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However, there is one inconvenient truth that she forgot to mention in her baby killing article: Canadian Journalist, Diane Francis has two kids (excuse me readers, carbon emitting units ) herself. It gets worse folks, her sister also has two carbon emitting, polluting little units. AKA Children

This baby killing crap is coming from a hypocrite lady who is the editor of one of Canada’s largest newspapers and the woman has two kids folks. This is how corporate media works. They tell you one thing while they practice another. They are nothing more than lying hypocites.

Here is some of the backlash that she has recieved:

“She should start by helself. Diane Francis would make a great SS officer.”

“Diane Francis was on a talk radio show the same morning this article was published. NOBODY agreed with her. I mean nobody at all. People can see through this Eugenics bullshit. The walls are closing in on the elite scum of the earth.”

“You make me ashamed of living in Canada. If you’re a first-born, it’s too bad your mother had you and if you’re not, she should have started with you. You are a heartless, dirty woman and shame on you. Ask the Chinese people who fled their country and came to Canada and the U.S. exactly why they’re here. Hang your head in shame.”

“That this Malthusian junk science is still proposed from time to time speaks of the fact that some in academia just refuse to learn from empirical evidence. And now it’s slipped into journalism. The management of the Financial Post should be quite embarrassed. I’ll just stick to the WSJ and not bother coming back here again. An editorial board that thinks that this is worthy of publication couldn’t possibly know how to edit a newspaper / website.”

“I am currently reading “War and Genocide” by Bergen and it strikes me that these horrible Nazi ideas keep coming back.With Nazism it was a “scientific” eugenics that led to forced abortions, sterilizations, heavy fines, etc. for some who dared procreate. For Francis, it is a “scientific” environmentalism that will lead to the exact same evils for all (except, of course, herself).”

You can sugar coat this anyway you want, but the reality is that the title of this article is exactly what this pathetic Canadian journalist is proposing. She is basically trying to play God and snuff out the lives of unborn children everywhere.

When will we see headlines like this in the American Corporate media?  I am afraid that my next article will explore this very frightening subject and what you will discover will shock you.

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