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Georgia Foreclosure Eviction Process Confusion

Discussion in 'Foreclosures' started by Hanover, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hanover

    Hanover LoanSafe Member

    Hi there,

    I have looked at every link I could possibly find about this subject and they all seem to conflict. For the sake of my sanity, does ANYONE know, in GEORGIA, how long I will have to live in my current house if the house sells at the auction on April 5th?

    I've read online that they can file as little as two days...I've heard that Georgia is one of the faster states to evict people. Then I hear the eviction filing take 10 days, then I have 30 days to vacate after the sheriff gives me the notice. Someone else online says it could happen as little as seven days after the auction. Another Georgia-based site says that most banks will offer cash for keys in return for upkeep and give you time to move out. All this cross-information makes me want to pull my hair out (thank god I buzz my head).

    We are now looking for a new place and have applied twice. I was hoping that we could move out after April 15th since I will have two paychecks to use for moving expenses...but now I'm not so sure. It doesn't sound like I might even get cash for keys if they can just evict me quickly.

    Anyways, I hope someone here might be able to help me.
  2. Triumph T595

    Triumph T595 LoanSafe Member

  3. Triumph T595

    Triumph T595 LoanSafe Member

  4. Hanover

    Hanover LoanSafe Member

    Yup, I saw that. I guess I'll take that as my final answer. Waiting on two rental applications right now...I'll sleep a lot better once I've secured a place.

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