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Bank of America stalling tactics!!!

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by asiablue1, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. asiablue1

    asiablue1 LoanSafe Member

    Original mortgage with Countrywide.It was one of those no doc verification ones. It adjusted 3 months later. Thankfully was able to get a mod. I fell behind due to illness in the family and had been trying for over a year to get another mod. Wells Fargo is my investor. I first tried the hamp route . Back in the beginning BofA stated they were missing bank statements I know I sent. I sent them again. Got my file all the way to.underwriting to be told by the negotiator "missing docs not eligibile for in house mod due to investor guidelines" was told if I had a change in financials I can apply again. I got a raise so I called BofA got another Hamp package to start again. Went on this forum suggested I contact BofA OOP.Got in touch with a wonderful lady Mayra Santos who informed me the docs that were in question months ago were in time but were entered a day late by the bank due.to.processing (how is this my fault?) She set me up with a new negotiator named Anthony Tran who seems mice enough.He told me he is.just going to try for an in house mod. Ok so now here I sit waiting again,meanwhile I.am.getting further behind. (27,000) currently. Anthony just asked me for a slew of financial docs verifying my income. I did not file taxes last year as my filing status.was qualifying widow with dependent . I was below.the filing threshold. My question is if I sent a statement letter from HR Block stating my filing status, 3 months of bank statements showing direct deposit of my social security check and a verification letter from my employer on company letter head will that be enough. I am making a lot more this year . I also on a side note contact the OCC to investigate my case. Also strange I received last month.a check from the FTC versus Countrywide due to illegal practices they were doing . I wonder if that would help my case????
  2. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    Hi asiablue1,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for joining..........

    What is the reason why they are not looking at you for HAMP this time around since your income increased? What you may want to do is to give Michael from the Rest Report a call and see if he can maybe get the original HAMP application that went all the way to underwriting reinstated. He and his team have been able to help other members in similar situations.
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  3. asiablue1

    asiablue1 LoanSafe Member

    Thanks Cat for.the quick reply... The negotiator told me.there are a lot.of.mix UPS (his exact words) with HAMP and felt the in house route would be quicker. I can't eat or sleep with all this stress. I am scared to death and afraid my income docs aren't enough. My original loan was a no doc one and did not file taxes because my filing status was qualifying widow with a dependent. I sent in what I could but they didn't give me enough time to.get things together. My negotiator calls me back but it takes aleast 3-5 days after I call him. At this point I wouldn't mind them rolling the amts in arrears so I can get back on my feet. My negotiator is with the O.O.P. Ialso have the O.C.C. looking into my case and I already called Charlie Rose. Thanx for the advice ... What do u think though of the income docs? I tried to leave no stone unturned... Do u have any other ideas. I really don't know if.my nerves can.take much more. At least I.am not.getting collection calls.... I appreciate any help u can offer.... Thanx and God Bless
  4. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    Were you able to speak to Charlie directly? If so, would he be able to help? He has been able to help others and if he is, it may take some of that nervousness away, which I completely understand.
  5. asiablue1

    asiablue1 LoanSafe Member

    Actually Cat... I received a call from his associate David Smith who left me a message. I got home late and will return his call tomorrow.. Any experience dealing with him over Charlie?
  6. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    In that office it wouldn't matter which one you speak with as they are all really great at deciphering the errors, speaking with the lenders, and working hard to modify the loans. Good Luck!!

    Please let us know how it turns out.
  7. selawa

    selawa LoanSafe Member

    bofa hamp address

    can someone tell me where to send the app? they are telling me i cannot apply without a pre approval . since i know i won't be approved , i want to apply to stall. there seems to be no way to get inside the bofa system without identifying yourself. they frankly tell on the letter they send , that they are a debt collection service and will use your information against you. i just want to fill out an app and send it. will this work? or do you have to have them approve and then send it to you?
  8. freedomwon

    freedomwon LoanSafe Member

    selawa - I remember those frustrating phone calls. Apparently nothing has changed. BofA acts like their address is some closely guarded secret or something. Here's the address to send your Hamp packet to. You DO NOT need their permission or a pre-approval by phone in order to apply. You have been lied to.

    Bank of America
    P.O. Box 5170
    Simi Valley, Ca. 93062

    Here's a fax # for you as well to the Making Home Affordable program: Home Retention department 1.716.635.7255

    Good Luck!
  9. asiablue1

    asiablue1 LoanSafe Member

    Hi... I strongly recommend getting the office of the president involved as well as registering a complaint with the OCC if u feel things were done wrong... I have been going at this for well over a year and now finally after the OOP and OCC avenues I have my own case manager.. I am still no where near the finish line but I am not a quitter.. that is what they are banking on... They still insist on requesting docs for tax returns from last year 2010 but I did not make enough... Hang in there.. I will try to give u any help u need
  10. LarryM

    LarryM LoanSafe Member

    I can't even begin to express how depressed I've become after reading so many horror stories of people being lied to by BofA and the stall tactics they employ. When I first lost my job in June of 2010 I immediately contacted an attorney to find out my options for the months ahead knowing the loss of over $5000 a month in income would cause great financial havoc for my family very quickly. We discussed bankruptcy options and what to do with the Bank to keep our home. He told us to look into a home loan modification to help us out there. He then asked us what bank our loan was through. When we told him Bank of America you should have seen the look on his face. It literally scared me. He explained that BofA was the best there is at stalling and that our chances of getting a loan modification through them was very remote, at best. He further told us that BofA would request documents from us over and over and over, claiming each time they didn't received them, or they must have gotten lost, or somehow got misplaced in the system, or are too outdated and need to be resent with more recent documentation. He told us this would go on for months until we would finally be turned down. And, if we were lucky enough to get a modification trial offer, not to think it was over because BofA would find a reason to avoid making it permanent.

    I didn't want to believe it could be that horrible. After sending the same documents twice I called and finally got transferred to the Office of the President (OOP) who assigned a "permanent" representative to our case. He never answered the phone once. Instead I'd get a voice message saying he will return our call within one business day. If not, to call his supervisor at whatever number. I'd call his supervisor and hear the exact same message but never get a return call. I then called the OOP and was eventually reassigned a new "permanent" representative. This happened three more times. I'm now on my fifth "permanent" representative. Last week, after she told me over the phone the documents I needed to send to get everything caught up and moving forward, I jumped through all the hoops again, got all the updated documents and letters together, scanned all the documents into pdf files and sent them directly to her via email. The day after I sent those I received a FedEx packet from her with a letter outlining the documents that needed to be completed which included not only the documents she gave me over the phone but several others, as well. I called her and left a message asking her to call me and explain why she failed to tell me about this letter she had obviously been drafting while we were on the phone just two days ago. She didn't call back. Two days later, I got another FedEx packet outlining all the documents needed for the home loan modification program that included the original application and every documents I've sent to them six times already.

    My wife is crying every night. I've tried to remain positive and keep jumping through hoops, while studying to get the new skills needed for a new career (I'm 57 and having to start a new career). I'm getting so depressed now because I find that this is happening to tens of thousands of people all over the country. I feel like there is no hope for us at all. I promised my wife she would not lose the home she has lived in for 32 years nor the horses she loves so much but I just don't know what to do any more.

    For the first time in my life I find myself realizing my wife and son might be better off without me. The insurance money would allow her to keep the home and provide some college education for my son who graduates from high school this year.

    What I really need right now is for someone to give me some hope...some way to get BofA to stop lying to me and just provide a way for us to keep our home.
  11. freedomwon

    freedomwon LoanSafe Member

    Hi LarryM - So glad you found loansafe. There are many helpful members here that will give you some help. I know it feels hopeless at the moment, but don't give up. The minute you give up, game over, they win! You can't let that happen. I'm sorry to hear what a difficult time you've had with BofA. There's a couple things you can do to get some attention to your file. First you can send an e-mail to the OOP barbara.j.desoer@bankofamerica.com. I know you've already been down this road, but it's important to keep trying until someone will help you.

    You can also send an email to the Office of the CEO / President and they'll assign you an advocate. It just gets you to a single point of contact. Send your email to BofA CEO Brian Moynihan: brian.t.moynihan@bankofamerica.com

    Most loansafe members will get a response from the office within 24-48 hours. Another thing I encourage you to do is file a complaint with the OCC & the Wa. Attorney Generals office. Send your complaint CMRRR. Here's their address:

    Comptroller of the Currency
    1301 McKinney Street ste 3450
    Houston, Tx. 77010

    Once you have a complaint on file, you will be assigned a case number. An investigation will begin & BofA will be held just a little more accountable (not much though).

    You can also fax your letter to the following:

    Hope department 1.800.658.0395 (fax number)
    Home Retention department 1.716.635.7255 (fax number)
    Advocacy Dept 1.866.261.6472 (fax number)
    MHA Escalations Unit 1.866.382.0489 (fax number)
    Homeownership Retention Department 714-792-5227 (fax number) new division in Brea California

    Bank of America
    P.O. Box 5170
    Simi Valley, Ca. 93062

    Bank of America Office of the President - You can escalate your case to the OOP. 877-498-7226 (phone #)

    Here's even more contact info for you originally posted by Evan Bedard. All the contacts listed below are current.

    Customer Advocates:
    Khara Turner...800-601-2522 ext 8560, khara.turner@bankofamerica.com
    Kacie Miller ...800-601-2522 ext 8559, kacie.miller@bankofamerica.com

    David Kozik...800-405-0078, ext 3047, david.kozik@bankofamerica.com

    Tabitha Mackellar...Senior Collector...(800) 405-0078 X5583

    Annabel Lopez...Customer Relations Advocate..(800) 669-2443 X2710

    Juanice Neal...Customer Relations Advocate..(800) 669-2443 X5034

    Steven Nielson Customer Relations Advocate..(800) 669-2443 X7810

    Customer Relations Advocacy... (800) 669-2443 X2773

    Jessica Gadeng (not sure of spelling)...Senior Collector..(800) 405-0078 X5667

    Here's some FHA Negotiators numbers...I think they are located in Texas..

    Minerva Roman (972) 498-6485

    Jeremy Roberts (972) 498-6701

    Another option for you is to contact the folks at Rest Report Matters. They can run some numbers for you to let you know if you even qualify for a loan mod. You pay nothing until your mod is complete. http://www.loansafe.org/forum/loan-...oan-workout-solution-post-your-situation.html Be sure to read post #1 that clearly defines the information needed so they can help you. You will get a much quicker response by calling on Monday. E-mail responses can sometimes take a week or so.
  12. LarryM

    LarryM LoanSafe Member

    Thank you for all that information. As mentioned I have been assigned an advocate by the OOP. The man I've been in contact with in that office is Jim McDowell. I've been assigned five different advocates to date. Each time they can't locate all of the documents and I need to bring them up to date with current documents.

    Are you suggesting I start all over with the OOP as if I've not been assigned an advocate at all? Should I write a complaint letter and send it every person or agency you listed....kind of like flooding them with complaints until they listen, or what? I'll do anything and everything I need to do but I also need to study...I have an exam Thursday that I haven't studied for because I've been bending over for BofA.

    But, like I said, I'll do everything it takes to get BofA to stop lying to me and just deal with me straight.

    Thank you, again!
  13. Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

    Jeffrey L. Shurtliff LoanSafe Member

    Larry M........... Seeing what you write brings the sadness I felt when my house was sold unlawfully by Wells the the steps of the courthouse last spring. Your wife will not be better off without you and money, no matter how much in insurance.will buy no happiness. This is depressing and I will tell you I have had the same thoughts but money, things ect... do not compare to LIFE.
    Trust in the Lord and He wil see you through this! When you have difficulty we are all here to help you. It is times like this we need to put the warriors helmet on and proceed into battle to save our homes. God bless you!
  14. freedomwon

    freedomwon LoanSafe Member

    Hi LarryM - What I'm suggesting is you've got to SCREAM loud enough to anyone & everyone who will listen. It's a strategy that's worked for me to stay put in my home. BofA has been trying to sell my home at trustee sale since last June. So far, I've kept them at bay by educating myself on state laws, federal laws, foreclosure laws, state statutes, notary laws etc etc. Do not let the banksters intimidate you & wear you down. After all, that is their plan in hopes you'll just go away so they can take your house. And by the way, your wife would not be better off without you. Insurance money has certain exclusions, so please don't think of that as an option. Focus on the good! In fact, I'm putting you on special assignment. Each day this week, you, your wife and your son can write 3 things you are each thankful for & post it up on your fridge. Keep adding to the list. Remember, as hard as this seems, materialistic things can be replaced, but people can not!

    Quite frankly, trying to save your home is a full time job that most people don't have time for. Unfortunately, you can't control the behavior of BofA. The lies, fraud, mis-representations, missing paperwork, hampster wheel they put you on seems to never end. Some folks on this forum have been at it for 3 years! Chances are, your loan is in a securitized trust as most are. What BofA never tells you is that if that's the case, more than likely, they don't have permission to modify the loan. But the homeowner becomes a pawn in their game. The longer they stall you & make you believe that you might get a modification, the more money they make. They actually make more money foreclosing on your home than they do servicing your loan. But they will never tell you this.

    You are not alone. This is happening all over the country to hundreds of thousands of homeowners. This is like nothing we've ever seen or experienced in our lifetime. You, your wife & teenage son must remain strong. You will get through this & come out the other side with a wealth of education.

    What was your previous career & the new one you are studying for? I know you never imagined your life having to start a new career at age 57, but your circumstances have created a new opportunity for you to learn & do something new! This brings something new to offer not only for your own personal development, but can add a little zest to your marriage!
  15. LarryM

    LarryM LoanSafe Member

    Didn't mean to alarm you. It's nice to know people care about someone they don't really know but just know they have a connection. I'm not going to take my own life. I spent the past 18 years raising my son. I'm finally about to see the payoff and I'm going to finish what I started...if for no other reason than to spoil his children and send them home! Yes, I'm depressed and feel like its all for nothing sometimes but I'm a former Marine...I don't give up.

    New career? Well, I can't drive a truck any longer because of a macular hole in my right retina. So, while I'm unemployed and eligible for Training Benifits through the Unemployment Department, I'm currently taking a dual study course to become a Veterinary Assistant and a Professional Dog Obedience Trainer. I plan to specialize in rehabilitating shelter dogs to make them more adoptable and work with privately owned dogs with behavior issues. As a veterinary assistant I'll have daily access to clientele who have dogs with behavioral issues and will be in need of professional help. I'm a little more than half way through both courses and should be certified in both fields by May. I'm just hoping I still have a home then. I have a major exam in the Dog Obedience Course on the 19th and a lot of studying to do for that. However, BofA is threatening to close out my application if I don't supply all the documentation I supplied to them five times already. If I don't get that to them by the 22nd they start foreclosure. So, I'd love to start screaming to every supervisor in Bank of America and every agency that can influence them but I have to spend some time studying too. It's just very overwhelming right now.

    Thank you to all of you that are trying to help and for your prayers.
  16. liboton21

    liboton21 LoanSafe Member


    I'm on my 2 months on HAMPSTER and would like to know any link how this banks can earn money on foreclosure than helping the homeowners. I'm trying to follow your tactics since I'm also located in California which same law would apply. I'm 4 months behind and just submitted the HAMP required paperwork to them. Initial submission was two months ago but I did not include bank statements and income statements. Both 1st and 2nd are BofA and investor are BANA which is also BofA. My loan was former CW and I'm post BK7 since Apr 2010. I was modified after discharge in Apr 2010 to 2% for 37 years but three cars have major repair started on July 2011, I have to default on the mortgage and fixed the car as need for employment and taking kids to school. And this is my hardship including wife not able to work as pre-school teacher due to cut downs at the school. I owe 662k on the 1st and market value is 385k. The second is 62k but I have not been paying since Apr 2010. Both of the loan are 2% fixed but 2nd was raised to 3.25% after non-payment of six months. Both loans are modified thru NACA advocacy. Since, I'm way underwater we decided to walk away but saving money if we can stay longer or if BofA give us a principal forbearance which highly unlikely. I like the way you handle stalling tactics with these bankster and I might employ them as well. Bythe way, they assigned a customer rep to handle my HAMP. Thanks in advanced.
  17. LarryM

    LarryM LoanSafe Member

    I'm sure Freedomwon can give you some valuable advice but here's my 2 cents worth. Having an advocate assigned to you doesn't mean a lot, it seems. But, you should let him or her know up front you expect that person to be up front and honest with you and to watch your back. By that I mean your advocate gets copies of every document you sent to BofA. You will be sending your documents in a FedEx mailer to Houston, most likely, where it will take a few days at least for those documents to be scanned into the system. Two things that are very important here. First, be sure you put your loan number clearly on EVERY SINGLE piece of paper you send in. Second, get your advocates email address. Tell him or her you will scan every document you send to BofA into a pdf file and attach those files to emails. You will most likely have to break the files up into groups of four or five documents at a time. You can also fax them to your advocate but the quality of pdf's attached to emails is much clearer. Tell your advocate you want an email confirmation that he or she has received each of the requested documents. Then, if someone tells you BofA didn't receive something you know you sent, your advocate has no recourse but to back you up and can even pull up the "missing" documents and personally see to it the documents are received by the correct department. If your advocate isn't returning your calls in a timely fashion call the office of the president and complain. They will attempt to get your advocate to call you and if you aren't happy the OOP will assign a different advocate to you. In that case, send all your documents to that person as well, give the new advocate the name and email address of your previous advocate and ask your new advocate to request the files from the other advocate. Be sure you never send originals of anything unless required. Save originals or very good copies of everything.

    One other piece of advice....keep a journal containing the dates you call anyone at BofA, names of anyone you speak with, and detailed notes of everything you discuss, dates of any mailings received from or sent to BofA, what was contained in those mailings and names and addresses of where those mailings went to. I've found in my conversations so far that when I start reciting exact dates, times, phone numbers and details of conversations, mailings and any other business that took place months ago it gets their attention and they realize I'm organized enough to not leave this alone. Good luck and keep us posted.
  18. Tarin Myhairout

    Tarin Myhairout LoanSafe Member

    Hi Larry:

    This is a worthy endeavor, and your efforts are meaningful to the dogs and their people.

    Best of luck to you in your certifications; and let us know when you achieve those important milestones so we can celebrate with you!

  19. freedomwon

    freedomwon LoanSafe Member

    LarryM - Thanks for posting again about your future plans. I'm glad to hear you won't give up! You just might become known as
    "the dog whisperer"! Making a positive difference in this world in the lives of dogs & their people.

    Everything you had to say about advocates, taking notes, dates, times, etc is all "spot on". I would add this . . . a legal sized folder to put documents in chronological order (just as an attorney would do).

    Scanning documents is wonderful & if you get e-fax, they can be faxed as well as e-mailed with the push of a button.

    Liboton21 - Here's a link to the thread that contains all my letters to BofA. http://www.loansafe.org/forum/bank-...ecent-letter-bofa-part-2-a-10.html#post353102I was pretty far along once the thread got started. I had already been down the road of calling every 2-3 weeks for an entire year. Rarely got the same person twice & just got told a different story each time I called. So know that what you read in this thread is an extremely aggressive approach. I was done being nice. I realized it was time to play hard ball.

    Here's a link that explains best how foreclosing is better for the banks than helping homeowners. Indymac Boys Get Sweetheart Deal - YouTube You might have to watch it a few times & take notes to fully understand it. But once you do, it will all makes sense.

    Here's another link put out by the FDIC that explains how the loss share agreement works Loss Sharing Explained - YouTube Most of the major lenders have a loss share agreement in place with the FDIC.
  20. liboton21

    liboton21 LoanSafe Member

    Hi FreedomWon,

    I was truly inspired how you fight this bankster and definitely would go that the same route as well. And save me time to llok for different laws how to deal with them legally since it can cost a lot of money hiring a lawyer. Playing soft does not work with them and yes gotta play hard. I was talking to one of their rep and told them if they plan to foreclose I will put a .50 cal and Bradley in front of my house and see if the Sheriff will try to serve me..I was just kidding..:laugh::laugh::laugh:.

    This is directly from FDIC: FDIC: Loss-Share Questions and Answers


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