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Finally a UPS package from CitiMortgage but...

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by davephx, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    Finally a UPS package from CitiMortgage but...

    But this is just the Trial period Agreement and initial documentation that I have been trying to get since July. And the one directives say is no longer needed.

    It is not the 2nd package where you have to have everything notarized (sigh). I found this out for sure by the outreach phone which is on all the info.

    Have been jealous hearing other are getting.

    Only requires last 30 days of bank statements which can be off the banks website but be sure and include the bank logo per phone call.

    Also they confirmed that for self employed since I am now submitting year-to-date as of 9/30 I will not have to resubmit later which is also what the directives say.

    No budget.
    Submit (for 3rd time) 2008 tax return but not asking for 2007 which also had sent earlier.

    The instruction letter that seems so detailed neglects to mention what the slipped in the sheave Check list includes so be careful also need Property Tax Statement, Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page, copy of a recent utility bill and only here also says the 30 days of bank statements (or activity on line OK per phone call)

    You are suppose to call the "Outreach" Team at phone given to accept the terms and discuss with them before sending in (to be sure I assume you read the insert which has more requirements than just the big letter. Nice they include a UPS return package etc. When I called they made note that I am sending it to them tomorrow.

    It is a pretty neat and not too overwhelming a package. But its only the 1st set of docs not the final.

    The Trial Period Plan says starts 11/1/09 and shows trial payments for 3 more months and have already made the 11/1 payment a bit early (it use to be due the 24th and didn't want to take any changes). But you are suppose to send the.. ah.. initial trial payment with the UPS package by 11/1. Does this mean another 11/1 payment? NO, don't think so says the Outreach person I talked to.

    Expect like a 30 minute wait on hold and music and once at the end I got disconnected. I suspect they are having huge call column since at least the packages are flowing out.

    It also says expect approval but only for the Trial Mod it seems in 30-45 days till you get the signed Agreement back which officially puts you on the plan (I guess I have been unofficially on the plan making payments the last 3 months).

    The bottom of the checklist sheet even says, "We will come to you if you need additional assistance. Call ... to schedule a time for a representative to help you gather and review your documents person. Take advantage of this free service today."

    Gee, are they really sending people out to homes to help? It doesn't seem that complex at least for us that can read and follow directions!

    It seems like still a long time till final mod decision. I applied in March, was approved in May per mod rep but than "wait for processor paperwork submitted looked in good order" Never told trial amount etc. Instead got foreclosure notice in July and than started payments and now paid first 3.
  2. Sunbeam

    Sunbeam LoanSafe Member

    Hang in there...you are getting closer. I know it is frustrating to be strung out this way. Once you send in the documents I hope you have a contact person who you can email, call, bother a couple times a week. Be the squeaky wheel. You have been waiting a long time. All the best to you!
  3. langlang

    langlang LoanSafe Member

    Congrats on finally getting the paperwork! I wish I could say you are home free, but like many of us that is obviously not the case...

    I will be making my 3rd payment soon, haven't heard anything yet.

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