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Has anyone finished their 3rd trial payment on the APOLLO with NATIONSTAR ? And been modified under

Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by 4azmom, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. 4azmom

    4azmom LoanSafe Member

    We are about to make our 3rd trial payment with Nationstar and we have been told so many different things we just dont know what to believe. I was hoping that someone can give me some good news on the APOLLO loan mod. and if it was done on time or any delays.I know its a another one of there new programs and info is limited. I was told docs would be sent out after 2nd payment well no docs and info changes everytime I call which is nothing new.
  2. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

  3. trixi

    trixi LoanSafe Member

    Hi I was wondering how you did with your modification with fannie mae we are in the process I am making our 3rd payment in February.
    not sure if you will share but what were your terms for your mod?

  4. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    Hey Trixi,

    I'm not too sure what there outcome was with this modification, but I recall seeing another member who had to make about 5 trial payments on this program until a decision was made.. Just a heads up, be prepared to make an additional payment or two if you have not receive final docs for the modification..
  5. trixi

    trixi LoanSafe Member

    do you know if they had to pay attorney fees? I am being told I have attorney fees and it is new to me.

  6. trixi

    trixi LoanSafe Member

    Hi 4azmom,
    Not sure if you are modified with fannie mae if you could let me know how you did that would be great. I am in the process with the same mod but they are telling me I owe attorney fees.

  7. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    Well depending on how many payments you have missed (usually after 3 or so) attorney fees will be added along with the late fees you have acquired...
  8. trixi

    trixi LoanSafe Member

    I just got off the phone with our servicer and we are in a perm mod the papers are being sent over night next week. Our mod is unbelievable the terms are as follows: original monthly payment was 2400.00 our new payment is 1598.00 for 40 years at 4.625 they are forbeiring 100,000.00 we have to pay that amount off at the end of the loan or if we sell earlier, but we are not paying intrest on that amount. I can not believe it we are so pleased. I want you to know we did contact the escalation department through this process and I think this helped to move things along. I was not expecting what we got for a mod at all. Also my trial payment was 2100. for three months so I was shocked when they told me what my new payment was I thought I won the lottery...we are now on the road to financial freedom and can save some money and make some much needed updates to our home. Good luck to all of you this is a very stressful process and I know it is not something any of us want to do!!!

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  9. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    Wow that is a terrific modification! Make sure to follow up next week to ensure the paperwork is on its way, congrats!!
  10. cgill

    cgill LoanSafe Member

    We had to make 6 trial payments to Nationstar. We were told we qualified for a particular program, made our three payments then we were told they were not using this program any longer and that we now qualified for the APOLLO program and hed to make 3 more trial payments. We did not get any paperwork from Nationstar and this should have been a red flag. After we finished the payments and had the modification we were told our 6 months of not making a payment would be added to the back end of the mortage????? We were NOT told our trial payments were not payments at all. We received a statement from Nationstar saying the money we paid were for legal fees thus we were not able to use these payments as a deduction on our income tax. Please make sure you get paper work stating exactly what you think you are getting before you start making these payments. Hopefully our loss will help someone else out. Good Luck

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