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Full forgiveness on 2mp

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by John12333, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. John12333

    John12333 LoanSafe Member

    So i got my first modified a year ago after several years of fighting with them when they used to turn me down for modification again and again. I remember i used to call them every day during those years. Anyhow, I owed 34 grand on my 2nd and decided to follow Tom Eason and wait for settlement. few months ago they sent me letters for approval for 2mp but i didn't budge. Anyhow, two days ago, i received a letter stating that "full forgiveness of the remaining principal balance..." ,and they want me to sign and return the form. They will report to credit bureau that I paid in full for less than balance. Also, i have to be in good standing on my first loan.

    I'm going to start calling them until i know they have received my letter :).

    Many thanks to Evan, Tom, Cat and everyone!!!!!

    Fight on!!!

  2. KimberlyS

    KimberlyS LoanSafe Member

    Fantastic news! Nice to read your success story!
  3. cbiondi

    cbiondi LoanSafe Member

    I also received a full forgiveness letter Fed Ex from BOA for our 2nd with a balance of $91,000
    I was both relieved and shocked after reading that I will have to pay taxes on it since it is not my 1st mtg ...
    Very worried about that tax bill ...
  4. thekittenoffer

    thekittenoffer LoanSafe Member

    I got that same fedex for my worthless 2nd. However, they are still sending the bills, and I have other things going on. So, I hope it's "real". Good to know how the rest of you are getting on with it?

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