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Do Real Estate Agents Make Money on Foreclosures?

The answer to this is yes… real estate agents do indeed make a commission off the sale of a foreclosed property, but if you are wondering why your real estate agent seems to be steering you away from properties like this, here are a few reasons. 

First of all, if all you wanted was a property that had previously been foreclosed on, then a real estate agent would gladly sell it to you. But since they actually might make more, and make you a happier customer as well by selling you a different property, they are going to try to do that first. And there can be a hundred different reasons behind this, including some of the following. 

First, some foreclosure property requires more drastic restrictions. These could slow or delay the sale process, which, in a real estate agent’s eyes, would be risky because in the meantime you may find a different real estate agent. Then, the agent in question would lose the sale, all because they tried to sell you a foreclosed property. 

Some foreclosed-on properties come with more liability issues, and your real estate agent might not be completely comfortable with that. It is sort of like care salesmen… some just like to sell new cars, while others don’t mind selling the used ones. 

If you are having trouble getting your real estate agent to level with you about why he/she does not want to sell you a foreclosed-on property, then simply find another real estate agent.

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