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Feel stuck and hopeless.

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by justgo, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. justgo

    justgo LoanSafe Member

    I am new here.I came here looking for hope.
    I just feel so stuck and helpless. We are underwater about 50k. We live in KY(recourse). and ...my husbands job requires secret clearance. When we bought the place 3 years ago as first time homebuyers, we were told what a good deal it was as we bought it under what it appraised for.(what a joke that is) My husband, at the time (right before the ressesion) worked from home. Fast forward to now, the company he tellecommuted for went under. So now he drives 3 hours for work. we are 50k underwater and need to move back to our home state to take care of aging family.

    Our credit cards are maxed. We are able to pay the mortgage and other bills but just barely. I feel like we cant strategic default due to the secret cleance issue and the recourse issue., doubt the bank will do a short sale or DIL... just absolutely hopeless. I made an appointment with a bankruptcy attourney for next week for a consult although I have no idea what good it will be . I just feel like we have no options.
    Im sorry for being so depressed. I am sure there are people much more worse off than we are.
  2. flagirl1

    flagirl1 LoanSafe Member

    Hang in there girl! It could be worse. Its only a house. I felt like you did 3 yrs ago and now we have decided to fo a strategic default. What a relief! The BR attorney will make you feel better. You will get rid of all the debt you want, an be able to get on with your life. It will get better and the time will fly by and your credit will improve. Don't worry about the recourse, they will put the house in the BR and they can't come after you for a judgement then. I don't know about the clearance issue, but hard to believe it will affect that. Things will get better, I know its tough but its just stuff. Change your thoughts to positive, you will dump the debt and get a chance to start over. Millions have done it before you, thats why BR was credit. Move home, be with your family and be glad you have each other!

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"Hello Moe, I just wanted to tell you, your website has saved my life (literally), I stumbled on your site in the middle of losing my home, I was able to network with people going through the same thing as I am. I didn't feel alone anymore, I have tried to give back and counsel those that haven't walked in my shoes yet. We hear so much about what is wrong with America, I just wanted you to know, you are whats "right" with America."

Nina Mitchell
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