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Abused by a bank? Call your controller of the currency administratior of national banks. They want t

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by art4ari, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. art4ari

    art4ari LoanSafe Member

    I called mine in CA. She was very anxious to hear about my case. She says more and more people are complaining about the HAMP program and modifications, specially about CHASE.

    Call this number 1800 613-6743

    OCC: Community Affairs - CA Contacts

    Susan Howard
    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
    550 North Brand Blvd., Suite 500
    Glendale, CA 91203-1900
    Telephone: (818) 240-5175
    Fax: (301) 433-7276
  2. Jillian118

    Jillian118 LoanSafe Member

    Thank you Art4ari! I will call her today.
  3. art4ari

    art4ari LoanSafe Member

  4. Jillian118

    Jillian118 LoanSafe Member

    Ok, I called and left a message asking for a call back stating that I was having some issues regarding Chase banks lack of loan modification efforts for the last year now & asking them what I need to do to. Hopefully I will get a call back.
  5. art4ari

    art4ari LoanSafe Member

  6. Housebroken13

    Housebroken13 LoanSafe Member

    I filed a complaint:

    Here's their response,

    Re: .Case#xxxxxx

    Dear Mr. xxxx
    This letter acknowledges our receipt of your complaint correspondence regarding the above referenced bank, which was forwarded to our agency, The Office of the Comptroller of the
    Currency (OCC), by you.

    We also previously received correspondence from the Connecticut Office of-U.S. Senator Christopher J. Dodd, which established case number 9xxxxxx. Therefore, two cases have been opened under your name concerning the same issue and the same bank.

    In order to streamline our process and avoid any further duplication, we are closing the above referenced case number 9xxxxx and you will be notified about the resolution of your complaint in the original case number 9xxxxx. Please refer to case number 9xxxxx on all future correspondence or contacts with our office regarding this issue, as this is the case that will remain open.
  7. art4ari

    art4ari LoanSafe Member

    did you file twice? what happened? It seems like they have a better organization than the banks themselves.
  8. art4ari

    art4ari LoanSafe Member

  9. nmwadam

    nmwadam Guest

    I filed a complaint with them and the letter said that they requested a response from Bank of America and that Bank of America will contact me to discuss my complaint. I am still waiting.
  10. art4ari

    art4ari LoanSafe Member

    I got the same.... we will probably not get the mods anyways, but there are records and statistics about it, other than the banks. We might get lucky and some can be granted after our complaints.
  11. caldwell02

    caldwell02 LoanSafe Member

    I got the same letter that art4ari got. I had filed personnally, then both Senator Boxer and Congressman Thompson filed on my behalf. So they combined them all into one number.

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