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Class Action Lawsuit Against Litton Loan Servicing

Discussion in 'NACA' started by h2hprocess, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. h2hprocess

    h2hprocess LoanSafe Member

    I think it is about time that somebody steps up and does something in regards to these crooks. We have been paying our mortgage on time for 5 years and now that we are in a bind they don't want to help. I believe if enough of us put some heat on there A** we can start to accomplish some things in the mortgage industry. They benefited from bail out money so they owe us the right at a affordable mortgage. All I want to know is who is with me? I run a process serving business out my home and I have the proper connection to get us to where we need to be I just need some willing voices that want to e heard.

    my email address is h2hprocess@h2hprocess.com
  2. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    On what legal basis would you sue?

    We have no "right" to modifications and no standing regarding the HAMP participation agreements.

    The only potential is issue it seems is a Constitutional Challange of "due process" that was quikcly rejected by a MN Court but is still on life support in a NV case where at least the judge didn't toss it on a motion to dismiss like the MN Court did.

    Everything may be unfair, and violations of HAMP directives, but sadly there isn't much basis for us to be able to act in the Courts.
  3. h2hprocess

    h2hprocess LoanSafe Member

    Yes they benefited from the bailout and do not want to help homeowners with these predatory loans. There is so much we can do as a whole to take these cowards out the game and wipe them off the map. Litton is not even a bank DID you know they don't even have the original note? These co*k suckers have the nerve to try and fail every homeowner that comes across there path. They gave us a loan mod 2 years ago but it only benefited litton. Trust me I am gonna start with my consulting in attorney calling news outlets to get as much attention and spotlight on this story as possible cause what there doing is just not right! It's gonna take more than 1 voice for us to all be heard.
  4. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    Media and D's in Congress mostly on your side.

    Courts not since we have no legal basis.

    R's in Congress need to be convinced its critical for the economy and recovery since most are against us and HAMP
  5. h2hprocess

    h2hprocess LoanSafe Member

    I called litton today and guess what there not even the holder of the original note lol these people are a joke
  6. litton nightmares

    litton nightmares LoanSafe Member

    Litton acts like they rule the world, period.

    They say irresponsible things, with ZERO consequences, mislead, and lie.

    I wrote noting that for 2009, I was only shown to have ONE "pay for performance payment" where IFF, this is a HAMP, then that should reflect
    the SAME NUMBER OF PFP PAYMENTS at @ 83.00, as there were MONTHS in the trial period, PLUS the payment for 12/09, when supposedly the modification was "finalized".

    Well, they shot back " The loan's records do not show that the modification was part of the government's HAMP program. You are not entitled to pay-for-performance payments."

    I wrote , well in that LETTER, as opposed to email, that Litton cc'd to the TX AG, you certainly indicate that this was done under the HAMP program.
    And I've been TOLD, both things, that it IS, and IS NOT a HAMP modification, which is it? Can't be BOTH!

    NOW, they email me "The loan's records indicate that this is a HAMP modification." HUH? THEN WHERE ARE THE PFP PAYMENTS FOR THE NUMBER OF MONTHS IT WAS IN THE TRIAL AND TRIBULATION PERIOD????

    And if so, why was I not given the OPTION of having the BACK TAXES CAPITALIZED, per a servicer FAQ on HAMP???

    :rolleyes: looks up to GOD:) and says " Did you know Litton has been quoted as saying they are doing your work here?"
  7. socalguy

    socalguy LoanSafe Member

    im with you h2hprocess, Litton is terrible they will not budge for anything I have a Trustee sale date of 3/9/2010 and dont know what else to do and I do not want to loose my house
  8. urgent

    urgent LoanSafe Member

    socalguy .. were you able to postpone the sale with litton yet ? if you did, what is the process if you don't mind sharing. thanks in advance.
  9. socalguy

    socalguy LoanSafe Member

    Good Morning Urgent,
    Yes thanks to God I have been able to stop my sales every month, I usually contact NACA so they are aware, I call litton's foreclosure department to they can make sure that they have postponed it since im still under review, and I call the attorney of the bank to make sure they have received instructions from litton for postponing it. This will be my 12 month postponement
  10. BrokeBorrower

    BrokeBorrower LoanSafe Member

    Let the courts be the judge. Do you work for a mortgage company or something?
  11. jakelabry

    jakelabry LoanSafe Member

    That's a ridiculous question! Even a cursory reading of these forums would reveal that davephx most certainly DOES NOT work for a mortgage company. He is a struggling homeowner just like you and has expended a tremendous amount of energy educating himself on this whole modification process. His statement is 100% correct - there is no "right" to a modification. The only "right" here is the banks to enforce the terms of the contract you signed.
  12. litton nightmares

    litton nightmares LoanSafe Member

    Re Dave,

    Gee Dave I guess I will disagree with you. I think the courts will eventually make the call that we do indeed have a RIGHT to a modification, if the lender has signed an agreement with the Treasury AND
    if we meet the government guidelines for one. I know about the earlier ruling stating HAMP has no teeth, I think it really was more like that judge had NO GUTS. Eventually some disgruntled would be modified homeowner will make the case in front of a Judge who DOES HAVE GUTS and who WILL make these scuzzbag lenders keep the deal they made with the US TREASURY.

    At least we can HOPE so.:mad:
  13. litton nightmares

    litton nightmares LoanSafe Member

    As far as holding homeowners to the contracts they signed, all deals off at the point where TAX PAYERS bailed out these slimebags, if they don't have to play by the rules and FAIL when they DESERved TO, oh well, then we don't have to fail so they can profiteer further off of us, either.

    You all watching the class war going on in Thailand right now? This is the face of an infuriated underclass who are sick of being walked on by the wealthy elite. And these banks would be real wise to listen up because I think there is a real sense that we have lost our middle class in America, and that it was more like a highway robbery when we did. It is high time that the citizens of America get an explanation and THE FINANCIAL REFORMS WE NEED TO PRECLUDE GREECE AND BANGKOK from unfolding RIGHT HERE. I know we, as a people, are as fed up as people anywhere. And these pigs at the top better start tossing us the crumbs, because they are creating a society where many people feel there is little left to lose, and that puts them in as precarious a spot as it will ever put any of us.
  14. wealth2008

    wealth2008 LoanSafe Member

    Who are the "BIG DOGS" at Litton Loan I can email to discuss my HAMP .... It's been since May 4th that I faxed my application and when I contacted Loss Mit the other day they just told me basically I need to wait until they contact me... Well, they have federal rules to follow and they haven't done so in my case.

    I need to emai the HEAD HUNCHOS at Litton Loan to get some things shaking!!
  15. tired of it

    tired of it LoanSafe Member

    Weath2008 I got you beat on that Mine has been the since April.. They have asked for my application 3 time because they said I submitted the wrong info to them.. I sent them what they wanted per what the reps tell you when you call in.. my case has been closed 3 times because of wrong information. It is 11/8/10 as I write this and I was told today that they need more info.
  16. wealth2008

    wealth2008 LoanSafe Member

    Litton Loan .... HAMP

    Well, I began my journey with LLS in April, then May, then June, then August, then September and now November 6, 2010. I have been told so many things it's become rather "laughable." All I want is to know whether I qualify or not.

    I understand if there are reps from ERT who can assist me then I might be able to avoid any future insults!!! So, I just faxed my last package to PrommisSolutions to qualify for "trial payments." Whether these NEW supplemental directives create any changes for the better is yet to be seen. PRAY FOR ME!!!
  17. mauri

    mauri LoanSafe Member

    If you scroll down you will find that there might be legal grounds for suing Litton, Wells Fargo is now a defendant in a class action suit for the same things that Litton is doing

    Parallel Foreclosure

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