CashCall Now Offers Consumer Loans of Up to $10,000

ANAHEIM, Calif., Oct. 24, 2011 (SOURCE CashCall, Inc.) - CashCall is pleased to introduce a new $10,000 unsecured personal loan -- nearly twice as large a loan as the company's previous maximum loan amount.

CashCall stands as the best option for many people in need of quick cash - and unlike banks, these loans are available to people with less than perfect credit. Additionally, loans can be processed entirely over the Internet, phone or fax, and funds are typically deposited directly into a borrower's checking account in 24 hours or less.

"At CashCall, the credit crunch is officially over," says Paul Reddam, CEO and President of CashCall, Inc. "We now have the ability to offer larger loans to consumers who need access to cash, and need it fast. Even if their credit isn't perfect."

This new larger $10,000 loan is another reason CashCall is a better option to payday advances, which are typically limited to a maximum of $300-$500 over just 2-4 weeks.

Unlike payday advances, CashCall's unsecured personal loans are installment loans that can be paid back through monthly payments over a period of time. Of course, consumers can always pay back the loan at any time without any fee or penalty.

For more information, prospective borrowers are encouraged to visit CashCall's new, redesigned website at Home.aspx

Contact:Marc DooleyCashCall, Inc.949-752-4600

CashCall Personal Loans offers high-interest-bearing, unsecured term loans to qualified borrowers who typically use the loans for one-time purchases and debt consolidation. These loans of up to $10,000 are processed entirely over the Internet, phone and fax, and funds are wired into the borrower's checking account typically within 24 hours. CashCall Personal Loans are a good alternative to Payday Loans for borrowers. While interest rates are high, they are typically much lower than those of payday lenders, and CashCall Personal Loans have the potential to help customers rebuild their credit score by making payments on time.

SOURCE CashCall, Inc.

Originally published by CashCall, Inc..

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  • ali

    I am in need of a loan of $ 200000000. Can you help me?

  • Moe Bedard

    Try the US Treasury please 😉


    i need loan 3,000 dollars. can you help me.

  • Judy Gruver

    I am in need of a $10,000 loan although I know my credit is poor due to a prior bankruptcy. I do hope you can help.

  • Rebecca Wike

    I am in need of a 10,000 personal loan to pay off debt. Credit score is in the middle.

  • Tony Reimundy

    I need a loan for $10,000 I can afford to pay $200 a month. Can you assist?

    Thank you,


  • Moe Bedard

    I am sorry, but we do not make loans here on LoanSafe. Have you tried Cash Call?

  • Zolo

    I need a loan for $10,000 I can afford to pay $900 a month


  • Mr. Marius

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  • lend a loan

    I love to read on this page about the absolute information about getting loan, this is the thing I was exactly searching for. Thanks!

  • ken kiefer

    I need a 10k loan . Credit is shot due to divorce and is getting slammed more since things still have not been taken out of my name. I have a good job and get paid bi-weekly. I can afford 200 biweekly . Im trying to create a new life for myself and have an opportunity to due so and this will be enable me to do so. Please let me know if you can help asap


  • Evan Bedard

    Hello Ken,

    Unfortunately, virtually all lenders will require a solid credit score to qualify for a personal loan up to $10K, and bad credit payday loans generally only offer $1K and have extremely high rates. You may need to find a hard money lender to help you secure this amount, but again any lender who’s willing to lend in this situation may charge a very high interest rate..


    I need a 10k loan I can afford to pay $500 a month

  • joe greco

    i need a 10000.00 loan i can repay 1500 to 2000 monthly

  • james austin


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