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Ahmsi3 loan modification attempt

Discussion in 'Option One Mortgage - American Home Mortgage Servi' started by bjc0177, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    Hello I am new to Forum, and I wish I knew of this place sooner. ;)

    I have been trying to refinance for about a year now and keep getting denied. I finally got information about the loan modification and I am hopeful that this will help my situation.

    I purchased my home 08/06 Option One was the Mortgage carrier at the time, 80/20 loan, the first bigger loan has an interest rate of 10.4%, and the smaller 2nd loan is at 9.9%, both are ARM's, Property Taxes are seperate and I am behind about $2500.00, Insurance is also seperate.

    I faxed my paperwork (hardship letter, financial analysis, pay stubs, bank statements, and last years tax return) to 1-866-452-1837 on 03/27/09. I called yesterday and was told my negotiator is Bett Brown, they would not give me a number. I was told to call back on Monday 04/06/09 to get status.

    The house is under my name alone, but I faxed the modification paperwork to include my husband as with his income is the only reason we are making ends barely meet. I was laid off by my previous employer and took a new lower paying job, I got married which has helped but my husband has fallen ill with Diabetes, and other things associated with that. So he is no longer able to work his side jobs to help.

    Has anyone heard of Bett Brown? Or have contact information for him?
    Should I still try to fax my letter to Mr. Davis & Ms. Drake?

    Thank you ahead of time for all your time & help. :eek:
  2. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    You may want to see if you are able to get ahold of Brett on Monday and then if not.................fax the hardship to Jeanne and Jim at that time.
  3. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    Thanks Cat, for the info, I see you are very helpful to many people.

    I appreciate any help.
  4. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    Good morning, called this morning to Mr. Jim Davis office 904-996-9696 spoke with Jenny who is going to do some research and see if all the paperwork has been received and give me a contact number for my negotiator. :confused:
  5. Dan Bailey

    Dan Bailey Senior Member

    That is good....
  6. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    I received a call at 11:04 am (CST) from Beth Brown, who introduced herself as my negotiator. She mentioned that she would work on my file today . Her number is 1-877-304-3100 x 66093, e-mail: beth.brown@oomc.com
  7. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    :D Okay, I know there is no guarantees! I did receive an e-mail from Beth Brown asking for clarification on some of my expenses. (At least I know they are reviewing it:eek:).
  8. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    ;) Beth said that all she is waiting on is my Tax & Escrow information, So I will try to call back on 04/20/09 for status.
  9. Dan Bailey

    Dan Bailey Senior Member

    Hope it works for you!!
  10. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    Hello everyone, I have been reading and joined but have not heard of anyone else who has Beth Brown as their negotiator, Has anyone worked with her before?
  11. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    I called and E-mailed my negotiator Beth Brown, who advised she is still waiting on Escrow paperwork. I went to the mortgage website and sent a secured message to the Escow Department. Hoping this will speed up the process.
  12. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    I received an e-mail from my negotiator:
    Just wanted to let you know I'm still waiting on my figures. 1/2 of the process is done and the estimated completion date is 5/6/09.

    This time she beat me to the punch and e-mailed me before I e-mailed her.. but still praying for good news, at least she is contacting me ​
  13. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    thank you for the update..........

    Good Luck!!!:)
  14. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    Well today is the 6th of May, according to my negotiator Beth Brown the completion date for my paperwork is today. I wonder if that is true or just a date she threw out there. I will e-mail her for a response.
    Just keeping you posted. Thanks
  15. debbie1123

    debbie1123 LoanSafe Member

    I hope all goes well!!! Remain optimistic. I hope my escrow information is received soon!
  16. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    :( My negotiator wrote this to me this morning "
    Our escrow dept. had to open another task to complete the process. The ETA for that task is 5/14/09. I apologize for the delay." Again I am on the verge of tears because of the unknown, but at least glad my negotiator is keeping me updated. I hope it is true and that she is giving me correct information and not just throwing dates to keep me hanging on. Has anyone else heard of this? :confused:
  17. rabbit218

    rabbit218 LoanSafe Member

    I am almost in the same situation. My paperwork was sent over the first week of March. I was told everything was good and I should hear by the second week of April. My negotiator does not return calls, and customer service keeps telling me it is waiting for final sign off by management, but looks good. I finally got my negotiator to return my call yesterday, and he told me "he has not returned my calls because he has no updates for me, when he hears something, he will let me know" I got the feeling he thinks I am being pesty. Makes me feel anxious and crappy.:(

    The fact that your negotiator is getting back to you with ETAs is much better than I am doing. Hang in, and keep us updated. Good luck!

    LORAINNE6 LoanSafe Member

    We got paperwork today from a complaint I made with attorney general for banking and it states they are working on file. They have all the paper work and to be in contact with Liz Rodriquez. So I left another message on her voicemail. I also got a call from NACA and they wanted updated paystubs. So that is some show they are working on file. Strange all in one day?? I did make a call to our politicians office and made a complaint with them also so maybe that helped!!! Hopefully more news to come!!
  19. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    Update: I called Jim Davis office @ 904-996-9696 got him on line then he transferred to Jenny who said she would look into my account status and call me back in 30 min. 3 1/2 hours later I received a call from James (unknown last name) who advised that they were waiting on escrow paperwork as the property lines were not set up, but that they received this information last week and are working on the monthly amount at this time. I "SHOULD" know a response by end of week or beginning of next. Keeping fingers crossed. I will keep everyone posted.:confused:
  20. bjc0177

    bjc0177 LoanSafe Member

    It now the 21st of May, still no status change according to my negotiator She saids they are still waiting on Escrow Paperwork, So I will wait until next week to post another update. I started the process on 03/27 by faxing over my paperwork. Good Luck to everyone out there attempting to get a Loan Modification.

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