 and 6 payments. No excuse, and I blame the bank.
  18. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    I decided to send an email to Barbara Desoer this morning in regards to the run around we're getting.

    Hopefully I'll either get a call or an email from her department sometime today.

    I sent my 20 page fax 4 times last night to the Home Retention Services, Inc once AGAIN explaining how neither my husband nor myself are self-employed.

    I'm on indefinite hold with them right now. I started my call at 9:22 a.m. It's now 9:41 a.m. and nobody has picked up the phone yet. What's hilarious is that when you're first connected is says your estimated wait time is 5 minutes. I'm beginning to think that they're not answering their phone lines at all.
  19. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    Well here's an obvious conflict of interest: (AND YES.... I'M STILL ON HOLD. IT'S BEEN OVER 30 MINUTES NOW).

    Stewart Lender Services launches full-service REO

    Stewart Lender Services launches full-service REO asset management division

    HOUSTON (December 1, 2009) Stewart Lender Services (SLS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Title Company, has launched Stewart Asset Recovery (STAR), a full-service REO asset management and disposition provider. STAR offers a full suite of asset management solutions, specializing in the marketing and management of real estate portfolios owned by mortgage lenders, investment bankers, government agencies and other financial institutions. STAR provides prompt loss recovery and timely liquidation of non-performing assets. It serves as a flexible resource for lenders and servicers seeking asset management assistance.
    Stewart Asset Recovery, a division of Stewart Default Services, based in Irvine, California is led by Michael Harris, president. Harris is a veteran of the REO industry with more than 15 years experience within the financing, mortgage servicing and government industries.
    "STAR has nationwide coverage, advanced technology and extensive real estate expertise,†said Tom Paschen, president of Stewart Default Services. “We are excited to have Michael lead our national REO recovery business. He has a wealth of experience and a diversified marketing and management background that is beneficial for our clients and Stewart.â€
    “We’re different from other providers in this space,†said Harris. “We operate on one system to manage workflow, we have an extensive measurement and reporting process, and we work very closely with our clients to tailor our services to their particular business requirements.â€
    About Stewart Lender Services
    Stewart Lender Services (SLS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Title Company, is a nationwide provider of centralized origination, loss mitigation and REO asset solutions for mortgage lenders, servicers and investors. With more than a century of experience matched with the industry’s leading technologies, SLS helps lenders, servicers and investors meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s market. SLS has the financial strength, industry knowledge and proven flexibility to perform throughout the lifecycle of a loan. More information can be found at http://www.stewartlenderservices.com.
  20. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    They finally answered the phone!!! (after being on hold for about 40 min).

    The rep I spoke with said that all exceptions had been cleared including the request for the profit and loss statement! She said the letter was sent in error and to disregard it.

    She said the account is still marked as "in review" but that she was going to put a note on it that all docs and payments have been received.

    She said the next step is that they bounce it back to BofA for the final approval for the Loan Mod.

    I've been told this before so I'm not getting my hopes up. But, I think I'll actually be able to sleep tonight.

    If we can simply get through one more month things will be better.

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