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FHA/Ginnie Mae-Need Help

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by jarm0719, May 29, 2009.

  1. jarm0719

    jarm0719 LoanSafe Member

    Hi all,

    I am also very thankful that I have found this site. I truly hope this is the blessing we've been waiting for. I will try to tell my story in as few words as possible (though I could probably write a book about it!). We have been in our house over 5 years with an FHA, Ginnie Mae backed loan. We had two incomes at the time we purchased our home and no children. I got pregnant with triplets a little over 3 years ago, and since it was a high risk pregnancy that required constant bedrest, I lost my job. I was the one with the great job and credit, so after losing my job and us having to rely solely on my husbands commission based job, I ultimately lost my credit. Therefore, refinancing is not an option for us. My husband got a really good and steady job about 2 years ago, but it was entry level, so it has taken some time to get his pay high enough to afford our monthly expenses. We are now able to do this (although our mortgage to income ratio is very high at 49% we are able to afford it if given a fresh start), but unfortunately our mortgage has suffered over the time that it took us to get here. We are currently 89 days behind with another payment due June 1. We started working with Citi on a loan mod at the end of April, and were given the run around by too many people to count. Basically, we were constantly told to call back because our home value had not come in yet. I advised them back in April that we had a FHA loan and that I was aware the MHA loan mods didn't include FHA. I told them that I did not want to be in a position where they deny my application and then demand full payment of all the past due or else foreclose. I was very adamant about this because at the time I had some money that I could have contributed to the mortgage. I was told not to worry about it, that I was very far from foreclosure, and that I should not pay them anything at that time. I have spoken to numerous people at Citi and have told each of them the same thing. Last week a rep said that our house value was finally in, but that it was not posted in the computer yet, so I had to call back this week for an update yet again! We called today and were told that since we had an FHA loan we were denied, and that tomorrow we will be 90 days behind and that foreclosure proceedings would begin! This is EXACTLY what I did not want to happen, and I made this aware to every single rep I spoke with. One rep even assured me that there are other options Citi offers that basically mirror the MHA plan that they can apply to FHA loans. I have been lied to by everyone I have spoken to there. I was even lied to about what dept they were in. The first 5 or so people told me they were in loss mit, but then I got someone that confirmed that everyone I had spoken to was just in collections, and that I was unable to speak to loss mit because I didn't have a case set up. So, at this point I have just placed a call to the LoanSafe number on here, and filled out the hardship pkg again, ugh! I now sit and wait some more, I guess? The only thing that I have been offered is a repayment option, but that makes no sense! How can I pay them MORE money per month at this time?!?! Someone also almost set us up on a "Stipulated Forbearance Program" which would temporarily cut our payments to 80%, but he decided against it because it would delay our loan mod application. It is also important to note that we originally called them to get a basic 2 month forbearance but were told that FHA doesn't allow them. I then called FHA and they said that we were not far enough behind (at that time) to get one because we had not hit 90 days delinquent. I was also told by Citi that in order to get the one-time forbearance that I would have to go directly through FHA, and they would have to agree to it and send the info to Citi. That may be the route we end up taking if this LoanSafe number doesn't work. Ok, so I was wrong, there really isn't anyway for me to have made this long story short, and I honestly did cut out the fluff info. :) Anyways, my current question is this: Has anyone worked with Segun at the LoanSafe number and had any success? Especially with a FHA/Ginnie Mae loan type? Also, if anyone has any insight they would like to share about my situation please feel free. I will take all the advice/help I can at this point. We CANNOT go ********. We don't make enough money to even rent a large enough place for our family of 5, and we definitely do not have the credit needed to purchase another home. We literally have no place to go, and no relatives that can accommodate us if we are forced to leave our home.

    Thank you very much for your time and for reading this long-winded post!
  2. jarm0719

    jarm0719 LoanSafe Member

    Does no one have any advice, hope, encouragement, etc?

    I have sent all my info in for the 3rd time in one month. I have called the number provided on this site and spoke with Segun. I sent the info directly to him and yet I still cannot even get a response on whether or not he received it. I have attempted to call Segun 3 times in the last week but can't even get through to a live person. I keep getting the voicemail system, and no one is returning my calls to confirm receipt of my package that I faxed last week! Has anyone worked with Segun before? And, why can I only get the voicemail system when I call that number now? I am calling during normal business hours at various times in the day.

    Oh well, so I called HUD and spoke to a wonderful lady there. She explained many of my options in detail and gave me yet another number for Citi. She said if I still can't get anyone to attempt to help me at that number, then to call her back and she would escalate my case through HUD directly. They will also reprimand the actual representatives at Citi that are giving me false info and not trying to help rectify my situation. So, anyone with an FHA loan that is getting the run around from Citi, then please call HUD directly. It could save your home!
  3. Charlie5555

    Charlie5555 LoanSafe Member

    I have a situation here....I lost my job and I am on unemployment. I have been transferred all over CitiMortgage for the last two months. I even got to the point where I was told I could do a loan modification (which is all I need) if I had unemployment for 9 months. Now, I am being told that since I have a FHA/Ginnie Mae loan that my unemployment does not count as income and my only choices are to sell my home or to make partial payments for a couple months and then pay the rest. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

  5. Charlie5555

    Charlie5555 LoanSafe Member

    Thank you so much...I will.
  6. briknope

    briknope LoanSafe Member

    Apparently, Ginnie Mae is going with the MHA program and Aug 15th guidelines are said to be in place. I'm in the same boat with Chase and Ginnie Mae. I don't see much talk of this on this website, but thats the route I'm taking this month.
  7. jarm0719

    jarm0719 LoanSafe Member


    Seriously? Wow, I wish I would have known they were doing that becuase about 2 weeks ago they finally approved my mod. It only made the payment go down about $55 a month, but it got us back to square one. We are still way over the 31% ratio though. I wonder if I could get another mod once this goes through?
  8. samc1953

    samc1953 LoanSafe Member

    I am being told the same thing. Gmac tells me they cant modify my ginnie mae lloan. I can only have a partial payment plan. Im on disability due to cancer surgery and nee my loan payments lowered not a partial claim to fix my back payments
  9. SillyWorld

    SillyWorld LoanSafe Member

    Same issues here:rolleyes:
  10. AZOwner

    AZOwner LoanSafe Member

    Thank you all for posting. We have a larger initiative going on to provide the American Homeowner a voice to get the system in some kind of order.

    Please, Please, go to the Huffington article and post a message to the article, link above. We need to bring this fight back to the forefront. If you won't sign the petition, please leave a note at Huffington. Highlight some of your challenges with the issues.

    Together we can make a BIG difference, individually we are a drop in the bucket.

    Thank you.

    Here are links to both.


  11. PRandall

    PRandall LoanSafe Member

    Thanks for the links. THAT is just what I was looking for. I went ahead and filled out the information and shared my story with my Senators.


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