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4506-T Again Now Have do check box 6c

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by davephx, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    Here we go again.

    2 Days ago refaxed 4506-T when found out they wanted me to fill out lines 6 and 9 even though the instruction letter says "sign and date" which I did as directed.

    Well today I called to check if it had been received. The good news is faxed info to the Citi document outsourced company gets updated quickly.

    Nice helpful person (after long wait on music) said yes they have the revised, revised 4506-T but that Question 6 c - "Record of Account" box has to be checked.

    But she can check the box by a verbal agreement. She takes the time to carefully review status of all the documents to be sure nothing else needed. Of course about six others previously at Citi have told me they have everything. But she assures me now have all documents and they are the last step of this document verification that comes before going to underwriter "to get approval for permanent modification," she says with hopeful expectation of course.

    So just one more step in the battle since I first applied in March and still very nervous about the ultimate outcome
  2. juskilentime

    juskilentime LoanSafe Member

    That 4506-T is a mess. You'd think they would complete every section that's necessary and quit causing unnecessary delays. But maybe that's their master plan or maybe they just have incompetent employees.
  3. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    Actually I have found Citi quite easy to work with, usually easy to contact and informed people trying to help... I may think differently depending on my outcome :)

    My biggest beef is the detailed Trial Mod instruction letter. Regarding the 4506-T is only says "Sign and date" no instruction to complete line 6, line 9, check the tiny box on line 6c.

    The document gathering folks that as I understand it that review the docs aren't actually Citi employees but its outsourced to another document gathering company. That is why we had to resubmit everything.. many times.. Citi's own system it seems just wasn't capable of handing us masses.

    Of course when the doc company told me I needed to fill in line 6 and 9 they also could have mentioned that you also have to check that tiny box on line 6c.

    But this was not Citi folks as I understand it.

    All the power at Citi is with the underwriters who you can never talk to directly (which is the same with most servicers). The zillions of Citi folks I've talked to in various depts have been very helpful, but they can't get things to happen if the system is too overwhelmed. That was the case of 12 different Citi folks punching in their computers since July to send me Trial docs but never did until restarted whole thing again in July and than prompty got the correct docs after 1st (retrial so actually 3rd) payment.

    In my view it was the system and having to have new computer systems and the huge diluge if desperate folks like me that was more the problem than incompetent employees.

    Now I wait in fear of the "underwriters". The gods and goddess of City that have our fate in their hands.

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