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Attending my CitiMortgage Foreclosure Sale

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by davephx, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    Attending my CitiMortgage Foreclosure Sale

    I have been assured many times my sale date of 10/26 was delayed. City Manager said was on hold with no sales date and have to start process all over again. This seemed to be the better option than the initial 90 day hold she first requested. NACA also said they got a 90 day hold.

    But there seems to be a huge communication breakdown between what Citi says and CR Title/5 Star. They say can only delay 30 days at a time unless they get direct instructions from Citi not just what the Citi status shows.

    But I confirmed on the Priority Posting site (those that sell) the sale is postponed to 11/30. But I went to the scheduled sale time to be sure.

    At the Arizona Courthouse with big open Court area can't tell where the auctions take place. Had to ask a security guard standing around he pointed to the area the auction folks hang out and try and find "my guy" from Priority Posting.

    Asked a gal with big list of something, yes they will strand - there - but are still inside eating.

    Some guys came out to where they call out the auctions and I asked the least busy young guy if the Priority Posting person was out yet. Yep, he was it. It would help if they had name tags or something. Also tons of vultures with their listing or properties they want to bid on.

    This was about 12pm and "my time" was 12:30 but I wanted to confirm the postponement before I hear my home being sold!

    Young guy was very nice and said he had to call out the 12pm auction but as soon as he was done to go with him inside and he would check on what he was showing as my status.

    So at exactly 12pm he starts reading off stuff. I am maybe 15 feet away and can't hear a word he is saying in the noise and no one is listening. When done he tells me all the regulars know that at 12pm all his calls are for postponements so no one pays any attention.

    He invites me inside (a lunchroom area of the Courthouse) where he has his table, computer and a HUGE PILE of lists of properties. He scans thru and yes confirms he will call out mine but that it is postponed till 11/30.

    He even gave me his business card and invited me to call him before 11am on the next sale date and he would confirm that it is postponed.

    I also am told by CR Title/5 star that I can request each 30 days to postpone as early as 15 days before each sale date and they will postpone another 30 days.

    I will also try contacting Citi again (manger hasn't returned my calls) and see if can do more with 90 days again or forever hold the manager said I was on but Title company needs direct confirm.

    At least I have some confidence that if the Priory Posting site shows new delayed action date I have some confidence in the system not screwing up and selling! But since still probably 3 months to any word on final mod (already paid 3 trials) I would rather not have to do this every month!

    Especially scary is a report here where Wells told someone to keep making payments and didn't even know Wells had already sold his home!
    Worse is at least one gal who was desperate to keep her house, on the trial period whose house was sold in total disregard of all the directives that say that should not happen if your still in the trial period (which is suppose to be 3 months but 6 is more common even though all the directives say 3)

    As many folks know in the Trial Modification Agreement there is a paragraph that clearly states if you aren't approved for modification the home can immediately be sold with no further notification. That is why we need more media and Congress attention as well as the servicers not following directives and not doing mods even if should qualify under all the Treasury directives etc.

    The Congressional Oversight Report did a great job showing why the well designed HAMP and 2MP progams are not working because of the servicers. But we need solutions not just oversight reports that confirm all the problems.
  2. Sunbeam

    Sunbeam LoanSafe Member

    Thank you for posting this. What you did was a very good lesson for people out there possibly facing foreclosure. You went, you met face to face and confirmed you were in the clear until next month. Good for you not to take anything on face value. I hope your mod goes through very very soon!
  3. cleach

    cleach LoanSafe Member

    Yep, that was me. I knew Wells had sold it, but THEY didn't. It's pretty bad when the foreclosed homeowner has to tell the bank it was sold.

    Good for you for doing what you did! This just goes to show that you CANNOT believe anything you are told - you MUST find out for yourself!
  4. mom_of_two

    mom_of_two LoanSafe Member

    Hi davephx

    It was good that you went and found out that its delayed for 30 days and not for 90 days as told by NACA. I hope you get your permanent mod befrore 11/30. It hear lots of BOA mods got done recently, hope Citi will speed up too.
  5. mimirayo

    mimirayo LoanSafe Member

    I've been there and know it's a scary situation. Good for you, now you REALLy know where you stand and how to get things done. Good luck on the mod.

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