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Any idea how to get a 1099-C out of BOA?

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by Kindyr, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Kindyr

    Kindyr LoanSafe Member

    hello, after reading all of the horror stories of people having to deal with BOA, I find myself extremely grateful not to be at at their mercy for the sake of my home.

    backstory - My now wife had home with two mortages. couldn't afford it, and went into short sale. The second mortage was with Wilshire.After struggling with them to accept a good deal on a short sale, they finally accepted the terms of the short sale, in approximately the last week of February 2010. by then she had been getting notice that the mortage was transfering to BOA in March. So the shortsale was approved through Wilshire, but somehow ended up as a BOA debt. So after sturggling for months and dealling with the OOP to finally get short sale to close the account, they do.

    so come january this year, we're expecting a 1099-C. It doesn't come, so she calls BOA. seems short sale has the loan closed, but no one else, does.

    today she was assigned to Anthony Estrada out of the OOP. Anybody got contact information to get a hold of him? currently I'm just trying to information up for what I expect will be weeks of harrassing BOA to finally write off the loan they never actually had. I really want to file our taxes, but trying to hold out to get this resolved.

    Anybody had to go through this with BOA? any advice?

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