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A possible Wells Fargo CLASS ACTION SUIT

Discussion in 'Wells Fargo - American Servicing Company (ASC)' started by MaMel, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. MaMel

    MaMel LoanSafe Member

    Hi everyone!

    Last week I followed a link off of another posting to this article regarding the HAMP program. Here it is so you can read it:


    So basically, HAMP is a crock of u-no-what. No guarantees. And from the looks of things on this website, few (if any) have gotten any kind of result after the 3-month trial! Which really follows suit with what the article is saying. Once I read that article on "livinglies" - I noticed to the left of the screen, a bunch of links, and being the glutton for punishment that I am, I linked around. Found this:


    You have to follow that link above, and look to the posting dated 9/11 by username "spiritual2009"... it reads:
    "We are looking for people willing to join a possible class action suit against Wells Fargo in ID. Please call Robert at XXX-XXX-XXXX for details of how to get on board." You will have to go and find his posting in order to get his phone number. (We cannot post phone numbers/emails here on loansafe for our own safety. ;))

    I called him, and spoke for a little while, telling him my own servicing nightmare and he reassured me that there were thousands of us in the same boat. From what I gathered, he is assisting a gentleman named Charles Lincoln in a class action suit in Idaho (my memory escapes me, if it is a WF suit or some other predator bank), but they want us WF folks to start (or join??) a class action against Wells Fargo. Now, keep in mind that a class action can take years to come to it's fruition, so if immediate help is needed (and in most of our cases, we need immediate help to stay in our homes), we need to pursue that on our own. But if we are a part of that class action, and it settles a couple years from now, we get the monetary judgment (if any) at that time. As I talked with Robert, he gave me the website info of the fella wishing to start this suit. Here is a cut-and-paste from the email he sent me:

    "Charles and I will be collecting names for the suit against Wells Fargo. We will be posting more information on his site listed below in the coming days about the suit. You can use my name and the site below to get the word out."
    Charles Lincoln website blog TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln

    So go and take the links, read the HAMP article, read the livinglies blog entry, call Robert and talk things over. My first impression with the Charles Lincoln website is that he is a rebel against the organized banking system, and I was a little put-off by it. But, upon further thought, isn't that just what is needed? Someone who is willing to stand up to all the bull and run with it?! If someone is going to stand up and try a class action lawsuit on predatory servicing against a giant like WF, he'd better be a rebel and have some darned thick skin! Go decide for yourself...
  2. madresmustang

    madresmustang LoanSafe Member

    Long story short since most who read this section are in the same boat as me.

    Well's Fargo is denying me the Modification that I had a contract agreement I signed on the 25th of August 2009. Made 1st trial period payment and sent the docs they requested with it. In their pre-addressed envelope and it was sent out through their interoffice system. This was the first week of Sept. they received the signed agreement. So a month went by and I had now made 2 payments and I contacted Well's Fargo about not receiving any more docs with the Modification payment amount or with the new Modification terms.

    Well customer service couldn't find anything on it. They did finally find that they had received something and it was being reviewed. Well now it's Nov. I call again get same stuff just wait til trial period is over and then they send new payment info.

    Dec. paid 3rd trial payment and contacted the gentleman who worked out the modification in the Office of Presidents. Well he emailed me back and he no longer works in that dept. he's forwarded my info to a Gina and she'll get in contact with me.

    Here we go again, I had to start all over, they state I never sent them the docs they requested. She does research finds where an employee signed it into their mail service and yes they got the check. That was in an envelope of it's own stapled to my document (mine explanaition added), but they lost my docs again.

    Please resubmit, I do this. On Christmas Eve at 6:30am I get a call from an abrupt woman who didn't like that I didn't want to share identity information with someone calling from a blocked number on my caller ID. She was telling me I never sent the docs requested, I needed to get them to her within 5 days or the process will have to start over again. Well I did lose my temper with her for her very untimely call and who I was working with in the Office of Presidents.

    So need to send more docs. Redo my profit/loss statement more and more to be told that the "Investor" says they won't what reinvest. To say the least they are saying I was never approved for the Modification and now I don't qualify cause I wouldn't be able to make the payment. Of what amount I don't know because they don't tell me. I tell her I have an email where the other person from her dept. states "now that loss mitigation has approved your modification." I haven't heard back from her yet about what they say. Except they do say he never said that.

    Now they want to do a moratorium with a balloon payment in May of 17,599.00 and that I need to take this time to pay off more of my debts and increase my income. Due to the foreclosure that Well's did on my home I have not been able to advertise the openings in my child care facility. Cannot enroll children when the loss of the home I work from could be lost at any time they choose. I asked her what happens if during this tough economic time I cannot get my income increased what would they do in May. Well they said at that time they will review my information again for some other programs. So I am falling further into debt.

    Now I heard on Dave Ramsey's radio show today another woman call in with this same problem. He tells her to read the contract she signed if she has met all the conditions and it says upon the completion of those they would modify then she needs to contact them about that contract. I have read mine and it states in the first paragraph that if I complete the the trial period I will be given a Modification. By the way the investor who thinks I'm a credit risk (had my home for 18yrs) is Fanny Mae. Check it out they maybe the investor for others here to.

    This process has been a long horrible situation, I was put into this HAMP program with out my request or authorization due to them losing all my initial communication. I called about 1 payment I was behind on and how could I work this, by adding a little to a few payments. Oh no go to our website. They refuse to accept payments during the process and tell you instead pay down debts.

    To say the least I am still arguing with Well's Fargo and been saying this isn't right and I know from this website and hearing others I'm not the only one. So yes if there is a Class Action Suit I will be willing to sign on. I have numerous saved emails during the process this summer and now with them changing the rules. I have filed a complaint with my states AG office. They stated due to Well's being a Natl. bank they couldn't do anything at this time, but forwarded the complaint to the Fed. Financial Institute Commission. An oversight or regulatory dept.

    I tried to do as much communication as possible via email to be able to document the process as it was such a mess. Thanks to Well's I'm close to bankruptcy, credit trashed, papers with my identity floating around somewhere, credit cards raised int. due to my poor credit score. Lot's of lost sleep, and stress. We need to have a voice to help pool all of our voices together. This is not just Well's Fargo doing this I know and I feel the Federal Government has some blame in not having a good plan on how this will work.

    Hope this helps with information needed.
  3. mysticariadne

    mysticariadne LoanSafe Member

    if there is a class action lawsuit against WF, definitely count me in. my hubby and i were able to do our short sale after painstaking journey of trying to have the loan modified and then the short sale. my hubby's credit as well as mine were ruined because of WF's stall tactics. and the multiple people that i had to talk to, gave me the wrong info, and steered me to the wrong direction put my family in such a humiliating situation - one after another - for more than a year. sure, the journey is thankfully over now that the house is sold but the damage it had done to our credits as well as the lost peace for more than a year make me think that WF and these banks who are now bailed out thanks to our hard-earned money and are now using said funds to line their personal pockets while they persecute us should pay.

    so yes, definitely count me in. email me.
  4. kingcarz

    kingcarz LoanSafe Member

    I have spent years keeping my credit A-1 and now no one will even talk to us now about getting a good mortgage, this is our dream house that we built and would really like to keep it and with good loan, Thank you very much Wells Fargo for watching my back! :confused:

    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;}* I guess I was asking Wells Fargo for too much to be a great customer and prompt payer, they would rather jerk people around and get that high interest no matter what
    here are the things we are going through with Wells Fargo Financial, very unhappy with and abusive predatory tactics/promises
    on 02/18/08 we financed our home with Wells Fargo Financial to pay off dept that we inquired during the rebuilding process of our home, the home was previuosly free & clear, we dealt with Trish she contacted us cold call, and we requested a fixed rate loan, no problem, get to closing and it turned out to be an ARM @12% interest with 3 year adjustment, my wife had a few things on her credit that was paid off so according to Trish that we can refi at a good rate in 1 year, Great! Now we have good credit, no late payments on anything and I mean everything. also extra used funds to put in a new septic system & other improvements so we can get ready to refi at 95% of value next year as Wells Fargo will do that, but for them to get around that, they have their own appraiser and he will low ball the appraisal, We had house appraised for $90,000 a few months earlier by another appraiser, (but that deal did not go through due to old septic and water system), and Wells Fargo says it is only worth $70,000 and that was after many expensive updates.
    Now comes April of 2009 and we were contacted by David Olson one of the managers at the Grand Rapids, mi. branch and said we are ready to roll this loan into a 4.5% 30 year mortgage, $7500, in closing costs, very high but he said was negotable Great! so we sent all the paperwork in, in April which was all there, I keep good records and know where things are and David also said the sooner we get our paperwork in the sooner we close this loan, so I did just that, then 05/28/09 comes along and we finally got the Truth in lending Disclosure, Great! every thing looks good, the terms and everything were good for us.
    Ok, now that the home still needed a little work to be perfect, I finished some small projects and still needed to complete the garage, siding, electrical, so I contacted David Olson and he said the loan is all approved and just waiting on the appraiser, so I waited for a while and asked David Olsen again what was going on?, again he said the loan has been aproved and still waiting on the apraiser, busy guy, so I asked if I could get my own apraisor and he said no to that. and David Olsen told me to borrow money to finish your home before the apraiser gets there to get the best appraissal, OK, borrowed about $5000 to finish home and everything was good to go now, just waiting on the appraiser. Now I also asked David if we should get somone else to refianance since they were having trouble getting a appraiser here and he said just be patient, the loan is all approved and the appraiser will be there/well this went on all summer, if I would have known this guy was lying to me, I would have found another fianance company, but I would have 2% prepayment penlaty on the loan , so I would just stick to the plan.
    Ok now here comes 08/31/09 a refusal letter stating that we insuffcient income, which we did not a year before and excesive obligations, yes that is true but since we bowrowed money to fix up home, Thanks to David Olsen, I would think that would be expected, since I was going to pay off all dept with loan proceeds and we are on a good path to great credit, I have been borrowing money to pay some bills till this loan went through, well since the loan did not go through, I cannot pay my unsecured dept Now I am in big trouble, it is my fault for listening to these lies from David Olsen and Wells Fargo. should have seen it coming.
    Ok, now comes the Home Affordable Modification Loan since our income has dropped due to my tenants not paying and the overwhelming unsecured dept and my wife is a Vet and we are both on Social Security fixed income due to disability's, that was 09/11/09 We sent all required info for the Home Affordable Modification to Kerrie Holst and on 11/04/09 Kerrie Holst needed more info, we sent that out promptly and about a week later Karrie Holst called me and said we do not qualify for the Home Affordable Program, we made too much money and the payment would go up instead of down, I then asked her if there is another way of getting this home in a good loan, and she said it was in a good loan and 12% ARM is a very good rate? WHAT? and she kept insisting me that she trying her best to help me? WHAT?, well that conversation did not end well.
    1. OK now check out these 3 situations- 02/18/08 had good credit except wife, not too bad, we get 12% ARM 40 year $690 a month, Ok no problem at time told we could refi next year when these marks are off of credit
    2. Apply for a good loan all credit issues cleared up, April 2009 4.5% 30 year fixed-$399.51 a month, down from $690.00 mo. perfect! come 08/31/09, got refused for this loan, findings-could not afford this loan? WHAT?
    3. Now we apply for the Home Affordable Modification 11-09, got refused because we make too much money and the payments would go up instead of down, Well That is my nightmare with this bank.

    Thanks, Todd & Cori


    I'm in California and am all for a Class Action Suit, but I also need help now!! I have experienced the same nightmare with Wells Fargo...we fell into a temoprary hardship and had trouble paying mortgage for a few months. By the time WF came around to responding to our constant phone calls and faxes, it was the day before they were set to auction our home. That was in late June of '09. They said if I didn't sign the 6-month contract with balloon at the end, they would auction the house the next day. They promised at the end of the 6 months, they would put the balloon on the end of the loan & either modify or put us back on regular payments. We signed and showed good faith in getting all the payments in on a timely manner. After the final payment in Dec., we called and were told to send in updated financials. We did and called a few days later. They needed more information sent in, which we did. On Jan. 14 we received a letter stating that we were denied a modification (which was fine, we could afford our regular mortgage now), so we called in to find out what to do. Send in more financials and call in a week....We did and called in four days to find out they had foreclosed and auctioned our home off! They said they were legally allowed to restart the foreclosure process because we "broke" the contract by not paying the balloon, and we had been denied a modification in writing!! Unfortunately what the SAID on the phone wasn't in writing!! I need to find out if anyone else is in this situation. We are still in the home, we have an attorney, but I fell our days are numbered.
    We are petrified. Our entire retirement is wrapped up in this house which, believe or not, has quite a bit of equity in it!! Help!!!
  6. Mandy

    Mandy LoanSafe Member

    Count me in: I have three accounts with Wells and I will try to be brief.

    1- The home where I live, I have been trying to get a modification since Feb 2009. I have been denied many times. In October 2009, we were offered a modification with an increased payment of $700 dollars. Of course, we denied it. On Dec 31st, I was offered a moratorium, since they stated that we had a deficit and couldn't qualify for anything. This is funny, since I have a rental property and I got a modification for $300 less. Does that make sense? Called them and told them that I couldn't accept, so they put me back for review. Yeah right. Today, they called me and told me that, I will hear from them by Friday and that most likely, my payment is going to go way up and that they can't lower the interest rate or extend the terms, so most likely, they will be sending the same modification that I got in October. They call that a modification? They are only going to add the payments to the end of the loan. What a waste of time!!!!! I'm ready to fight them.

    2- I have a home equity and they are just waiting for the first mortgage, to see what they can do for me. They put me on three months trial and then they said that I had to send them full payments. I haven't and I am only waiting. I have been trying to modify too, since February 2009.

    3- I have rental property, I had some tenants that left the house, so, I was behind like three payments. At first when I called, they put me on a repayment plan. It took me a while to get out of this prepayment. Then again, I tried to get a modification and the first specialist that I work was stationed in India. She denied me and told me that I couldn't apply and that I had to wait three months. Well I didn't wait, I sent everything and in less than a month, I got the modification.

    I am in, since I am very upset, it has been a long battle. This is worst that panhandling, they treat us with no respect or dignity. It was as if it was their own money. I am in this situation, because my husband lost his job and I was on disability, because I had a high risk pregnancy, we have a lot on unpaid medical bills and we also have a kid in college.
  7. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    There is a class action suit with attorneys looking to expand to other states- www.scribd.com go there and look up Bosque et al v Wells Fargo Bank NA. They have the complaint that was filed with the attorneys listed at the end of the complaint. I contacted C. Delbaum at the Nat't Consumer Law Center(?) in Boston. I have since found a local attorney who is likely going to proceed, kind of piggy-backing on this other lawsuit. I think each state has to file in their own jurisdiction, and if enough states get involved, they will combine the cases into a national class action. The case filed concerns those who were in a trial plan, paid all the payments but weren't converted to a permanent modification at the end of the 3-4 month trial period.
  8. GeorgiaGirl

    GeorgiaGirl LoanSafe Member

    I would love to get in on this Class Action Suit. I have been on a trial since last summer and have paid 7 trials payments only to be told today that my investor (Wells Fargo RFC...Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc.) is not participating in HAMP. I looked up the Bosque Suit against Wells. What do the rest of us need to do to just in.
  9. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    Call the National Consumer Law Center Attorney listed on the Bosque complaint. They are listed on the last page. I spoke with Charles Delbaum who referred me to a local atty who is filing a case in Oregon. He may be able to refer you to a local atty who will be willing to take the case. All the prep work has already been done, and anyone who got the signed documents, and hasn't had a big income change should be eligible to file almost the exact same lawsuit. The trial plan does say that the info you originally gave them must remain substantially the same.
  10. injn6

    injn6 LoanSafe Member

    I have just experienced the nightmare for which you all are referring to. I just finished the temporary modification and was told that even though I had successfully completed the first one, I would need to do another temporary modification. I finally ended up with the office of the President, which did not help any way. I was finally told that I would need to come up with a ridiculous amount of money by the end of April; otherwise they would begin foreclosure proceedings. And, that on May 1st a mortgage payment would be due. Never mind, that it is a prohibitive request. We bailed them out and now they are simply double dipping. They think that they can foreclose on our homes, steal the equity from the selling of our homes at a profit and at a higher interest rate. I say NO!!! Enough is enough. It is time to make Wells Fargo accountable for their dirty dealing. I am looking to start or join a Class Action Suit in the state of Florida that would piggyback the “Bosque v. Wells Fargo Bank” lawsuit that was filed in Massachusetts. Is there anyone from Florida that would be interested in joining forces?
  11. saigafreak

    saigafreak LoanSafe Member

    Has anyone tried to go to press about this?
  12. injn6

    injn6 LoanSafe Member

    I think we should go to the press, organized. Are there any Floridians - Wells Fargo victims that are interested in joining forces in a class action suit???

    Re: A possible Wells Fargo CLASS ACTION SUIT
    I have just experienced the nightmare for which you all are referring to. I just finished the temporary modification and was told that even though I had successfully completed the first one, I would need to do another temporary modification. I finally ended up with the office of the President, which did not help any way. I was finally told that I would need to come up with a ridiculous amount of money by the end of April; otherwise they would begin foreclosure proceedings. And, that on May 1st a mortgage payment would be due. Never mind, that it is a prohibitive request. We bailed them out and now they are simply double dipping. They think that they can foreclose on our homes, steal the equity from the selling of our homes at a profit and at a higher interest rate. I say NO!!! Enough is enough. It is time to make Wells Fargo accountable for their dirty dealing. I am looking to start or join a Class Action Suit in the state of Florida that would piggyback the “Bosque v. Wells Fargo Bank” lawsuit that was filed in Massachusetts. Is there anyone from Florida that would be interested in joining forces?
  13. firegrv8

    firegrv8 LoanSafe Member

    Carbon copy case in Central Florida, main difference they denied us 3 days before the last payment was due, because they claim we didn't call them back within 3 days when they attempted to call us to update financial info!!! We are definitely interested in joining/starting something in FLA. I will email you soon to touch base on how to proceed / help start or keep this thing rolling against WF.
  14. dard24

    dard24 LoanSafe Member

    Where do I sign up for class action? But MORE IMPORTANTLY, why aren't we all raising hell with our representatives in the Federal Govt? No one is minding the store! These lenders are receiving tax payer dollars and then not honoring the intent of this program and who knows how many other programs designed to save those of us who are hardworking, tax paying Americans from losing everything we have worked for over a lifetime. I plan to draft a letter and send it to EVERY member of the Senate, Congress, House of Rep. and all State politicians, as well. All of us should do so and maybe we can stop this insanity.

    My HAMP "3 mo. trial" period ended in August 2009 - jumped through all the hoops. Then was told to continue making the slightly reduced pyts of about $250 less than regular pyt ("we're backed up, you'll get an answer soon"). Made payments ON TIME through June 2010 by working several jobs 7 days a week. Mid June WF tells me I am denied for lack of documentation. Start over June with them to try for an "internal" modification". I am told to pay a full payment, which I do. I then find that the full payment is not applied, putting me further in arrears on paper. MANY red flags - dealing with someone who will not tell me their last name or email for "security reasons". Must fax in documentation-cannot use USPS (and get return receipt) because it "might get lost". Once she confirmed that docs were received (over the phone, no way to verify by email), this person is now unreachable-going to voicemail with no calls back for a week. Called Executive team at WF, told it will be just a few more days and not to worry about my unapplied funds in suspense (more than a full mortgage payment). Why do I not trust this situation?
  15. Melkane

    Melkane LoanSafe Member

    Count me in if there is a class action lawsuit. My husband and I have basically been scammed by Wells Fargo. We were promised a
    loan modification as long as we made our trial period payments on time. We did everything they asked and then we get a letter saying
    we were turned down because we were current. Then we get a letter a few days later saying we're delinquent and threatening
    foreclosure...also saying we owed them over $5000.00. We have been able to come up with all but about $1300.00 of it but now they say
    they are going to accelerate our mortgage note..over $1300.00. I've read that they basically have a formula where they compare the benefits of giving people the modification or foreclosing on their home. Talk about predatory practices. Then they have the nerve to send someone out to inspect our home to see if we are still living there and charge us a fee for it on our statement. I pray for a class action lawsuit! If enough people speak out then they will not be able trick people out of there homes anymore.
  16. PUCCI525

    PUCCI525 LoanSafe Member

    Count me in!! We have always made all our payments before due plus 2 or 3 at a time, now after 8 yrs we have fallen on hard times , loosing both our mom's in 3 months, health issues and bussiness going under. We called for modification and were told we had to get behind before they could help. So we didn't pay. Then they kept giving us the run around needing this paper or that paper or not getting them when i have records on my fax machine. Then they said they would do the hhmp or whatever its called and again run around. We have been trying to reach them and no one anwers our calls . Finally i e-mailed the one lady and she said she no longer has account and its a no go since oct.9th!! No one called us and told us this. What are they doing?? My house is is 3/4th paid off and i may loose it because i did what they said to do. Please get a class action law suit against them. They are ripping people off.
  17. Maurice Bedard

    Maurice Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

    It is rather tragic that they tout to their investors and the media that they are helping save 7 in 10. But when you look here, it is obvious that this is BS.
    Wells Fargo Conference Call on Foreclosure-Gate | LoanWorkout.org
    [​IMG]Image via Wikipedia

    Moe – Here are what I believe are some flat out loan workout and loan modification lies straight from Wells Fargo. All anyone has to do is visit our forum at www.LoanSafe.org/forum and witness all the Wells clients who are not being worked with or helped. Fricken lies, lies and more lies.

    The only way to cover up a lie is with more lies, right? That is exactly what these mortgage servicers have done for 3 loooooong years folks!

    From the Wells Fargo conference call (ht Brian):

    Let me shift to give you an overview of the foreclosure and mortgage securitization issues. These are issues obviously that are very important to consumers, mortgage investors, and shareholders. But we believe that these issues have been somewhat overstated and, to a certain extent, misrepresented in the marketplace.

    I would like to be clear here on how they impact Wells Fargo specifically. So starting on slide 26 first [previous post], as John already mentioned , foreclosure at Wells Fargo is a last resort , not a first resort . We work very early with customers who are beginning to experience problems paying their mortgages and continue to do so for the length of time that the problems are being experienced.
    80% of customers who are 60 days or more delinquent work with us, and when they do we are successful in helping seven out of every 10 avoid foreclosure.

    Moe – Excuse me while I go barf……..
    Read more from Calculated Risk
  18. IllinIll

    IllinIll LoanSafe Member

    Hey All,

    I have been through this twice. Once with Chase with which I successfully obtained a loan modification. Once with Wells Fargo which is ongoing and I bet will never be resolved without legal help. They are completely uncooperative, I am trying to obtain my second short sale with Wells. Geez, I thought Chase was bad. At least they didn't openly lie and bargain in bad faith. Yes, I had to produce the same paperwork over and over but Wells flat out denies I ever sent any paperwork at all, or not this one or not that one and if I did, it is expired. All those things can't be true. Hubris, just plain hubris.

    My advice is this: Use your local resources first. Start with the States Attorneys Office. So far I have not had any results but I have been successful in other matters. It is ugly and frustrating but at least you are being frustrated for yourself rather than Wells. Be sure you can back up what you say. Keep a log of every contact you have with Wells. Only this month (after over a year) I found out that the people you talk to have an ID. Get the name and the ID. Log the conversation because it changes every time you talk to them. This is good for us. Keep track of every single piece of paper you send them. Always keep a copy of the fax and fax receipt. Also mail a duplicate of the docs. The Post Office tracks every piece of mail sent so when they (Wells) claim they “didn't get it”, ooh too bad, you have a Federal agency that says they did.

    Our problem is that we all have slightly different situations. As I understand it (and I bet I don't!), to file a class action lawsuit we all need to have the same complaint. Mine is short sale and others are foreclosures or loan modifications. The common thread I see is that we all are getting the “run around” from them. We all send that paperwork over and over and talk to endless people but no action is ever taken. I maintain, at least in my case that Wells Fargo is negotiating in bad faith. I don't care if it is a short sale or whatever. They are not playing fair. I get in trouble when I lie. Why don't they?

    Once one of us ,or our States Attorney Office breaks the ice we all can tack on. Where is Erin Brockovich when you need her:) ? Document. document, document. I know it is hard but if I can do it we all can. Hang in there everybody and be patient as you can. This sucks but this too will end.
  19. kater713

    kater713 LoanSafe Member

    After 1½ years of trying to get Wells Fargo to modify our outrageous mortgage, and 6 bankers boxes of documentation, they SOLD our condo WITHOUT DUE PROCESS last year. It was a full-time job of almost daily communication and we got nothing but stonewalling from corporate offices in Des Moines. They attempted auction and when we found out that they had published it in our local newspaper (without our knowledge, BTW), I called the contact at Des Moines AND showed up on the date posted in the paper, to find that they did not show up and we went home. Lomg story short, almost 2 years of constant pain and struggle around this... If anyone actually has REAL info about class action suits, Federal or California, please, please contact me so I can finally sleep!
  20. Cali Karen

    Cali Karen LoanSafe Member

    I am involved in a class action law suit against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as it relates to the HAMP program. This lawsuit is being filed in the state of California. I worked with Wells Fargo for 8 months (3 trial pmts + 8 extra pmts) with the understanding that they "wanted to assist me in keeping my home". After 8 grueling months trying to get modified through HAMP, then a short sale, which Freddie Mac stopped so they could procede with the foreclosure...I'm Done!! I encourage all of you that signed a Trial Period Plan agreement to pull it out and read it. In my case they obligated themselves to modify my loan if I made the 3 trial payments timely and the statements made about my financial situation didn't change. It is not right that we have to honor our obligations but they do not have to honor theirs. They are not too big to fall. We need to hold them accountable for their unlawful actions. It's easy to sit back and wait for someone else to lead the fight but that will allow them to continue hurting American families. I've watched my neighbors have their homes taken away ..families with children. Damn it this is OUR country. We live in it together. We should fight for it together.
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"Hello Moe, I just wanted to tell you, your website has saved my life (literally), I stumbled on your site in the middle of losing my home, I was able to network with people going through the same thing as I am. I didn't feel alone anymore, I have tried to give back and counsel those that haven't walked in my shoes yet. We hear so much about what is wrong with America, I just wanted you to know, you are whats "right" with America."

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