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Active Foreclosure - Not in Sale yet.....HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Wells Fargo Home Mortgage' started by Labragorcum, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    I just found out yesterday that my wife hasnt paid the mortgage in several months. I called Wells Fargo yesterday and they said the property was in Active Foreclosure!!!!!
    I was told that I need to speak to the Mortgage Attorney on Wells Fargo's end to only find out that Steven J. Baum is closing his doors. (This is the WF Atty)

    I am able to make the payments and really want to keep the house!

    What do I need to do to plead my case to them. Apparently, my wife is inept to pay bills on time and I not only have to manage two jobs but 4 kids, the bills, the food shopping and whatever else may come along!

    I am scared and do not know where to turn!!


    Thank you.
  2. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    Hi Labragorcum,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for joining.........

    You can try contacting the Executive Team to see if they can initiate a repayment plan to get the past due payments caught up. Their number is:

    WF Executive Team
  3. Tarin Myhairout

    Tarin Myhairout LoanSafe Member


    You landed in a good place - Loan Safe Members are the best!

    Maybe the good news is that the "rats are abandoning this sinking ship", and this attorney didn't want to go into court and argue that Wells Fargo's fraudulent, robo-signed foreclosure documents in other cases are good as gold?

    View this as a break, and make your plan from there.

    Good Luck!

  4. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Thank you so much for the quick response and the support! Greatly appreciated! :bigsmile:

    I called the attorneys office as instructed and they told me that I need to deal with WF. So, I gave them a call and was directed to the Loss & Litigation Dept. The team at WF I must say are amazing! Very compassionate to my situation.
    I gave all my financial info to them over the phone and they stated that I was eligible for a "Retention Review". My goal is to take the payments and either repay them at a higher monthly mortgage term or better yet, see if they can toss it to the rear of the loan. (Which would actually work better for me!)
    I was then issued a "Preservation(?) Representative". This is the rep who in fact has been trying to get a hold of me for the past 5 months but to no avail thanks to my (So-called) better half. Unfortunately, I can not get a hold of my Rep until Tuesday as she is on vacation. I left her a voicemail to let her know I am alive and well and would like to straighten this mess out ASAP!

    My only concern is that I was approved for a modification a year ago. Will that hinder their decision this time around? I really want to stay in the home. My four kids are going to be heart broken if I lose it.

    Thanks again for the support!
  5. Tarin Myhairout

    Tarin Myhairout LoanSafe Member

    Hi Again Phil:

    One thing you should do is make sure they communicate with you directly if possible, and NOT your wife. In the Hamp programs, I think they call this Right Party Contact or similar. If your wife has an illness or some other limitation, that is a good reason to make sure they deal directly and only with you.

    I think it sounds promising that they want to talk to you; but please do be careful to take detailed notes of every phone conversation - date, time, name, their phone number, and what you were told. If the foreclosure activities heat up, follow the advice of Senior members on the Forum, especially FreedomWon as to foreclosure sales, what to believe, and how to verify what you have been told.

    There are other people on this Forum who were skillfully guided down the path to foreclosure and loss of their homes by the very people who seemed so compassionate when you talked to them on the phone.

    I do hope everything works out for you.

    Come back and give us updates, ok?

  6. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Thank you Tarin! You have been very helpful! Funny you should mention.....I just spent the past 45 minutes updating all my notes. Every word, the date, the times and the people I spoke to.

  7. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Okay, So I was told to give my representative at Wells Fargo a call yesterday, Tuesday. I called and got her her (Gwen Hendricks) voicemail. I left her a message. I then called back again this morning and once again I got her voicemail. Her message states that she will be returning calls in the next 24-48 hours. Should I hold my breath? I want to get this resolved ASAP and I feel with each day that passes, its one day closer my house can go "Into Sale"! Any advice????
  8. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    They are usually good about getting back to you in the timeframe they indicate, and if you have any issues, I did post the executive team number in my initial post.
  9. Suzie777

    Suzie777 LoanSafe Member

    I would call the escalation team per Cat's recommendation. I think they would much rather keep you in your home and work with you rather than letting go. I know for typical modifications they will put the past due amount back onto the end of the loan. Stay positive and be persistent. Good luck!
  10. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Okay, so here is the update, I satand wrote a three page letter pleading my situation. I emailed the entire Executive team I was contacted an hour after sending !!
    I just received my modification papers this afternoon via Fed Ex and have to get them back by Monday morning with all required documentation. The gentleman stated to me that if I get the information back on time, it will be on the underwriters desk by Monday afternoon. He also stated it would be a rather quick decision, probably within a week or two.
    Although my gut has a bad feeling that this won't happen, I will try to stay positive!
  11. Suzie777

    Suzie777 LoanSafe Member

    That is great news. Stay positive and don't forget to be aggressive with your follow-up!!
  12. Tarin Myhairout

    Tarin Myhairout LoanSafe Member


    You showed due diligence in addressing the situation as soon as you knew about it, and then did all you could -and quickly, too! I hope they look favorably upon your efforts and decide in your favor.

    We are all certainly hoping for the best for you!

    Please come back and give us updates when you hear back from them.

    Best of luck to you,

  13. Marlymar

    Marlymar LoanSafe Member

    Hi PHIL, My mod was supposably sent to the underwriter on Oct. 25,2011 six weeks ago I was told by my rep to be patient it could take 3 to 6 weeks to get an answer I have not involved the Exe team yet that will be my next step. I have checked status on line with little to no info there. I received NOD on Oct.20,2011 rep told me she could postpone forclosure as long as I was working with them. Hang in and keep us posted and Good Luck . Marlymar
  14. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars


    If your loan is not backed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, then you need to escalate your file. As of September 2011, your file can not sit in underwriting without an answer for more than 30 days.

    Servicers must determine the borrower’s eligibility for a modification using information obtained in the Initial Package and subsequently verified. Servicers are required to complete their assessment of borrower eligibility and notify the borrower of the eligibility determination within 30 calendar days of receiving all required borrower documentation.
  15. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    First off, thank you all for the support! I feel so much better being able to converse with people who've either been there, done that or are currently going through what I am.
    It's apparent that my email got to the right person on the Executive team. His name is Mike Heid. (mike.heid@wellsfargo.com) Like I stated, I received a call within an hour due to the "way" and "Who" I sent the email to. I am not one to let the laundry hang to long. I need immediate resolution. (Not one of my finer points..LOL!)
    I am just finishing up with the paperwork now. Shooting over to Kinkos to make copies.
    I am just worried due to my circumstances if It puts me in a bad spot as the Executive Mortgage Specialist Joe stated to me...."Your situation is unique"! I stated the truth to them. My wife mismanaged ALL our funds and backed me into a corner!! I have assumed all financial responsibilities for my home and have in fact paid off ALL my debt and have a mortgage payment and a half sitting in the bank awaiting disbursement to Wells Fargo. Its not that I cant pay my mortgage, my wife could not manage the funds to make it happen. I have squared away ALL my bill in less than 6 weeks! Yes...6 weeks! Its not so hard to do when you are actually paying attention to your finances!
    Well, thanks again for all the support (and allowing me to vent a bit). Paper work is being faxed over tomorrow morning. Just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope a miracle comes my way!
    Talk to you all soon!
  16. Marlymar

    Marlymar LoanSafe Member

    As Cat suggested it l am going to send email to Exe team since I have had no ansewer after more than 30 days thanks for the info Cat I will post the results as soon as I get some . Marlymar
  17. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Good Luck Marlymar! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!! :)
  18. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Paper work faxed and confirmed. Spoke with the Executive Mortgage specialist this afternoon and he said it went the underwriter this morning! :) Hopefully, thats a good thing! I have a question.....what happens with the paper work in the underwriters office? Are they the ones that can make the final decision???? God I am soooo nervous!! :wacko:
  19. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars


    This is the season for miracles, so try to remain positive, even though I know how hard that can be. In answer to your question, if the paperwork is for a HAMP modification versus an inhouse modification then once it goes to underwriting, servicers must determine the borrower’s eligibility for a modification using information obtained in the Initial Package and subsequently verified. Servicers are required to complete their assessment of borrower eligibility and notify the borrower of the eligibility determination within 30 calendar days of receiving all required borrower documentation.

    Good Luck! Please keep us posted on how it goes.
  20. Labragorcum

    Labragorcum LoanSafe Member

    Spoke to them yesterday. They stated to me that since I was excepted into the HAMP program a year and a half ago and defaulted on that, that I am not eligible for "ANY" programs!!!!! WTF!!! Are they kidding me??? They told me to contact their lawyers office (Steven J Baum) and see if they will work a repay with me. In order for me to keep the house I am assuming that I will need to put what is owed on the table to re-activate the loan....

    I really need help with this....I NEED TO STAY IN THIS HOME!!!!!

    I am contacting the lawyers office this morning to see what I can do but I am sure at this point they are not willing to work with me.

    I am beside myself and on the verge of tears with this whole mess!!!!

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