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Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by Dmooresville, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Ok here is the deal I have a mortgage with Bof A (used to be CountryWide). We are currently 7 months behind, however I am sending in a payment this month so it wil only be 6 months behind. We do have an FHA loan and in the past used the Paritial Claim route for 9 months, so there is only 3 months usable on the 12 that you are allowed to use in the partial claim area. We are currently right at the 31% marker for the making homes affordable process.

    So I talked to my lender and was told this week that they closed the first request that I filed because I had allready did a partial claim in the past and that was what they wanted to do. The claim would have to cover 7 months, but like I said I only had 3 months that I could work with. So I was talking to the guy on the phone and he took all of the normal info for prequalification. I did qualify and he said that they would try to do a partial claim. I told him that will not work and said that he did see that in my account and stated that in his notes. Also he asked if I could have funds in this month as a good faith payment, I said yes and that covers the one month making the loan 6 months behind instead of the 7. So my question is does any one know of banks doing a hybryd modification to include a partial claim and something else (loan modification). I really do want to resolve this and get my mortgage back on track and stop this head ache. Also does any one have any contact info that could be usefull?

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