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Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by peavyxs, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    First I would like to say I was behind on my mortgage by 2 months. I contacted MHA at their Hope hotline, and through them they contacted green tree on trying to modify my loan. In a conference call between my wife, the hud counselor and Green Tree was told that they would help immediatly as soon as the faxed information came in. No sooner than they got off the phone, green tree was calling wanting to speak to me and not my wife. They had given my wife and the hud counselor a number and an extension to confirm they had gotten the faxed imformation after 42 hours. We waited 42 hours and called, needless to say the number was a fake. It took us to the same voicemail setup no matter what extension we called... After that, I decided to call the number that they call to try to collect from. This number let us put in an extension and connected us to the lady in the conference call. She was not available and I left her countless voicemails to confirm that she got the faxed information.

    Almost 4 days later we received a call from a man from a company called Money Management International, who said he would be advising us now and we had to sign and fax a third party form to Green Tree, which we did. He later called and said that the "escalation" had timed out and that we would have to start over. We then received a packet from Green Tree, with pretty much the same MHA paper work but with Green Tree written all over it. He called us and told us that we needed to fax them that back, along with our marriage certificate (we were not married when we bought this house together) and he said he would be back in touch with us soon. That was last week.

    We had recently also recieved a "Notice of Default and Right to Cure Default" on 7/13/2012. Where it says I have the right to correct default ($1,439.61 2 months payment) within thirty days. Needless to say last week I sent a payment of $740.38. Today I recieved a NOTICE OF PARTIAL PAYMENT, and it says they have started to take necessary steps required by law to gain possession of the creditor's collateral. It says I have 30 days from the original notice of default to pay the remaining $699.23.

    I am at a loss on what i should do. If anyone has any advice on what I should do here, it would be much appreciated.
  2. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    By the way, I am going to call these sly jokers this morning to see exactly what is going on and if I need to fax the home modification forms again because I read that they have the tendency to "lose" these things. So anyone with any advice of working with Green Tree please post, I feel like I am going into this without any backup.
  3. illstay

    illstay LoanSafe Member

    Good luck with Green Tree. After Fannie Mae offered them a settlement on my 2nd so that I could do a Deed in Lieu, they didn't respond for 3 or 4 months. So, the deed in lieu file was closed and off the table. Then Green Tree started calling me about the offer and asked me to get REDC to re-open the file. With much coaxing and pleading, the re-opened the file and heard crickets from Green Tree for the next 3 or 4 months and therefore closed it again. A couple of months ago Green Tree started contacting me again, but I have pretty much ignored them since then. I haven't paid them since. August of 2011. They call weekly now, and they have charged off the file.
  4. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    I really dont know what to do at this point. I want to keep my home. I have put so much money into this house that I really dont want to walk away from it or lose it. I feel like I know whats going to happen though. They are going to get me to pay the rest of this money owed on the "Notice of Default" which I dont even think is real. Then once I pay that they are going to say that I make plenty of money and I do not qualify for modification assistance. Me and my wife are getting so upset over this whole ordeal and it is putting a strain on us
  5. illstay

    illstay LoanSafe Member

    That is heartbreaking to hear that. It seems like they are your first mortgage? They are my 2nd and they are underwater so I really don't care about them at all. But if they are your first mortgage I could see where this would really be troubling. Would MHA be able to help? What about the REST report to see if you qualify? I hope some of the gurus might chime in here.
  6. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    they are my first and only mortgage. this is my first home, and i have only been in it for 5 years. the first hud counselor we talked to told us that we do qualify for assistance. i have had hardship for almost a year now, and have begged green tree for help. They would tell me well i have to be behind for help, then they would call me trying to collect and said I had to be current to get modification help. I finally got tired of this and contacted the MHA hotline and they basically said that was a bunch of bs and that I could get help. We are jumping through hoops here on trying to get help, and I hate to say it but I knew it was going to be like this. Hopefully we will get help, and all this trouble will be worth it in the end. I dont understand why we got transferred from one hud counselor to a different one.

    UPDATE. I called about 10 times and left voicemails. 30 minutes later she called back and I just got off the phone with someone named Tina at green tree is is supposed to be in charge of my account. She said they did recieve my faxed information and that the process will take 30 to 45 days, just like the hud counselor from Money Management International said. She tried to get me to set up the payment to be taken out by friday of the 699.23 left to cure default and I told her I would make the payment online, and she suggested for me to call in and do a check by phone. I pleaded with the lady told her my situation ( as if she cared) and suggested that I was trying as hard as I could to come up with the money.

    I do not understand how they cannot get in trouble from the actions that they do. I have read so many horror stories about them, and no one seems to know what to do or how to help with them. This is the craziest nonsense I have ever heard of.
  7. illstay

    illstay LoanSafe Member

    The experience with modifications seems to be you will not get one unless you are behind, unless there is imminent default. And since what triggered your hardship has already taken place, I don't see how you could qualify for that, but maybe you can. Do you know who your investor is? You may have said, but I can't go back and re-read the thread right now. If it is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you might have more hope, because with my first mortgage I was actually able to contact Fannie Mae directly. If it is Fannie please post and I will elaborate more on that.
  8. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    my loan is definatly a fannie mae loan. the hud counselors both checked and made me check.
  9. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    So today I received a letter in the mail again from Green Tree saying that my "escalation was closed" because basically I make enough money to pay my house payment... Its funny because I am being caught in having to choose to buy groceries for my family or pay my house payment. I am so tired of green tree. Has anyone had any success in finding someone to refinance with, that wont get the loan bought back by green tree. and on all these papers they keep sending me it says the investor is Real Property, what does that mean?
  10. OverandDone

    OverandDone LoanSafe Member

    Green Tree is probably just the servicer of your loan. They collect the payments and do the paperwork and get paid a fee to do this each month but do not really own your loan.
  11. peavyxs

    peavyxs LoanSafe Member

    Yes I know they are just the servicer. So what you are saying is I should contact Fannie Mae (who owns my loan) directly? I read on here somewhere about someone contacting them directly and Fannie Mae took care of everything.
  12. TimothyB

    TimothyB LoanSafe Member

    Hi Peavyxs,

    I was just curious if you contacted Fannie Mae directly with any success, trying to bypass GreenTree?

    I'm 4 months behind on my single mortgage, owned by FM, serviced by GreenTree, plus officially in default as of July 31st. I'm doing a preemptive strategic default, as I was starting to have issues paying and going in the red a couple months. Renting my condo at fair market only covers just over half the mortgage/dues. With savings almost down to nothing, living month to month, I can no way cover repairs and sustain this. I owe 128k, foreclosures go for around 40k.

    It would be nice to do a DIL to end this quicker with less ramifications. Sadly with GreenTree as the middleman, it seems like you're at their mercy, having to deal with their tactics, rules, ethics, etc.

    I did look at HARP 2.0 once I learned I was with Fannie Mae and was excited to lower my monthly payment. Sadly, GreenTree was no help since they were not yet honoring HARP 2.0's no-limit underwater homes. So I found a 3rd party. But due to renting the condo for a year, my first quote to refinance was hit several times, rising the interest more and more. Oddly, the person giving me the quote opened my eyes to just walking, that the a 1-action rule in CA pretty much protects me from my recourse loan. Just watching out for possible taxes now.

    It has always bugged me that with all the help programs/relief out there, the people that need it the most never qualify because they are too underwater, etc. Then when there's hope, something changes to ruin it. Landmark settlement with BofA, nope, your loan just transferred to Green Tree. HARP 2.0, nope, you just rented it so now the interest rate you could of got is now higher.
  13. atmowers

    atmowers LoanSafe Member

    I had a second MTG that GreenTree took over from Irwin Home Equity when they went out of business. We owed 155k on our first and 43k on our Second with Greentree. Our home was valued at around 130k, took a huge it with the mortgage crisis. I called Greentree and said I wanted to settle the 2nd with them. To make a long story short, I only stopped making payments on the loan long enough to get their attention. They can not report you as being late if you are not late more than 30 days. They soon started calling asking for the payment. I told them I would like to settle or I would file BK. They stated that they would send me the necessary paperwork, but I needed to make the payment for them to work with me, which I made because I did not want my credit to have a late payment. I filled out the paperwork and made an offer of 4800, they turned that down. I made another offer of 10k. After having them send out an appraiser and about 3 months later, they approved the settlement. I got an unsecured loan from my credit union at a rate of 6.99 for the 10k and wired them the money today! Goodbye Greentree! I have the letter showing they are fully discharging the mortgage and the lien and will report the balance paid for less than owed--hey it beats BK. The key was not being "late" on the payments over 30 days and planning a head on where you will get the funds. Yes they did call everyother day and yes they were less than pleasant to deal with..but it got done.

    I have read many forum posts regarding how to settle with a second and it was stated many times that you should stop making your payments alltogether in order for them to work with you. This was not the case and I managed to salvage my credit to some degree. You just have to be persistant and reasonable with with the offer, put up with the rudeness..remember they get paid to collect late payments and hopefully you will have the same results I have.

    Good Luck

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