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acceleration warning/notice of intent to foreclose

Discussion in 'Chase Mortgage - Tell Us Your Chase Story' started by c150000, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    i recived a notice of intent to foreclose today

    ive been on hamo trial for 3 months

    can someone tell me why i got this? while on trail gov plan ?/?/?

    i called they said iam now 3 1/2 months late, mod is in review

    now iam real worried because she said if the mod is denied, there may not be any options except pay ALL behind payments

    i said there are other options according to fannie mae/ she said its up to chase and they can ask for it all or nothing!!!!

    iam really worried, so worried in fact i am thinking i might want to pull out
    of this program, i need help so bad, but this seems not legal..
    and i dont want to wait 6 more months and not be able to get out of this hole chase is putting me in and they steal my house.
  2. Enough Already

    Enough Already LoanSafe Member

    Hi C150000,

    Try not to panic, and try not to worry too much about this. I received a notice of intent to foreclose/acceleration notice April '09 (7 months ago), and nothing since. I think it's more of a scare tactic, to see if they can get you pay up, than an actual threat. I've read of others on this forum with similar experiences.

    If you're really concerned call your lender, and see what they have to say. But, keep in mind they are ALWAYS trying to collect the debt, and they will do whatever they can to achieve their goal.

    Good luck!
  3. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    We received an intent to foreclose notice (as have a lot of others here)....and we were told it was computer generated and we should disregard it. So we did, and nothing more ever come of it.

    Did they tell you to disregard the letter at all?

    When you say pull out, do you mean leave your house and walk away....or do you mean pull out of the modification process and just continue on with payments?

    How far behind are you? Is there any way you can make up the back payments and then pay the regular mortgage if you are denied a modification?
  4. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    thanks for your reply
    yes i know thats there scam but, in the end they can really do what they want
    i cant afford a lawyer in the end,, so if iam denied, iam in trouble if they dont give me at least a pe payment plan or something. and like i said, she said ya that might not be avaliable to you!
    and why not i asked you have every speck of my income info why cant you let me know what my options will be if i dont get this gov help,, nothings changed
    i know someone can look at it now and tell me,, and on top of it they also tell me not to pay anything more than the trial, i wanted to pay a little just to get me out of that 31/2 month thing she said oh if you do you might get kicked out of the program
    so see they are not pressing for money now BUT they will later iam sure

    so you can keep yourself out of foreclosure, and get help too!! this is NOT legal
    it cant be..........
  5. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    rachel p

    she didnt come out and say disregard it she said oh thats cause you just became 4
    months behind,, your mod is in review now...bla bla
    the letter says i have 32 days to get current,
    but the mod is in review ...

    i meant pull out of the gov progam........yes i know.. but i rather struggle than loss my house/

    iam not that behind iam 3 1/2 months including november in the notice novenber is not included yet nor is the trail payment i made on the 1st
    i would not have it all maybe half not counting the 2500.00 in late fee they charged for the past year and a half

    i could struggle and pay reg payment plus extra but when i asked what options i would have if i did not get the mod she said oh well other options like repayment plans may not be a option?
    why the he^& not, i was paying 500.00 more a month for an esrow shortage\
    {there mistake} for 2 years that was ok taking my 3200.00 a month payment then.
  6. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    C150000 don't pull out...I got this notice before I was on the HAMP plan...who told you all this stuff collections? If so stop dealing with them either deal with loss mit or executive resolution group...and thats a bunch of crap because fannie mae just came out with a plan to take the place of the homesaver forrbearence plan they had to help those who didn't quailify for HAMP and to me if they deny you then you don't quailify right? You have come this far don't let them use scare tactics on you take it to the wall.....I have my house on the line and I am 5 months behind and it ain't over until the fat lady sings.....Do not quit...then they win
  7. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    I have found the best way to get somehere in this is to be very business like don't yell don't scream (not that you would) and stick to the facts and be direct and to the point. If no satisfaction is obtained continue going up the chain of command..peons can't help by-pass those..deal with people who have the power and balls to make a decision. Involve outside forces media, congressmen, senators, BBB, Hud anyone you can think of make a list and have letters and faxes at the ready to fire off. This is scare tactics on their part be professional BUT PLAY HARD BALL........AND PRAYERS HELP TOO
  8. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    thanks litehouse
    i see they are trying to scare me and its working. but i know they can do what they want.. in the end, 2 years ago i begged and pleaded for them to spread an escrow
    shortage that was going to make my payment go up, they wouldnt do it
    i admitt i did not know about depts like exc resoultion dept then and i had to pay an extra 500.00 a month for 2 years that was a long term thing and it put me behind,

    my worry is i was only one month behind before this trial and no matter what back then they could not take my house being 1 month late if i stayed that way forever..
    now look 4 months behind and they almost saying they can steal my house..

    i told her tonight about the fannie mae plans, {when she said there may not be any options...} she got speechless and said well do you have fannie i said yes i do! she said then you have to talk to them. what? are you kidding me

    it can not be possible they wouldnt work with you i know..but they realy dont have too..
    i emailed the person ive been in contact with in the exc resolution dept
    and demanded answers..but i had talked with him before and he said if your in foreclosure.. there isnt much they can do, if your denied for a mod i was not worried then for i wasnt in foreclosure, but now another hole story
  9. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    it was not collections it was loss mit/foreclosure

    also i dont want to live the nightmare, of reading my house is being sold in the paper
    and not knowing it and foreclosure dates being postponed inthe nick of time over and over... those poor people going though that, i couldnt live through that iam telling you i would have a stroke for sure............
  10. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    Who is your contact on the executive res group? She got speecless because you put her or him on the spot with the knowledge you have of the situation this sounds like a collection person...you I had gotten some collections calls over the summer asking for payments threats etc.......finally I got fed up and I said I deal only with loss mitigation and when I make payments its to loss mitigation.. I said here is the name of the person in loss mitigation handling my account. Do not call back as I will not take your calls only that of loss mitigation. And they have not called me back and I called Loss Mitigation and the guy I worked with put some notes in our record because I told him I was sick of getting those calls. He said alot of times collections can't see the notes...I have started playing hard ball....believe me I have my moments and my crys and sometimes I feel like I am going to crack under the pressure and then I snap back into reality and I am angry I am a woman on the edge...you have to resolve yourself to fight to the bitter end..then you take comfort knowing you did all you could instead of I wonder what would have happened if I had done or said this or that....But only you can make those decisions whats best for you....I am not handed them anything on a silver platter it will be a fight to the end. To quit or walk away makes it easy for them...Fat Chance I am a rebel with a cause and the cause is my home........I didn't ask for this econmy to go in to the tolit and have my husbands 34 yr career to end and have to start over in the worst economy since 1983. FOrced to take retirement forced to use what we had in 401k to survive after loosing half the damn value of it to begin with in the stock market....Whats the saying I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    You are in a trial modification plan and have the right to have that trial run its coarse do they know if your denied....... what if your approved? What are they not saying...Whats the status of your mod? If you feel stongly that you have presented them with a good stong documented case for a pem mod I would go with it ...as exhaustedgirlfriend said they have us doing longer trials to see if we can in fact sustain the modified payments..I think she is right...and did you think that maybe even if you don't quailify for the HAMP and get denied they may offer you an inhouse mod as others on this forum have just received?
  12. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    i never once got a clooection call not one and the loss mitg guy calls me so often
    hes making me crazy.. for real he calls every 4 days! saying the same thing every time. nothing new just basic info...
    i know if i had all the money i would just sit and wait,, but i dont so its real hard
    just like you this is important to me i will not walk away from my house and give up
    but, ive been selling my soul to the devil for 2 years, sounds bad but id still do it if i had to to keep my house,, i have no one just me, i try to be an indepedant women and all... and losing my house would be such a failure to me, this mod would change my life forever, and i could finally live again,

    so far iam not denied, staus of mod is just went under review, when i made my 3rd payment nov 1st
    i know about the in house mods but when you call why dont they say that?
    they could say oh if your denied we can offer this or that dont just tell me
    there may not be any options,
    and any ways your right what are they not telling me? why would there be no options? iam not unemployed, or anything ........
    iam sorry iam so negitive i really dont mean to be that way but help never comes for me anyways.............

    i will wait this out more time it takes better for me to have what they might want
    if that happens...........i will call and call and i have to find out who to complain too also

    litehouse:hey, selling my soul to the devil to pay and praying for a break is that ok?
  13. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    I don't think they can or will offer anything else until this step (meaning trial plan) has ran its coarse to either an approval or denial and then go from there..at least thats what I have been told..they only focus on the present situation...I think they are trained that way because in my opinion if they said well if you get denied we will offer you something else, it takes the incentive away to do good on the trial thinking something better is coming down the road. Not all peopel stick to the trial some pay late some not after 3 payments again Choices determine outcome thats what I say..we all have choices to make....How do you think I feel I am 5 months behind and I have no way to give them a lump sum to bring ourselves current...I need this mod its not an option...I have lost alot of sleep over this and its really taking a toll...but I have to dig deep down and find the strength to fight on..
  14. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    well, i think your right, about them not saying anything and sticking to the matter at hand.
    iam glad i had your words tonight thank you so much,,,,,,,

    and i dont know you at all, but i have a feeling from talking to you on previous
    posts you will be fine... and you will get what you need you wait and see....
  15. exhausted girlfriend

    exhausted girlfriend LoanSafe Member


    Try being in arrears 75,000. We went 18 months without paying mortgage till we started the trial mod payments May 1, 2009. Talk about pressure. Seriously, the only way i was able to carry on and get through this was to trust the Lords will for this situation and know that because He loves me, i will be content one way or another. I am thankful that we were able to work things out with the house, but i fully trusted that if not, we would be happy anyway.

    I understand that even if a borrower is under modification review, they continue with foreclosure actions, but will not set an auction date. So, they go through all of the steps leading up to an auction date then halt. Unfortunately, this is designed such that they can easily resume foreclosure action. This could leave you feeling quite vulnerable as you were not in foreclosure status when you started this trial program. I would recommend you save the other half of your mortgage yourself, for your own piece of mind. Looking at your case and how you were only 1 month late, i doubt you will be dishonored by Chase. I believe if you do what others arent willing to do, you will be successful. As litehouse says, a lot of people have not continued paying the trial payments after 3 months, and/or didnt pay on time. Just be professional, understanding, eager, and diligent and I think you will get what you need out of this opportunity.
  16. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    I totally concur with exhausted girlfriend..I put our situation in the Lords hands and that gives me the peace and courage to continue. We have gotten the same notices I did last year as well when I was on the brink of foreclosure.
  17. jennyc

    jennyc LoanSafe Member

    Hello all, I am new here and in the same situation and appreciate your words of encouragement. Can anyone tell me how I can find out if my home is in foreclosure or if Chase is about to put it into foreclosure?
  18. caldwell02

    caldwell02 LoanSafe Member

    I'd bet everyone of us who has Chase as the servicer got bombarded with mail from them this week. I think much of it is due to the Wamu/Chase changeover, and mostly just dotting i's and crossing t's. I got 8 letters from Chase yesterday.
  19. Martae007

    Martae007 LoanSafe Member

    I've been working with Chase since March to modify my 1st and 2nd mortgage with them, for a property that is over $220,000.00 underwater. When I initially purchased the home a few years ago for $420,000.00 on a interest only libor index loan .... fast forward today, after complying with their repeated requests to resubmit docs, re-fax docs, etc., 300 pages later, my loan is on the underwriter's desk for the past three months or so, today I received a Debt Validation Notice that I owe $420,000 and they plan re repossess the property!! Has anyone ever heard of this letter??????
  20. c150000

    c150000 LoanSafe Member

    i would for sure have had a stroke, having to go through what your going though
    for sure!!!
    have you got one of these letters while on the trial plan?

    litehouse have you recived on of these while on the plan?

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