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Calling all Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington Walkers! Anyone interested in a lunch meetup?

Discussion in 'Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure - Do You Need Help to ' started by izzle, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. izzle

    izzle LoanSafe Member

    Anyone out there in the Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington area like to meetup for lunch?

    Are you just beginning your walk or have already completed your walk? Anyone interested in getting together for lunch and share your story and learn from others. This would be a casual lunch for any past, present or future strategic defaulters in the Portland Oregon / Vancouver Washington area.

    I went to the Seattle meetup last month and we had about 20 people attend. Anyone interested if I organize a Portland/Vancouver lunch meetup?

    Here is the link to the Seattle Washington lunch we had back in January. http://www.loansafe.org/forum/deed-...on-walkers-lunch-1-29-sunday-rsvp-here-3.html
  2. KentWalk

    KentWalk LoanSafe Member

    Hey Izzle! Sure I would come down if you do it on a Saturday. Of course I'd have to hit up the Costco down there and do some tax free shopping :)

  3. BustedBrokeBeaten

    BustedBrokeBeaten LoanSafe Member

    I would be very interested in meeting for lunch with other walkers. It would be great to be able to talk about it openly and share stories. If this would happen on a Saturday, that would be awesome!

  4. gjoru

    gjoru LoanSafe Member

    I'll be interested too if it happens sometime in April and on a Saturday. I'm also coming from Puyallup area beginning my walk next month. I'm presently out of town thru the 1st week of April. I wouldn't mind the 2.5 hr drive!!
  5. ReadyToRun

    ReadyToRun LoanSafe Member

    Izzle - My husband and I have just started our Vancouver walk. We have lots of questions and would love to meet others who are going through what we are going through. Please keep us posted on when you are planning this. Weekends are a great time.
  6. boxercise7

    boxercise7 LoanSafe Member

    Izzle - I have been reading these threads for over a year and started our walk last June. We would really love to meet with other walkers. Please keep us posted on when and where and we will be there. Thanks for all the help and insight, we have learned a lot from you :)
  7. izzle

    izzle LoanSafe Member

    Looks like a Saturday lunch would work for people... Any particular Saturday in March? Does March 24th work?
  8. elcaminos

    elcaminos LoanSafe Member

    i might be interested, but I'd like to see a few more portlanders though just because our stuff would be more compatible. I'm still amazed at how many washington folks are on this board!
  9. izzle

    izzle LoanSafe Member

    I didn't hear any response about March 24. Does that work for those interested?
  10. gjoru

    gjoru LoanSafe Member

    Hi Izzle, I cant... still out of town thru 1st week of April. Maybe the following Sat or so. I'm coming from Puyallup. But anyone up this way would be interested then maybe we could meet anywhere in Olympia, Tacoma, or Tukwila area in Apr?
  11. KentWalk

    KentWalk LoanSafe Member

    Hi Izzle! Sorry I didn't see the prior post. Yes, that works for me. If anyone would like to come from the Seattle area, I am willing to drive and have everyone split the cost of gas. I can fit 3 others and would meet in the south end. (I live in Kent.)

    My thoughts are we would leave at 10am, spend 12-2pm there, and be back by 4pm.

    Let me know if we are a go!

  12. BustedBrokeBeaten

    BustedBrokeBeaten LoanSafe Member

    Any Saturday works for us. The 24th is great! FYI
  13. KentWalk

    KentWalk LoanSafe Member

    I'd also request if we could make the lunch in Vancouver, WA (as opposed to Portland).

  14. ReadyToRun

    ReadyToRun LoanSafe Member

    24th is good for us. Just let us know the details. Thanks Izzle
  15. izzle

    izzle LoanSafe Member


    Lets set March 24th, 12pm. Now to pick a place... It seems like there is more response from Washington posters, so I am thinking we should meet in Vancouver.

    How about Billygan's Roadhouse? They have an area where we can put some tables together... Only downside I can see is that they serve bulk peanuts so if anyone has peanut allergy, it would not be a good place.....

    Billygan's Roadhouse - Vancouver | Urbanspoon

    If nobody objects I will be there 11:45am on March 24th.

    Please RSVP here so I can get a count for making a reservation....
  16. BustedBrokeBeaten

    BustedBrokeBeaten LoanSafe Member

    Count me in! Looking forward to it.
  17. MonaLisa

    MonaLisa LoanSafe Member

    You can count me in!
  18. GlubGlub

    GlubGlub LoanSafe Member

    I'll be there!

    Izzle thanks for setting this up. Hopefully folks up this way will carpool and make it down. Mona Lisa will be riding down with me and I'm going to see if KentWalk wants to as well.

    See you soon.

  19. KentWalk

    KentWalk LoanSafe Member

    I'll be there at noon!
  20. roxygirl

    roxygirl LoanSafe Member

    thanks! i might be on board too. I called wells fargo again today, first missed payment oct 2011, but went through with lawyer trying to short sale. When i called last month they said NOTHING was being done, didn't have an attorney listed yet and still actually showed that i was working w an attorney. I told them I was denied short sale (kind of regret that, but whatever..) and i asked time frame, she said that it doesn't show that it's even been referred to an attorney yet. I asked when, she had no clue. soon, she said. I am wondering if the fact that they didn't get the the right info that my short sale was denied from fannie, they stopped moving forward with foreclosure, seems they have the info now, just waiting for NOD, i am moving back into home in 2 weeks, and i am really hoping to get a few months before the NOD. just hoping...then i will have 6-7 months. im good with that. i guess i just wait now...

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