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Any of you getting Robo Calls after you modification

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by timmywit, May 11, 2010.

  1. timmywit

    timmywit LoanSafe Member

    Damn these people! I know I have seen stories of these calls while people are in this process. But this started Last Friday they are from 18006690102 all it says "please hold for an important message" please hold then it disconnects you! I did not dare call it back right away with all of the scames out there. So I just googled the number on "who called me" there is well over 1,000 complaints by this number guess who it is "bank of America" So I called and after a 30 min hold got connected to a village idiot over in India who was lost in the woods why I am getting calls-This turd was the worse of the worse and sure shit he was asking about my June payment. plus he was reading my notes and said congratulations you are approved for a loan modification. He then put me on hold and came back and told me the phone calls are curtosy calls. Well my response is these calls are annoying and unwanted!
    oh hold again came back and said the calls will stop.

    Well 30 freakin min later I get another damn call. From what I have read on who call me board those calls are next to impossible to stop.
  2. shawnNov09

    shawnNov09 LoanSafe Member

    If I ever get a PERM MOD, and I know its a done deal with signed papers and account online updated. I will never call, answer a call, email BOA ever again. In fact, I will go out of my way to never drive by a branch of BOA again.

    To see the time and money they waste on stuff is unreal...90% of their staff has to be there there just to answer phones and read misinformation to people. The other 10% that may actually be doing their jobs must be ready to jump off a bridge.

    A rep there yesterday actually said that its easier for the other lenders to comply with the HAMP timeframe guidelines because they have 50% less cutomers. I said, don't you think you have twice as many employee's as the other lenders. She said yeah but........Nevermind!
  3. timmywit

    timmywit LoanSafe Member

    I have had no intention to ever call these A-holes again-but I am thinking of just changing my cell number or call the phone company to see if I can get this # blocked.
    Yes I hear you! About seeing BoA's brand! there is a great show thats been on the History channel called America Story of Us but BoA sponsors it! Yep I have had many hours with many incompentant morons, I like how that one rep tried to school you in there process... but then could not think of a rebuttle to your comment.
  4. shawnNov09

    shawnNov09 LoanSafe Member

    I have been watching the History channel and actually love that program. Those commercials are sickening....making BOA look like a great American company helping people and businesses grow. I fast forward through them now.
  5. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    I saw those commercials yesterday! I made my hubby change the channel before I hurled. lol.

    Timmy: Luckily I haven't had any calls. Then again, I'm hoping for a call to tell me everything has been straightened out.
  6. timmywit

    timmywit LoanSafe Member

    Anyother programing sponsored by these A-hole banks "wells fargo, BoA, Citi, Chase" ect I would have to pass on such program-but this show is outstanding. I just flip the channel when they go right in to BoA crap-even though some of those bank stories are intresting. The one yesterday with helping business was sickning!

    One thing I have noticed BoA Wells and Chase are all advertising to be customer friendly.

    BoA-clairity commentment
    Wells Fargo-customer priority commentment
    Chase- that freedom BS.
  7. AzGryffindor

    AzGryffindor LoanSafe Member

    If they wanted their commercials to be truthful they should say:

    1. "Yeah, we stole billions from the American taxpayers and we are proud of it!"

    2. "If we don't honor our contracts with the Federal Government what makes you think we'll honor one with you?"

    3. "Inept banking for over (insert number here) years and still going strong!"

    4. "We can't do math or simple data entry."

    5. "India is our bestus friend. We LOVE cheap labor".

    I could go on and on......:D

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