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Chase Bank Phone Number & Contacts

Discussion in 'Chase Mortgage - Tell Us Your Chase Story' started by Moe, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage


    Mortgages (Purchase and Refinance):
    • Existing Clients: 1-800-848-9136
    • Potential Cleints: 1-800-873-6577
    Chase Main Mortgage Help Hotline: Call 866-550-5705

    Online Help: https://www.chase.com/chf/mortgage/hrm_options

    Chase Loan Modification Self Assesment Tool: https://www.chase.com/chf/mortgage/hrm_calc1

    Loan Modification Form for Borrowers: https://www.chase.com/ccpmweb/chf/document/Borrowers_Assistance_Form_Chase_Fill_2009.pdf


    Loss Mitigation (877) 838-1882 ext 52195.

    The Number you will be directed to after you give your loan number:

    (866) 665-7629 (business hours are 11AM-8PM M-TH, 8AM-12PM F)

    Chase Home Finance (800) 848-9136 (customer service) (858) 605-2181 (delinquency customer service)

    Chase Home Finance-New Jersey (800) 446-8939*Chevy Chase Bank (800) 933-9100*

    Web: https://chaseonline.chase.com/chaseonline/logon/sso_logon.jsp?fromLoc=ALL&LOB=COLLogon

    For SUBPRIME ONLY (877) 838-1882 ext 52195.
    The Number you will be directed to after you give your loan number:
    (866) 665-7629 (business hours are 11AM-8PM M-TH, 8AM-12PM F)
    • Subprime Letter of Authorizations Fax: 1-877-287-7559.
    • Subprime Workout Packages Fax: 1-888-219-7813.
    For Prime Loans: 1-800-446-8939
    Prime Letter of Authorization & w/o packages Fax: 614-422-7259

    • Auto Retail/Loan Accounts: 1-800-336-6675
    • Auto Lease Accounts: 1-800-227-5151
    • Personal Credit Cards & Online Accounts: 1-800-432-3117 From Outside the United States: 1-302-594-8200, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Customers: 1-800-955-8060
    • Student Loans 1-800-487-4404
    Chase Executive Management Hierarchy

    Jamie Dimon Chairman & Ceo
    Phone: 212-270-1111
    Fax : 212-270-1121
    E-Mail Address: jamie.dimon@jpmchase.com

    Charlie Scharf CEO Retail Financial Services
    Phone: 212-270-5447
    Fax: 212-270-5448
    E-Mail Address: charlie.scharf@chase.com

    Gerald A. Smith CEO Credit Card Services
    Phone: 302-282-3100
    Fax: 302-282-3939
    E-Mail Address: gordon.smith@chase.com

    Marc Sheinbaum CEO-Retail Auto and Education Finance
    Phone: 516-745-3838
    Fax: 516-745-4040
    E-Mail Address: marc.x.sheinbaum@jpmchase.com

    David B. Lowman CEO Home Lending
    Phone: 636-735-2121
    Fax: 314-256-2800
    E-Mail Address: david.b.lowman@jpmchase.com
  2. tc4gold

    tc4gold Banned

    Re: Chase Bank

    Chase told me that because I put an x in the blank spaces on the request for tax return form (4506P) that my request for modification would be denied and that the IRS would send the form back.

    I put an x in those spaces so that they couldn't fill them in after I signed it with the next few years of my tax returns which I have read that they can and will do if you don't put an x in those spaces.

    Moe, can you tell us how to handle this with them as I am sure others are not aware of the need to prevent their tax returns being veiwed for years.

    after I told the chase rep that I was within my rights and it was perfectly legal for me to put an x in those spaces, she said that my loan mod request would go to the bottom of the pile.
  3. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    This happens a lot with these loan modifications. I honestly fill, that many rejections are the result of just spiteful employees. These people go through a lot of stress and I think it wears on them. They then take it out on the homeowners and make their lives a living hell.

    This whole foreclosure crisis is wearing on everybody.

    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. This is a perfect example of why you will have to do your best to make friends and influence people over there at chase. Sometimes that means stroking people's egos and making them feel better. You may be right, but in the end it is gonna be up to them to make the choice. I say you call back and find someone you could get to influence over there at chase.
  4. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking LoanSafe Member

    A good friend of mine who has an EMC/Chase loan and who has gotten a very high up politician involved in helping her finalize her loan modification got a call from Chase's office in Florida about assigning it to an underwriter,she got a direct line to someone there. Does that sound like a move to get something finalized? I know that office handles loss mitigation's. I would assume a "important" call like "were going to get this done" would come from headquarters in New York? Please post your "opinion".

  5. alston1421

    alston1421 LoanSafe Member

    Direct extension to EMC's corporate headquarters home lending executive office:

    800-695-7695, x7377

    This number is only a good contact for loans under Chase that are serviced by EMC.
  6. rbierman

    rbierman LoanSafe Member

    Does anyone have a number for the appraisal department?
  7. Julienne

    Julienne LoanSafe Member

    And does anyone know who I speak to to find out who owns our (home mortgage) loan? We, like many others, originally got our loan through Washington Mutual, but of course it is now serviced by Chase. Chase, to date have been a nightmare. We have tried five times for a loan modification, once with WAMU and this time now (submitted in late Jan. 2011) is our fourth try with Chase. We have been told we qualify for the MHA program, and although Chase denied us on our last try for the reason that "we made too MUCH money", HUD, when receiving our exact same paperwork and figures couldn't understand that as they said "we fit exactly within the parameters for the Making Homes Affordable Program." We have gotten the same runaround and stalling tactics from Chase as many others, so I won't go into detail. But, I would very much like to try to bypass much of the huge Chase machine, and try to find another way around the mess we are in. So... I am putting it out there to ask if anyone knows who actually owns the notes that WAMU once serviced? Maybe we can appeal directly to them? And as well, don't all homeowners have a legal right to see the ownership paper trail of who owns these notes? Because how can CHASE harass and threaten to take our home away, if we have no proof that they actually have legal right to the note? I prefer to bypass Chase altogether.... we didn't ask to be with Chase bank. But we are between a rock and a hard place: We got the loan with WAMU on stated income, and now we couldn't even go to another lender, even if we wanted to - because we can't go full doc. And the travesty is that we have put as much money into the house as WAMU/CHASE but we have no recourse it seems. Chase bank's stalling tactics have bled us completely dry and we still don't have an answer, a name, no-one we can talk to. I would be interested in getting involved in a Class-action suit against Chase for the state of CA, but does anyone know of any lawyer who has taken this on?

    And the end of the day, we will rent the house and immediately move on if we at least knew we could find a lender that would give us a better rate than 6.125% .... but where do we go? Who would take that on, now that we have had to jump off the credit cliff due to Chase's stalling tactics and ineptness. Or, is that their ploy all along: bleed us dry and take the house?
  8. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member

    I empathize with your frustrations with Chase, as I also have a Chase loan. Here's a path you might consider, and something I might do were I in your situation. Consider moving out and renting a home that you like and can afford, and move in. Then immediately rent your home for a fair market rent, or even slightly below market, if necessary, in order to rent it ASAP. Cash flow is a slam dunk when you're no longer paying for anything. The resulting rental income stream will likely last for many months. I wish more forum members were taking advantage of this easy recurring revenue; it's a pity how many are overlooking this income, particularly in view of the huge number of vacant homes across the nation. Depending on the particular micro market, the law of supply and demand have made rental prices very solid. As a landlord, I'm enjoying the rewards of solid rents resulting from lots of prospective tenant demand.
  9. Julienne

    Julienne LoanSafe Member

    I do see renting as a viable option... But we couldn't get the amount we need to cover mortgage, property tax, insurance, etc. We need a reduction in mortgage payments by around $1500 in order to cover those expenses. Which leads us right back to a loan mod process! We aren't in a financial position right now to pay out that kind of money for the privledge of having someone else live in our home. Not to mention also that the 6.125% is an interest only, and in two years it goes to a repayment mortgage for a much higher payment....then what?
  10. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member

    OK, I admit I'm a little confused. I made the suggestion in my post because I was under the assumption you were walking (foreclosing). My suggestion was to move out early and rent it out. Needless to say if it's eventually going to FC, you wouldn't be making any mortgage or property tax payments. You would realize effortless and immediate positive cash flow.
  11. MACAT

    MACAT LoanSafe Member

    Is a loan mod going to be worth it?

    Hello Tom, Macat again. I hope you have some more helpful suggestions for me! By the way, yes, my loans are purchase money.

    I have made 0 payments to the bank on my home, neither towards the 1st nor towards the 2nd since Jan. 1, 2011. March 8th the trustee recorded a Notice of Default on the original loan amount, $966,000. The 2nd was not included in that NOD notice. Interestingly, my mortgage payoff amount today is much more than $966K....now at 1,066,000- negatively amortizing these past 5 years. How come the amount they are declaring on the NOD is the original loan amount, not the total I owe as of now? This is really confusing!

    Today, I received an Acceleration Warning on the 2nd. It states, "if you fail to cure the default within 32 days from the date of this notice, the bank will accelerate the maturity of the loan, and declare all sums secured by the Security Instrument immediately due and payable, and commence foreclosure proceedings, all without further notice to you."

    On March 6th, I sent a letter requesting help, a loan mod, asking the two loans be combined, and a principal reduction since I owe more than the home is worth. I got a mod package yesterday on the 1st, after receiving the NOD! aye aye aye
    I stated in the letter to the bank that I want to keep my home. They instruct I should fill out the loan mod papers and send them in-right away. ...now, I am not so sure that letting them see all my financials, and the terrible mess my credit has become, is a good idea. ?? They will see the other creditors to whom I owe (cash advances used paying for the house payments!!!). I have started a (fabulous) job. It is very hopeful that this job will work into a full-time position for me with reliable income by mid-summer. I am renting out rooms at the house which total 4K in income. I have extinguished all my savings, and cannibalized all but $600 in my mutual funds paying for that house. I lost my $250K downpayment if I walk. Somehow, this is NOT how I pictured things would work out, back when I bought the place in 2005.

    A bk is not a good option for me because I have a small trust income ($15K), which they may go after me for in a bk, right?

    I need some direction. Please send an ehug too, k? Thanks so much in advance ;-)
  12. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member

    Hi MACAT
    Thanks for your question. The amount listed on the NOD is usually not an up to date figure. You must ask the beneficiary for a loan "reinstatement amount due" which will good until a listed date, then will increase again.
    Your best strategy at this point is to forget about the 2nd completely; don't waste time and effort communicating with them.
    Instead concentrate on getting your 1st handled. In order to submit a loan mod app, you will be required to submit financials. However, you might "forget" to include all your assets. Please don't worry about your credit or other unfulfilled obligations. All of us on these boards are in some sort of financial distress/discomfort.

    You have no need for BK; it's a very last resort.

    Here's that e-hug. :) Hang in there!
  13. MACAT

    MACAT LoanSafe Member

    Hi tomeason, I've added further comments within the body of your post, below--
    --THANK YOU--GOT IT !--

    ----To the forum, while I was at work a question popped up. IF the bank forecloses on my property, do they do so at their own expense?

    Thanks to you all. Stay strong!
  14. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member

    Yes, the bank pays the foreclosure expenses which they would pass on to the borrower if they could. However in a trustee sale state like CA, at the sale, they get the property if there are no 3rd party bidders. The foreclosure fees are added on to the "opening bid amount."
    Reference collection calls, many forum members have devised their own methods of handling the calls. One suggestion is to get a Google phone number (they give you a number in your area code and free voicemail). Call the lender and notify them of your "new number." Then you will no longer have a ringing phone to deal with.
  15. MACAT

    MACAT LoanSafe Member

    Thank you once again! I'm so happy I got my loan mod. docs!!! I'll be spending the weekend getting all the doc requests in order so that I can send them in. Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel.... I'll post to report my progress in getting my 1st modified, and hope it can inspire others to keep on contacting the bank, and be serious if you do decide to try to work it out with your bank cause it will take time and organization...not too looming a task for a homeowner. Keep your letters (to the bank) short and sweet and to-the-point. Enough drama -- cause we all have our story, and believe me, the "bank" has heard it ALL. With all the slew of foreclosures and strategic defaults, all the people who have lost their homes, and begged to the customer service agent at the bank, and who drained savings to keep the house, meanwhile the economy is tanking and good people are losing jobs or taking pay cuts, all this prior to losing their shirt on their house -- I say this to remind us -- they've (the banks) had to deal with angry, irate, emotionally bankrupt folks on the brink....so keep your communication short and concise, and polite, like a good business transaction....don't bury yourself and not do anything, cause that was me for the last couple of months! Write the bank and see what happens!! I'll check in with any progress, until then I remain yours truly, MACAT
  16. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member

    Please pardon me if I'm not clear on your situation here. When you say got your loan mod docs, I'm assuming you mean your final loan modification agreement documents. If that is the case, did Chase ask you to go to a notary and sign? If so, please respond so that I'll know to give you some advice on how to handle the notarization. I'll go into detail if I hear you're interested.
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  17. MACAT

    MACAT LoanSafe Member

    Good morning. Please excuse the length of time between responses. When I say I got my loan mod docs, I mean, the bank sent me loan mod papers to sign to get the process going. Still on the fence. Need to decide to fish or cut bait if you know what I mean. My loan is mers, with WaMu the beneficiary. I am thinking of doing the (previously) unthinkable and file to quiet the title. If they want my house, let them prove they can. I am very reluctant to send in the mortgage modification app. I don't want them to see my private information and then later find out the bank uses it to my disadvantage to take my home. I have been "double tracked" with foreclosure and loan mod happening supposedly at the same time. Can't believe I am in this situation. I just want the bank to adjust the home to current value. On the foreclosure radar site, they show my address as pre-foreclosure, and the loan amount they show I owe is off by $250,000, the amount of my 2nd. So the foreclosure radar site is showing I owe = to their estimate of current market value. How can this be? What is your opinion of the quiet title scenario? Thanks so much, yours truly, MACAT
  18. chasesenemy

    chasesenemy LoanSafe Member

    At one point in time, I became so frustrated I would dish it right back at them. I would talk over them every time they tried to speak, ask for phantom people I didn't know, tell them I was in Underwriting last week when I wasn't but I have come to find that being nice...as much as it hurts, just might work. I have finally found one person (Rachel in Customer Relations) that seems like she cares. I have charmed her so much it would make a camel puke. Still haven't modified yet but it seems like we are closer than we were two years ago.
  19. vhtheone

    vhtheone LoanSafe Member

    thanks for these contacts... is the subprime number still good?
  20. TomEason

    TomEason LoanSafe Guide Staff Member


    FYI, many, if not most, of these contacts have changed. This is a very old list.

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