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Bank of America Mailing Address, Contact Info, Emails

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by Moe, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    This list has been compiled by LoanSafe member for the last few years. Let's help keep this accurate and up to date as possible. If you have a alternate contact, main address, emails or other info, please comment below so I can make changes as they occur.

    Bank of America Corporate Center

    100 N. Tryon St.
    Charlotte, NC 28255
    Main Number for Loss Mitigation - 704-386-5681
    Fax: 1-704-386-6699

    LoanSafe Number for Members: 1.800.846.2222

    Home Retention Team in the Loss Mitigation Dept; 716-635-7255

    Number is for loss mitigation on second mortgages: 800 936 6362

    HELOC Loss Mit Dept: 800-621-1044

    Settle your loan mod/settle your account: 800-936-6362

    Loan Mod Fax:
    336-805-9566 (They are located in the corp office in N. Carolina)

    Permanent Loan Modification Paperwork Mailing Address:

    BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP
    Attn: Home Retention Division
    100 Beecham Drive Suite 104
    Pittsburgh PA 15205


    BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP
    390 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 310
    Broomfield CO 80021

    This address is for a subcontractor (Home Retention Services, Inc. - aka: Stewart Title) that's handling some of the trial period loan modifications:

    Home Retention Group
    9700 Bissonnet Street
    Suite 1500
    Houston, TX 77036

    Executives, Negotiator Contacts:

    Barbara Desoer | President Home Loans and Insurance
    (AKA OOP)

    Mailing to OOP:

    Office of the Chairman - Attn: Barbara j. Desoer
    Home Retention Division
    Bank of America
    450 American St.
    M/S CA6-921-01-09
    Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Melissa A. Henderson (Negotiator) | Senior Operations Analyst
    Office Of The Chairman – Home Retention Division

    Bank Of America
    800-405-0078 x 3057 Office
    866-619-4249 Fax
    Mail Stop: CA6-921-01-09
    Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Melissa Russell | Customer Advocate Office of the Chairman
    (800)669-2443 extension 2809

    Crystal R. Peterson Customer Advocate | Office of the CEO and President
    email: crystal.peterson@bankofamerica.com
    Direct# 336-805-3126

    Dan Frahm | VP Corporate Communications | CA

    Michael Drawdy | Senior VP Home Retention | CA

    Bank of America Office of the Chairman & CEO | CA

    800-669-2443 x2773

    Stephen Fitzgerald | Office of the Chairman & CEO, Mgr

    Brandie Gedang | Office of the Chairman & CEO

    Natalia Guerrero | Office of the Chairman & CEO | CA

    Tanisha Hamilton | Office of the Chairman & CEO

    Amy Harp | Office of the Chairman & CEO, Mgr

    Amy Moore | Office of the Chairman & CEO | CA

    800-601-2522 x3949

    Jimmy Munoz | Office of the Chairman & CEO, Team Mgr | CA
    800-601-2522 x5514 | 661-951-5514

    Pam Preciado | Office of the Chairman & CEO | CA

    Debbie Smith | Office of the Chairman & CEO | CA
    800-601-2522 x3261

    Irene Tapia | Office of the Chairman & CEO | NC
    704-386-5687 | 626-584-2309

    Theresa Cantwell | Home Retention Divison
    866-788-8495 x8283

    Yvonne Custano | Risk Operations Team Mgr | CA

    Jim Emmerich | National Customer Experience Executive |

    Alta Erickson | Executive Assistant | CA

    Carlos Escobar | VIP Negotiator | CA
    800-405-0078 x3912

    Zach Harrod | Risk Operations Mgr Home Retention CS | CA
    800-405-0078 x5343

    Sandra Isidro | VP Customer Service
    800-405-0078 x3997

    Justine Levine | VIP Negotiator | CA
    800-405-0078 x7374

    Kim Lowe | Assistant to Mike Drawdy (SVP Home Retention) | CA
    Comments: At times could be helpful, but mostly b*t*hy.

    Brian Moynihan | President & CEO | CA

    Tim Nicholson | Senior VP | CA
    661-951-5100 x5200

    Erick Odiambo | Negotiator | TX
    866-788-8495 x2386

    Shaun Orr | Negotiator
    800-601-2522 x8567

    Loretta Pillado | Officially: Assistant VP Home Retention | CA
    Real Title: Queen of BS
    800-405-0078 x3066 | 805-577-3066

    Ken Scheller | Senior Vice President Home Retention | TX

    Jacquelyn Sessions | Processing Mgr | TX

    Matt Skoglund | Managing Director, Customer Contact | TX

    Matt Vernon | Short Sale & REO Executive | CA

    Daniel Whitehead | Assistant VP Risk Operations | CA
    800-405-0078 | 805-955-7450

    Here’s some FHA Negotiators numbers:

    Minerva Roman (972) 498-6485

    Jeremy Roberts (972) 498-6701
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  2. iowagirl

    iowagirl LoanSafe Member

    Wow, thank you Moe!!!
  3. Whittier

    Whittier LoanSafe Member

    Jolene Clark Senior Operations AnalystOffice:
    800-405-0078 ext 7438
    Fax: 866-603-4755

    Amanda Simcoe
    Mortgage Servicing Specialist Lead
    Loan Modification Team
    Bank of America Home Loans
    Direct Line: 972.638.4114
    Fax: 415.228.6510

    michael.drawdy@bankofamerica.com if you cannot reach him contact: Kim Brown at 805-955-7824

    M. Colleen McPherson
    Bank of America Home Loans
    Work Flow Coordinator
    Loan Modification Team
    Home Retention Division
    2375 N. Glenville Drive

    Richardson, TX 75082

  4. lami in calif

    lami in calif LoanSafe Member

    I've tried the email for Melissa Henderson more than once and it always comes back undeliverable.

    She also does not return her phone calls.

  5. Ben Bernanke

    Ben Bernanke LoanSafe Member

    [FONT=&quot]Thanks so much for the data, already putting it to good use.

    I had two houses under Skank of America dominion. They took my Redmond last month, Aug 2010, by administrative foreclosure
    (unfortunately WA state legislators were bribed out of keeping the courts and the people involved in such matters).

    The house is next door to Microsoft in Redmond WA. Nobody at the foreclosure sale would buy it.

    But figure this.. we got the loan 4 years ago, from Wells Fargo, or so we thought. As we attempted mortgage modification for a full year, Wells Fargo finally told us, on the phone (of course they refused to do anything in writing) that the house loan was really from Skank of America. And that Wells was just the "servicer: so don’t complain to us about foot dragging on the mortgage mod process, its "Skank of America".

    Well, I do keep in mind the two skannkyiest banks of all time, are B of A (first place) and their crony bank Wells Fargo (second place).
    Low and behold, it was true, Skank really was the alleged loan holder. Skank held the loan on my other house too, and all my consumer debt.

    It seems Skank has a particular interest in me.

    Well I have a federal case filed in the 9th Circuit, Western District, Seattle court. It names NW Trusties the corny collection arm of Skank and Wells Fargo as an illegal debt collector, violating both RCWs (WA State consumer protection laws) and Federal Fair Debt Claims Collection Practices Act willfully and with acts of collusion and mail fraud.

    well.. back to the foreclosed Redmond house..

    Finally Skank of America stepped up to the plate at the end of the day at the foreclosure sale , and became a house investor, with $414,000 of freshly printed tax/federal-reserve dollars. (you folks get to pay that back... sorry).

    It makes one wonder...
    1) Skank of America ("Skank" for short) is not licensed as a home renter co.
    2) Skank is not licensed as a home investor co.
    3) Skank does not plan to live in the building, and its not zoned as commercial land for a bank

    Only one explanation... Skank, with your money, is acting as a monopolistic force to maintain house prices in Redmond WA.
    And [/FONT][FONT=&quot]they (Skank of America) [/FONT][FONT=&quot]can at will, can raise prices by buying up the homes, or dump house and depress prices.

    In the news today, "Bank of America has halted all foreclosure activities, October 08, 2010".

    This is not kindness folks, they are losing Federal and State cases related to Banking Fraud, Fair Debt Collection, Wire Fraud and RICO . One of their officers was finally dragged to court and forced to testify.
    It seems he signed thousands of foreclosure orders. Not one case, did he check any case facts on, nor even read, prior to signing.

    So.. on the "good" news
    "Bank of America has halted all foreclosure activities, October 08, 2010"

    You would think one, pres Barack, Obama, would go to the public and say..
    "hey, i did something for you... please don't throw all my congress and senators our on their asses in 3 weeks from now"
    Nope... he is too afraid. (patheitc)

    This is what your country has become folks.[/FONT]
  6. DBarr13447

    DBarr13447 LoanSafe Member

  7. Ben Bernanke

    Ben Bernanke LoanSafe Member

    Interesting info fellow victim (names, positions and contact info above).

    My "negotiator" is "Erik Castruita". Such a similar name to your "erick.estrada". My Negotiator will not provide his email address. Names of similar sound and of a ethnic nature, I suspect are fictional. Erik Castruita the fiction, has an assigned location of Califonia, with a 7I4 phone prefix.

    In other words fellow victims, I suggest there is no real human "Erik Castruita" who actually negotiates mortgage modifications for us victims.

    My legal team of pro-se laywers is preparing a lawsuit against B of A regarding the mortgage modification process, as they don't bargain in good faith.

    When a corporate entity has such special powers as a bank or insurance company, via the license granted by a state, They are under even more close scrutiny to obey the consumer protection laws both state and federal.

    Since baby bush came to power, there is flagrant disregard of all these laws. I'm seeking to know any of you victims in Washington State. We may file a class action in the Washington State Superior Court, in King County. Obama is just Bush administration number 3, with a coat of paint on it. In fact, Oboma's half racial status is used as the new front man cover to perpetuate the bank-government fraud.

    Baby-bush was likely about 6 months away from being tried by congress for various crimes, when he ran off and helped put this new faker in power. The new faker would rather be charge himself with crimes before letting bush or the federal reserve be charged with crimes.

    Please note that my forum "NIC" here, of "Ben Bernanke" is obviously, just that, a NIC (nic-name). use of NIC's is extremely common on internet forums. I use NICs to avoid identity theft and government and big business harassment. However my status of victim of the banks and advocate for victims is quite real and is no joking matter.

    Please none of you victims or concerned citizens, be insulted by this statement below:

    "Please be warned you who work for B of A, other banks or any of their crony teams or companies. It is an act of "fraud in the inducement" to misrepresent yourself as a mortgage victim, or seeking to help mortgage victims, if you are here in this BBS forum, or approach me in person or via other telecommunications or in writing, in order to act on behalf of any bank.

    If such a fraud occurs, whereas data (written, verbal, etc) is offered to myself, a Washington State resident, it will be my intention to inform legal authorities in WA State of said fraud and pursue civil remedies myself in WA State and/or in the federal court system."

    Any of you real victims, are welcome to copy and use the above statement, for WA or altered for your respective state.
  8. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    Good post Mr. Bernanke. Although I do not agree 100% with all your government accusations, I do appreciate the input. In particular, the bank/servicer employees who may be committing fraud

    The facts are that this is The Loan Modification Conspiracy | LoanSafe.org.

    I do agree that mortgage servciers are committing fraud on a massive scale right now by simply lying to homeowners about loan mods for their financial gain. This is fraud 101, but only can be proved if the victim is willing to sue the perpetrator of this said fraud. History proves that 99.9999% do not and will not. Hence, the mortgage servicing fraud will continue indefinitely because it is much more lucrative to continue it, than to stop it.

    Don't matter if we have 10,000 Ben Bernake's willing to sue. But, if that number turns into 100,000 or more, then this would cause a lot of monetary pain to mortgage servicers where the fraud would not be worth the risks.

    In the broadest sense, a
    fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent.

    Fraud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Fraud can be committed through many media, including mail, wire, phone, and the Internet (computer crime and Internet fraud). The international dimensions of the web and ease with which users can hide their location, the difficulty of checking identity and legitimacy online, and the simplicity with which crackers can divert browsers to dishonest sites and steal credit card details have all contributed to the very rapid growth of Internet fraud.

    Types of criminal fraud include:

    * bait and switch

    The facts are that I have seen countless bait and switch loan mods since I started this forum. Hence, countless frauds where the victims just bit the foreclosure fraud bullet and left their homes with their tales between their legs.
  9. iowagirl

    iowagirl LoanSafe Member

    I just recently emailed the office of Barbara DeSoer on Friday 11/05/10. 4 hours later I received a call from someone in her office.
  10. Martinez02

    Martinez02 LoanSafe Member

    This thread should be tacked up... List is more comprehensive and thorough than current tacked thread.

    In fact, a webpage with this info and a link would be ideal.
  11. DWWhite

    DWWhite LoanSafe Member

    Ben. I'd like to know more about your legal stuff, and share resources. I am planning my own suit on behalf of my parents. They've been fighting with the "Skank" since October of 2009 to get a modification. They act interested, then stall for weeks or months. Last I heard from them was about 3 weeks ago... and I've been dealing with the same "Eric Castruita"... or should I say being ignored by him.
    I'm so fed up with them, and I'd really like to go after them for their BS. You can reach me directly at whitedw at dnlvi dot com.
  12. djdavisla

    djdavisla LoanSafe Member

    Thanks Moe.................I see a few on there that I missed. moving forward thats all we can do.
    I have posted in other areas on this site. yes I am now experiencing this nightmare. bank of america ,left a message that the sale had been extended till jan 10th 2011. my negoiator john oblath called on the 11th of dec to ask for one more document. i called monday to check to see that he got it and they told me my house had been sold on dec 10th 2010. yes, i was in shock, but then the past 3 weeks so many stories.the high point. on xmas eve we are waiting for keys to get back into our house, becuase bank of america locked us out. it never happened. the presidents office told us to wire $10,000 immediately, western union on christmas eve, thank god we did not. then they wanted $16,000 then $25,000 . then they just stopped contacting us. nothing. we filed complaint with AG , also dept of finance, they forwarded to office of controller, We have faxed over 60faxes and emails daily. we hired an attorney.$5,000 . not sure what more we can do but daily we come up with ideas. help
  13. exprc

    exprc LoanSafe Member

    its a good share thank you
  14. djdavisla

    djdavisla LoanSafe Member

    I will continue to update, in case anyone else gets this happening to them, i hope not. today the idaho attorney we hired emailed sent out letter telling them to return property , rescinde foreclosure , he cited a couple different laws they have broken. so, if they dont then a lawsuit. a california attorney gave me a faster thing to do , I like the way he thinks, so if it works I will share that too , concerning the title to our house..but the idaho attorney is putting a lis pendis on title also. no one, absolutely no one has contacted me from bank of america, not a peep. so , I am going to take this closer to home for the higher ups, we did that to indy mac /one west for my sister last year and within 30 mins the indymac people contacted our attorney for a meeting. what it involves is sending letters to their neighbors, their charities, people they see everyday, letting the president and chairman and other corporate members see and feel what its like when everyone knows you are a home stealer.so get ready barbara desoer, brian moyahan, joe price, and the others, your world just got a bit smaller................no, i am not some creep, some stalker, what i am his a homeowner who is past angry, i was lied to , my house stolen, I had bank of america "thugs"calling me emailing me to wire money immediately by western union on xmas eve to get access to my home, and one of them emailing me saying he has to rush home to be with his family while my was locked out of our house. I am sure they think this will blow over. well, yesterday there was someone on dr.phil talking about how he never gives up to find his kids. I knew how he felt. I will never give up on this. i allot a certain amount of my time daily to do something more and more each day, and I will turn up the heat daily till I get my house back.
  15. daneam

    daneam Senior Member

    did you call the HAMP escalation unit of the Treasury Department? they are usually very helpful and set up the file the same day. Make sure you press option #2 when you called.

    (866) 939 - 4469 Fax
    (240) 699 - 3900
    Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9am - 9pm ET

    On 10/27/10, US Treasury Department Homeownership Preservation Office Chief Phyllis Caldwell told the Congressional Oversight Panel the following, "For those homeowners that were already in foreclosure proceedings, Treasury guidelines require servicers to stop the foreclosure proceedings while the homeowners are being evaluated for HAMP...."
  16. fed up with BofA

    fed up with BofA LoanSafe Member

    Has anyone worked with Leslie Jones? She is the advocate that was recently assigned to my account. I just got off the phone with her and she was so rude! Somehow, I dont think she is really going to act as an advocate on my behalf, im about to make my 6th trial payment and then im done, strategic default for me!! Any suggestions on whether i should still pay my 2nd?
  17. gemgirl71

    gemgirl71 LoanSafe Member

    1800-405-0078 x3054 adriana Moreno mortgage manager
    1800-405-0078x 3286 stephanie caine mortgage manager
    1800-405-0078 x 2841 sasha rainey 866-599-5535
    818-223-5641 nicole Rodriguez mortgage service manager
    714-987-5036 billy sanders
  18. jumbo2011

    jumbo2011 LoanSafe Member

    Great Job, Moe!! Can you provide me your email?
  19. bunnytoo

    bunnytoo LoanSafe Member

    "Bank of America Home Loans Counseling"
    all spelling is my best guess
    Connie Garnier 888.875.1609 Ext 5597
    Tina Allen same number Ext. 5590
    Supervisor Christine Barwick same number Ext 5643
    Her supervisor Bobbie Delapore Ext 5631

    On a previous call I was given other numbers for same office:
    818.223. then extension number
    Claire Newman 5615
    Alan Kevakian 5645
    Lorraine Rivera 5606

    FAX number 866.223.1512
  20. geoff r

    geoff r LoanSafe Member

    Thanks so much Moe.

    i sent a nice quick letter to Barbara Desoer | President Home Loans and Insurance (AKA OOP)
    in about 20 hrs i received a call from a negotiator assigned to me and then a document worker called about 18 hrs later to help with my situation.

    things had been going well so far until last week (long story (over 22 months of work)), which i'll someday process here once i have the whole story (still on going).

    cheers :)

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"Hello Moe, I just wanted to tell you, your website has saved my life (literally), I stumbled on your site in the middle of losing my home, I was able to network with people going through the same thing as I am. I didn't feel alone anymore, I have tried to give back and counsel those that haven't walked in my shoes yet. We hear so much about what is wrong with America, I just wanted you to know, you are whats "right" with America."

Nina Mitchell
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