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Cash for keys in AZ?

Discussion in 'Foreclosure Laws' started by Harry Seaward, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Harry Seaward

    Harry Seaward LoanSafe Member

    I talked to a friend of mine here in AZ who ended up squatting for 6 months after the auction and said they gave him $5,000 when he left.

    Anyone had any success with cash for keys post auction in AZ? Is this a typical amount? How long do you have to squat before they start talks?

    I'm pretty stubborn and I'm ready to stay until they send the sheriff. My wife gets freaked out by legal stuff and as soon as out BK lawyer mentioned the word "trespassing", she wanted none of it. 10 years ago I could see them booting people out in a week, but it's not like the sheriff is sitting around waiting for the call so he can spring into action. Especially Arpaio, that fat f*ck. He's too busy answering lawsuits.

    Anyway, what's the process? How do we negotiate with them? Should we tell them we're going to pull up the lawn and sprinkler system I put in if they don't pay us? ;)
  2. Harry Seaward

    Harry Seaward LoanSafe Member

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