Criminal Search Warrant Issued for Green Credit Solutions Files

The State Bar of California has a motion to be heard in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana on April 14th "for the purposes of complying with a criminal search warrant" against Curtis (Curt) Melone and Christopher (Chris) Fox and their long list of corporate entities.

On March 4, 2010, a Search Warrant was issued by Superior Court Judge Elaine Streger to turn over to law enforcement all the records seized in the December 2009 raid on the offices of Green Credit Solutions in Foothill Ranch, California. The evidence is currently being held by the State Bar in Los Angeles, California.

Background: In June of 2009 the Department of Real Estate issued a Desist and Refrain Order against Curt Melone, Chris Fox and their group of "Green Credit Solutions" loan modification companies in Irvine California. In December of 2009, the Department of Justice and the State Bar of California (assisted by other local agencies) raided the offices of Green Credit in Foothill Ranch, California, at this point renamed "Guardian Credit Services" with interim 'seizure' Orders. Those interim 'seizure' Orders were made permanent in January of this year. In February 2010 the Corporate, Broker and President's (Curtis Melone) Real Estate Licenses were surrendered.

Pictured below are Curtis Melone on the left and Christopher Fox on the right.

From the attached Summary:

"On March 4, 2010, The State Bar of California was served with a search warrant by the California Department of Justice, commanding it to produce the originals of all the property in the State Bar's possession relating to this proceeding, including files, business records, financial documents and communications."

When the State Bar and DOJ raided Green Credit offices in December of last year, they left with about 6,200 client files, and what they call "a voluminous amount of loose documents and records," not to mention the contents of the bank accounts.

The Warrant requests that the Department of Justice pick up the property based upon probable cause that it "was used as the means of committing a felony" and/or "tends to show that a felony has been committed or that a particular person has committed a felony."

The Special Agent in charge for the State of California's Attorney General office concluded there is probable cause to believe that Curt Melone, Chris Fox and others committed "theft by false pretenses... theft by embezzlement... and felony violations of the California Foreclosure Consultant laws..."  Per Special Agent Christopher Wagner (California Department of Justice, Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence, Office of the Attorney General)  "I believe there is probable cause that evidence of these crimes will be found in the GCS client files and records currently in the possession on the State Bar of California..."

Each count of violating the Foreclosure Consultant law is worth a year in jail. Felony theft? Embezzlement? Let's see... over six thousand loan modification files... it's anyone's guess.

To the best of this writer's knowledge, Curt Melone and Christopher Fox are still in the country... I spoke to both of them within the past 10 days by phone. One of their operations did have offices and bank accounts in Guatemala. Chris Fox is being 'removed' from his current residence in Monarch Beach. Curt may still be living in a rental in Laguna Beach, or moved back to a condo he owns in Huntington Beach.

Court documents referenced in this article:

Motion for Additional Orders -- Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Orange, Case No. 30-2009-00329101
Warrant -- State of California - County of Orange -- SW No. 3997

By: Randall Marquis

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Randall Marquis
Randall Marquis has been a Real Estate Licensee in California for over 22 years, most of that time spent in some aspect of the real estate and mortgage industries. Founder of a mortgage marketing site in the mid-nineties, he was the Senior Editor of The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter for over two years. Randall lives and breathes mortgage & loan modification industry news daily. He can be reached directly at
  • Randall

    We’re still waiting for the official word on the ruling, but here is the Motion before the Court today.

    The detail offered in the Search warrant… mind-blowing. What’s $3,500.00 times 6,200 client files? Find out in this Motion… it might be measured in YEARS:

  • Randall

    Just heard today from The State Bar that the Judge signed the order (see above link) as presented. Files are on their way to the Office of the Attorney General “for the purposes of complying with a criminal search warrant.”

  • james G.

    How can i find out if my file is one they have.Got to be the same ASS – – – – s.I cant get any answers to phone fax or email. like they never existed. i got taken for 3500.00 would like to get some back ,wishfull thinking i bet.

  • ConcernedJerry

    Randall, Please let your readers know that there is more to just Green Credit. The same officers are involved in First Secured Investors, Trilogy, REO Profits, Erickson Law Group and more. Anyone with concerns about thier particular transactions with these people should be discussed with the SEC< DRE<CALBAR<Attorney General.

  • Scoop

    LOL Ive heard Chris Fox is now in bed with United Law Group!! Can this get any more ridiculous? He is now getting debt settlement deals from ULG and has his one man operation debt guy handling the files im hearing hahahaha.. What a joke!!

  • SomeoneWhoKnowsALOT

    @ Scoop– yes Chris Fox is working at ULG and is still attempting to recruit from the former broker base…Embezeling fee’s due to them and former employees, living in a 1.5 million house in 92677. and now is working with ULG on a new “SB-94 Compliant” loan Mod program…even though he is not allowed to have anything to do with the mod business..and from what i heard, debt settlement now too.. Karma is a Bitch and revenge is a dish that is best served cold.

  • Randall

    For more current information on Curtis Melone, see the website for an operation called “Directive Ideas” currently located above a bar in Huntington Beach.

    You can put a ‘dot com’ after that name to visit them online.

  • Scoop

    Chris Fox is a CRIMINAL and people need to know his games. Do not do businees wiith him nor any business he is part of. He is currently in charge of signing “Non Attorney” affiliates to Kramer and Kaslow at 30 corporate drive in Irvine. Which means he is acting like a marketing company for this law firm and giving them these clients as “Ambulance Chasing”The problem is he is also selling a Credit Repair Program under another business but not doing any work on the clients files. He lies, lies, lies. He is wanted on Criminal charges and now continues his criminal activity thru Kramer and Kaslow


    I was contacted by Meshawn who stated she was representing the Kramer law firm.
    I was also told if I paid 2500.00 to them and they were not able to prove that my loan papers were fraudulent, then i could get the money back.
    It was also stated that my loan amount could be reduced by 20% and my payment would be a little over 1000.00 per month instead of 2900.00
    Naturally, this sounded good. So,,today I went on line and learned of their reputation.

  • Fontaine parker

    Kramer & kaslow, Mass Joinder lawsuit Scam, Scam Scam
    Kramer& Kaslow law, Mass Joinder Litigation Lawsuit, Mailing Is a fraud! Please don’t fall victim to these scammers who are fraudulently using a reputable lawyer’s name and reputation to scam people out of $5,000-6,000. What makes this so hard to investigate is the fact that the scammers are using a recognizable name and litigation that is actually a valid case. But unless you really sign up with Philip A. Kramer, from Calabasas, it is not legitimate. The fraudsters use really similar names, which makes it really hard to decide if it is a scam or not. So Mr. Kramer has tried to put a stop to it by making a cease and desist order on all the fake company’s and websites, that are using his name and reputation to lure you in to there scam. Please don’t be scammed like we were almost and if you were I would like to here from you. Good luck in your quest for justice. Mandelman matters, interviews Mr. Kramer about the Case and the fraud. Please go to his website for the full informatio

  • Phil Johnson

    Chris Fox’s cell phone number is 310-547-7501. This guy is s-h-a-d-y. Let’s put this guy behind bars.

  • Bill

    Chris Fox’s cell number is 310-547-7501 in case anyone is looking for him.

  • Justice
  • Justice