OHIO AG (LoanSafe.org) – Credit unions are trusted community organizations and the latest victim of a recent phishing scam. Customers report receiving deceptive e-mails that appear to be from their credit union and include a request to take a survey that requires they enter personal information.

According to a July 2010 complaint filed with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, a Columbus woman received an e-mail from her credit union that stated: “You have been randomly selected to take part in this survey to let us know what we are doing well and where we need to do better. In return we will credit $50.00 to your account — Just for your time!.”

The e-mail featured the credit union’s logo and listed the correct contact information, so the woman clicked on the provided link. The survey prompted her to enter her account number, but she knew her credit union would never ask for this information on the Internet, so she closed the link. If she had proceeded, her financial information would have been in the hands of scammers.

Be skeptical of offers similar to this one. Never enter your personal information online when you are not completely sure of where it is being sent. Call your credit union to verify any e-mail offer you might receive.

If you have received an e-mail like this, report it to Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray’s Help Center at  (800) 282-0515 or file a complaint at www.SpeakOutOhio.gov.

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