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Discussion in 'Countrywide Home Loans - Tell Us Your Countrywide ' started by kpayne, Apr 27, 2013.

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    My mortgage started out with First Magnus Financial corp in April of 2007, when Countrywide somehow started receiving my payments. First Magnus filed bankruptcy in August, 2007. I requested a credit report on July 31st,2007, and there was no mortgage company listed except my former mortgagor. Then somehow my mortgage became BAC home loans, who in August of 2010 filed foreclosure on me. I missed one payment in march of 2009,(only time I ever missed a payment, and was never late) and BAC decided they were going to help me. I made my April, May, and June 2009 payments as I always did. In July, 2009 BAC told me they were putting me on the forbearance program. In July of 2009 they started out by charging me $1200.00, 3 payments of $400.00.(when there are no fees associated with this program, and was to continue for 6 months while they worked with me for a long term solution ,according to the agreement.) When I paid the $1200.00, I was no longer in arrears, and should never have been put on this program. Then in August of 2009, my mortgage payments were $346.00, which was a little over half of what I was paying before. This went on for 6 months, with no long term solution even discussed. So I called now, Bank of America, and was told they were going to give me a modification, we all know where that went. Although I did get an in-house modification while I was in my first foreclosure, which I declined due to excessive fees, attorney fees, $700.00 for modification to become effective, and just any old fees they wanted to add, plus 14 years added to my mortgage. They had a copy of my mortgage from court records, and a copy of my note, with no endorsements. I fought this case pro se. and it was dismissed without prejudice, so they could forge more documents to come after me again. The first foreclosure had an unrecorded assignment through mers, assigning my mortgage over from First Magnus to BAC home loans, FKA Countrywide, which was dated August 12th, 2010, one week before they put me in foreclosure, and remember, First Magnus filed bankruptcy in August of ,2007. Then in February of 2013, Bank of America started a second foreclosure on the same property. This time they had a recorded assignment dated January, 19th 2012 though mers, assigning all of assignor's right, title, and interest, in and to that certain mortgage,blah, blah, blah, from First Magnus to Bank of America. This is the only recording of any transactions, from any bank, other than the original recording of the mortgage with First Magnus. This time Bank of America in count II, added in an enforcement of lost instrument. In count I, they claim they are the holder of the note, and while I am at it, Fannie Mae has a different loan # altogether. Of course I am fighting pro se again, so we will see what happens. I submitted my answers, and a notice to dismiss. Will keep you posted.
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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for joining..............

    Good Luck with the courts! Please do keep us posted on how it turns out.

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