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Call BoA on behalf of someone else?

Discussion in 'Countrywide Home Loans - Tell Us Your Countrywide ' started by blue44, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. blue44

    blue44 LoanSafe Member


    I'm trying to help my sister with modifying her rental property. Can I call BoA on behalf of her? Has anyone try to help someone else do a loan mod? If you did, how did you represent yourself? Would it be easier to say that I'm her?

  2. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    Hi blue44,

    Your sister is most likely going to need to write up a letter that is giving you permission to talk on her behalf..
  3. blue44

    blue44 LoanSafe Member

    I figured as much. I guess I'll call them and see what they need from my sister. But with BoA being so big, they might lose the 'permission paper' and ask me to fax it in each time I need to talk to them. Thanks Evan.
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  4. ManicMangaManiac

    ManicMangaManiac LoanSafe Member

    Evan is right. Your sister will have to draw up a letter giving you permission to speak with BofA on her behalf, but even such a simple action as this is going to be an exercise requiring a ton of patience!

    My publisher (I have a children's book coming out this spring, my very first one) tried to speak with AHMSI/Option One on my behalf, and he got absolutely nowhere with them. The first time he called, they told him they needed a written authorization from me faxed to them. Fine, no problem. He called them the next day and asked if they'd gotten the fax. "Sorry, Dr. Alvarado, we cannot speak with you until the letter/fax has been cleared, and that will take a week." Sheeeeeesh.

    So we have to wait a week. After the waiting period is up, he calls them back and reminds them it's been a week now since they received the fax. He got passed around from department to department until he finally reached the appropriate person who then told him, "I'm sorry, but the fax we got wasn't signed by the borrower (me) and we cannot speak with you." By then he'd had enough with those idiots and it was all he could to to keep his temper in check.

    He got absolutely nowhere with them; all they did was give him the runaround and it's just more of the same BS we're all getting from our lenders. It doesn't matter who it is -- BofA, Wells Fraudgo, Litton, WaMu, Citi, Chase etc. -- they will do everything possible to thwart and stymie people in their quest to save their homes.

    I'd say go ahead and have your sister draw up the authorization letter, but consider yourself forewarned, and good luck!

  5. timmywit

    timmywit LoanSafe Member

    When I went throught credit counceling we did a confrence call validating I did the credit counceling. On that call I went throught verify SSN#, property address ect, then they collected the credit councelors name, company relation. At that time the rep told me I need to authorize him on this account "meaning beable to speak on behalf of someone" They told me I can authorize someone for 25hrs up to 3months.
    I am sure you can do it this way without letters ect.
  6. Solange

    Solange LoanSafe Member

    Hello blue44,

    Timmywit has already given you my answer. It is a better alternative than a POA letter as both parties can take part in the negotiation.

    My lending broker did three of this for me and with me; the third one eventually yielded some result as the Indian subcontractor speaking on behalf of the servicer realized he was outnumbered and outwitted.

    I hope you get the same positive result.
  7. blue44

    blue44 LoanSafe Member

    How would I go about doing this? Have my sister on the call the first time I call them and have her authorize me to speak on her behalf?
  8. timmywit

    timmywit LoanSafe Member

    Are you and your sister in the same town? Then just get togeather and have your sister make the call and hand you over the phone. If not most cell phone companies have a confrence call option or if that dose not work a rep could try to confrence call but this would be like batting 1000 with a BoA rep.
  9. blue44

    blue44 LoanSafe Member

    Thank you all for your help!

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