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Can Government Shutdown affect HAMP?

Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by MiaK2K, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. MiaK2K

    MiaK2K LoanSafe Member

    I will be making my 1st trial period payment on May 1st. If there is a Government Shutdown can that affect my loan modification?
  2. SFBay

    SFBay LoanSafe Member

    I made the 1st trial pmt with Chase last week. I was told that if there is ever a goverment shut down, that has no impact on those that already in the trial period like us.
    I suggest you call to be sure pmt get posted properly. It's crucial for the 1st pmt to be received and coded correctly because that is consider the acceptance of the program on your part.
  3. MiaK2K

    MiaK2K LoanSafe Member

    Thanks SFBay......I will make my payment on time and hopefully get the modification, I am hearing so many stories of people being denied even with payments made on time.
  4. SFBay

    SFBay LoanSafe Member

    I know. Those horror stories with people being denied after receiving permanent loan docs. We can only hope!
    Gook luck!
  5. MiaK2K

    MiaK2K LoanSafe Member

    Thanks, good luck to you too.

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