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Anybody actually recieve loan mod papers after using naca

Discussion in 'NACA' started by minknmelissa, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. minknmelissa

    minknmelissa LoanSafe Member

    Just wondering if anyone recieved paper work after they accepted a mod through naca and if yes about how long did it take after your accepted it. Thanks all.
  2. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    I will repost this in the NACA section.
  3. minknmelissa

    minknmelissa LoanSafe Member

    Sorry where did i put it??
  4. kdpamd

    kdpamd LoanSafe Member

    We were approved 9/25 with NACA. Our negotiator has since sent two emails to BofA accepting the offer and Advocacy has no record that the proposal was accepted. So I will follow up with the negotiator at NACA next week again. getting worried. Is this normal?
  5. CW California

    CW California LoanSafe Member

    Usually it is advocacy that takes forever to acknowledge it. Try calling Jonathon Murphy at 866-806 2434 x 9556 or Anthony Lopez at x8751.
  6. kdpamd

    kdpamd LoanSafe Member

    Thanks CW. I will give them a call today and see if I can get things moving along. Anything specific I should say or will they be able to see that NACA accepted the offer on my behalf?
  7. CW California

    CW California LoanSafe Member

    Tell them that NACA accepted the proposal on your behalf and you are following up to make sure that was communicated to them and when will your documents go out. Congratulations!
  8. Tracey

    Tracey LoanSafe Member

    NACA accepted the proposal Countrywide/BOA submitted for us on 8/31. We recieved our paperwork on 9/16. We returned the papers on 9/21 and our on line account was updated on 10/1. I do not know what kind of program it was. There is no trial period. Just a permanant fixed frate of 5.4%.

    Good Luck!
  9. klauss54

    klauss54 LoanSafe Member

    i was approved in oct la save the dream no paperwork yet
  10. cahomeowner

    cahomeowner LoanSafe Member

    I went to the Save the Dream Event on Friday 10/16 and received my loan restructure same day. I received my official papers today 10/21. everything matched what I was told at the event.
  11. minknmelissa

    minknmelissa LoanSafe Member

    Thats good to here that people recieved there papers. I was accepted offer on 10/15 and I called Jonathon Murphy he told me I would have them in a week that was last week I don't have them yet I am starting to get nervous even though i know its not really late. I also noticed on the naca website it said proposal accepted and that I had handed in all signed documents I never even got any documents yet anyone have this say that also it said make first three months on time in order for it to go permanent they said it was a permament mod.
  12. CW California

    CW California LoanSafe Member

    Yes Mink, mine said the same. That is just an across-the-board thing NACA puts up. In our case just the first part applies. You don't get anything in writing until the bank sends it. Don't worry, it will be ok!!
  13. kdpamd

    kdpamd LoanSafe Member

    Thanks CW. I left a message for both Anthony and Johnathan and a BofA negotiator, Stephanie, called me back 5 min later. She said that my loan docs should be in my hands by Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed. :D
  14. caldwell02

    caldwell02 LoanSafe Member

    cahomeowner - congrats! Who are you with?
  15. minknmelissa

    minknmelissa LoanSafe Member

    Thanks CW guess i am paranoid
  16. pdsfoley

    pdsfoley LoanSafe Member

    Mink,,,,,,,,,,add me to the paranoid list......no papers here yet either.........I'm giving it till Friday. I don't know why I picked Friday (I'm a NUTCASE thesedays)...anyway.......lets hope we get DOCS soon...Good Luck!!
  17. CW California

    CW California LoanSafe Member

    Hey PDS, Mink, KDP !!!
    It will be OK. Papers are coming !!! I'm pulling for you!!!!!
  18. kdpamd

    kdpamd LoanSafe Member

    My paperwork is finally here!!!! No I want to be sure to turn in the correct docs. They are asking for a copy of the lenders title insurance policy??? Shouldn't they already have that? Also, the california all-purpose acknowledgment. That just needs to be signed by us and notarized, right? Thanks so much.
  19. minknmelissa

    minknmelissa LoanSafe Member

    No paperwork just some letter about more money.
  20. bekbek

    bekbek LoanSafe Member

    Got mine today . Jonathan Murphy send it overnight thru fedex

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