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Chase escalated claim executive office wake up

Discussion in 'Chase Mortgage - Tell Us Your Chase Story' started by estela13, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    My home sold in oct of 2010 chase foreclosed on me without offering me a loan mod. In Dec. I made a complaint to the OCC. since then i was getting calls from chase executive office none ever led anywhere. On may 2nd I recieved a 3 day notice to quit.
    I called chase RM and apperently freddie mac refused to rescind the sale of my home. I told her does freddie mac know you foreclosed on me wrongfully??? I let them have it. 2 hrs later they were requesting documents and I submited a loan mod application.

    Fast forward its been 1 month guess what???
    the ignorant lady at chase did not bother to make sure my aplication was correct there was missing dates and info. another RM I trust let me knowhe kindly looked up my file:)
    Also the stupid underwriter had my husbands income at $800 a month when its $3200 a month. These people are doing this on purpose my gosh.
    I recieved a letter from Chase stating I needed to submit a whole new application due to missing paperwork in 15 days WTF really.

    BTW I have been recording all my conversations with chase lol as I am real close to going forward with litigation.
    I am going to file a complaint aginst this "RM" person at chase she needs to get another job as she does not do her job.
    I'm not on the loan yet she said I had to sign everything the other RM person said this was going to get me denied.

    I asked them to stop the eviction process until the modification is final and she said she couldn't ok....

    All I know is I am not giving up I'm still here fighting.
    I'm not on the loan yet they had to run my credit.
    They are requesting income from 6 ghosts that live in our home I had no idea we had people living in our home with income wow...

    oh and the Chase person that helped me said chase is commited to customer service and they will make this right for you he was going to email all his chase contacts and let them know about my case.

    I will keep everyone updated of the out come..
  2. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    As you already know Estella that when you do a court case against these guys, ya got to be real thorough. I am not a lawyer but them letting you reapply for a loan mod after sale and then denying is a cause for action. Document everything. I have my pretender lender in court and pinned with 9 counts of violation of the law. Seeing what happens in US District Court I built an argument in the complaint I filed, for venue to be in State Court. It worked and I am there with them claiming Ownership of the title with a lis pendens. Please keep us posted as I have thought about you when you posted you had a three day notice...............Jeff
  3. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member


    Hello everyone back again:) I was invited to go to Chicago on Tuesday to speak with the AG's about them reaching a settlement with the CROOKS I mean big banks. Unfortunately when I landed my 11 year old son called me and stated they had dropped off the eviction papers. they just placed them on a stool I have outside improper service I have yet to recieve them in the mail. It says I have 5 days to respond.

    Back to Chicago I was so excited to be a part of this coalition the new bottom line they were awesome we stayed at the Drake:) I don't travel much so it was exciting. We had a press conference outside the Drake and I was one of the speakers I have been in front of cameras here i California nothing new I did a brief one in Spanish for the Spanish speaking community I was fine:) Then when I started my next one I lost it and broke down it hit me hard that my son had to recieve the eviction paperwork, I felt a hand reassuring me and I composed myself it was Illinois AG that had spoken before me and after she came up to me and put me in contact with a person that would help. I had my story printed out on a piece of paper and I handed it to each AG that we met with.

    Our goal was to let the AG's that we the people will take nothing less than a fair settlement including principal reduction restitution for homeowners that have lost their homes.

    I met with an attorney Wednesday he stated I had a strong case and that we will not be going for a modification that would be off the table instead we would go after fraud as their was a lot of fraud involved in recordings etc.

    So I called Chase and my RM was not available left message a few hrs went by and nothing I called again and asked to speak to a manager they transferred me to Sofia she stated she was in Jaime Diamons office she said she had just spoken the the RM about my file. I told her I am facing eviction and that I needed it stopped or I would have to use other measures to protect my self. She said the RM would call me back and if she didnt she gave me her direct number good because I will need it to do a phone blast meaning my friends will call her and tie up her phone line asking for an answer.
    Five minutes before 5pm EST my RM calls me she stated my file was in underwriting as of the 17th I told her they need to stop the eviction she stated underwriter had contacted Freddie Mac and had no response well maybe you need to pick up the freaking phone and place a call not email just my thoughts.
    I told her I needed an answer because I needed to respond by Monday to the unlawful detainer lawsuit and that I would be filing a lawsuit and modification would be off the table she stated she would get back to me on Monday I told her I need an answer no later than Friday she said she would touch base with me today at 8am PST which is in 30 mins.

    The lawyer I have is very confident he was in the banking industry for 25 yrs he said this case was very complicated and he was ready to take it on my husband is taking Monday off to sign paperwork so if the eviction is not stopped we have no choice but to file a lawsuit against chase.

  4. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    recieved call 8:48 RM stated the have not received a response from freddie mac. She did say they would get a response today but that she was going to be put of the office gave me another reps name and number. I really want to move forward with the lawsuit as I don't trust Chase it just goes to show you that you need to demand things I am demanding an answer by Friday and they are going to give me one today. After I get the answer which will be yes we will stop your eviction but what about the modification I am going to demand I get a permanent loan mod with loan docs at my door in 3 business days.

    I am actually looking forward to litigation with these crooks so for once I hope they don't follow through. And even if they do I wil. ask my attorney what he thinks before I make a final decision.
  5. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    my attorney mentioned to quash the unlawful detainer , I was not properly served they basically served my stool sitting outside and yelled something like house inspector according to my 11 year old son.
  6. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    I was served with unlawful retainer on Father's Day and answered it with a Motion to Dismiss citing rule 12(B)(6) Standard "Failure to State a Claim for Relief to be granted". Don't Let the corrupt Freddie Mac intimidate you.
  7. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    wow Father's Day of all days, the way I see it is they are playing a game trying to do it through the courts. I'm just glad I was reffered to this attorneynhe was not taking on any more cases but I was refered to him. I can't go to court since I am not on title. He asked why I was not and the reason I was given at time of purchase was that my credit was too low, so that is a reason not to be o the loan nothing to do with title. He stated the broker is stripping my rights and that I should do something about it.

    My husband's English is not the best and when you go to court they speak a different language for the average american to understand good thing we have google I have seen attorneys look up stuff on their gadjects when they can't figure something out.

    I do know this we can not and should not stay quiet the whole world needs to know what these crooks are putting us through do write to your elected officials , AG's, OCC... I believe that is why they are under investigation. Join a coalition that supports you we have several here in Ca I'm sure there's one near you.

    And the most important like Jeffrey stated do not be intimidated by these crooks most loans if not all loans have fraud written all over them. We have been in our home since 2004 so they have already recieved plenty of money, I will not feel guilty when I win these crooks. I want crimminal prosecution for these crooks.
  8. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    The server was just plain lazy and hoping we will not contest his service the courts need to know how these people serve stools.

    At a point I was recording everything that happened but it was starting to get boring just recording trees moving wish I would have gotten him on tape.
  9. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    Jeffrey I think you have a calling after going through all this you should look into studying law I have been told it takes 4 yrs part time to become an attorney just a thought since you are spending so much of your energy fighting these crooks.

    Your going to get a kick out of this the attorneys representing Chase are newly licensed attorneys you can tell by their bar number mine has been practicing law for 7 yrs and before that he was in banking for 25 or was it 26 yrs cant remember so he knows a lot about regulations and most importantly
  10. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    Alot of my friends said I should just take the bar exam. Wells tried to repo my house and the defendants state Freddie owns the house. This connects the two as one entity. I am using the rules of the court against them and it seems to be working so far. I have a lawsuit of which shows their violation of Utah Law and they are trying to intimidate me. It is easier for me as I am out of the house but still have possession under Utah Judicial law. The suit is called Complaint for the UNLAWFUL USE OF THE POWER OF SALE ON THE PLAINTIFF"S PROPERTY. I faxed the lawsuit to my attorney general and his office called me at 7 at night and told me it was a very well prepared lawsuit. I believe I will win and I believe I have stopped the unlawful detainer in its tracks. Like I say they like to intimidate you if you fight back. Get your cause for action and put you ducks in a row and go for it! I read the chicago showdown and I salute you for going there to fight. I think very highly of you for your fighting spirit!
  11. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    Estela, Here is a link that will help your case print it and give it to your attorney. This is a ruling on an action within the US district court in California and is chocked full of help for you. I will be using this case in my suit to show that a foreclosure of your home shows irreparable damage. This guy was instrumental in getting a TRO! The ruling is just great reading! http://www.courthousenews.com/2010/11/01/Foreclosure.pdf
  12. LreyChased

    LreyChased LoanSafe Member

    Estela can your lawyer recommend anyone in Los Angeles area? It looks like I have a major case and want to ask about doing a Fair Housing complaint. Would need to do on contingency short term or can help with business, marketing etc. Stopped sales with strong QWR letter and have various violations, chain of title etc from multiple sources. Sale taken off calendar. Doesn't look like we can do private msg here though.
  13. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    Perfect will do thanks so much.
  14. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    I can ask and see no promises though .
  15. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    Donna Banks from the executive office out of Florida failed to call me so we are moving forward with the lawsuit.
  16. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    Going forward with litigation. Modification is off the table we are up for a battle now wish us luck.
  17. LreyChased

    LreyChased LoanSafe Member

    Good luck! Will be interested to see how it goes. It's the right time!
  18. nugirl

    nugirl LoanSafe Member

    Hi Jeffrey
    I agree w/Estela. I have read your posts here and there. And you are definitely informed. Did you know you were a fighter before all hell broke loose? I am contemplating filing a suit myself. And I thought about all of your informative posts. So, right now I'm scanning through your old ones, taking notes. My question to you is; have you thought about blogging detailed info re: your court filings and rulings? I know it would be extremely helpful to others as well as myself. I have seen a couple of blogs where homeowners walk you thru their cases. Just some food for thought.
    Thank you for sharing what you have with the masses.
  19. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    Thanks for your comments and if you are going to file a lawsuit, expect the Rule 12(B)(6) standard challenge, of "failure to state a Claim for relief to be granted". The link I gave to Estela shows in the decision that this argument can be defeated because the Judge states that foreclosure is "Irreparable Damage". This is very valuable case law that you will need in court. Types of irreparable damage are bankruptcy, emotional distress, displacement ect.... As you know I am not a lawyer but I can defend myself very well with in the court. Study your court rules. To know the law is to know the court rules. If you file challenging the title or your rights under your state law, use a venue argument like the one I have used to keep it in the state court. The bank is real mad because they could not remove to US court because of the venue argument. If I can help you through this website I will. Good luck to you and God Bless you..................Jeff
  20. estela13

    estela13 LoanSafe Member

    Husband took the day off to meet with lawyer unfortunately the lawyer changed his story and stated he could not take on my case. I started making phone calls lots of phone calls. Guess what I found an awesome attorney he is a famous attorney won a case recently I don't want to give out name come to find out he lives 10mins from me I am so excited I am meeting with him today. He is very reasonable as far as costs which is a huge plus we have been putting aside all of our money so we have money to use wisely.

    I called up a person that is in litigation with BofA and he is pro se come to find out he met with this same attorney in the morning and he was calling me to refer him to me he has been searching high and low for one that gets it.

    I'm done with the modification non sense with Chase I actually slept very well last night. I have been suffering from depression due to the stress although I had no idea what was wrong with me I have never felt depressed before I don't wish it on anyone.

    He has 2 strategies I will keep everyone updated.

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