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Erik Sandstrom

Erik Sandstrom


Hi, my name is Erik Sandstrom. I’m a proud sponsor and mortgage expert on LoanSafe.org. I’m also a sale’s manager and loan officer with Caliber Home Loans. If you are looking for a great mortgage with the best rates or for a great company to work for, please give me a call at 619-379-8999

Latest Mortgage News

Fannie Mae Receives Master Credit Ranking from Morningstar

The national ratings agency, Morningstar Credit Ratings said today that they assigned Fannie Mae its ‘MOR CS1′ commercial mortgage master servicer ranking and their forecast for the ranking of the government’s sponsored mortgage giant is stable.... read more

Home Values Rise 1.7% in May

Home values for the month of May have risen to a 10 month high, according to a new report released yesterday by CoreLogic. The numbers go in line with the spring and summer home shopping seasons which normally see a lower supply of homes available for sale due to the... read more

Current Mortgage Rates for Monday July 6, 2015

The nation’s top lenders are reporting that rates for this Monday are mostly stable, with some loan programs going higher since our last report on Friday. The current national weekly average for conforming mortgage and ARM loan rates are stable as well. The 30 year... read more

How to calculate your mortgage rate

If you’re looking for the most affordable rate, understand that your mortgage rate will depend on factors like your credit, down payment, home equity, past late mortgage payments, first mortgage balance, first mortgage interest rate, existing type of rate, do... read more

How many times can you refinance a home within a year?

Many borrowers think that they can refinance their home as often as they would like, but the facts are that this is far from the truth. Many lenders have seasoning requirements that state that borrowers cannot refinance without various penalties within a 1-3 year time... read more

New Flood Insurance Program Legislation Introduced In Congress

A new bill was introduced this week, that if passed, may give consumers better policies and pricing when it comes to flood insurance. Currently the flood insurance market is dominated by the U.S. government as opposed to private insurers. The bill was introduced by... read more

14 Tips for First Time Home Buyers in 2015

There are several things you should know prior to making one of the largest purchases you will probably ever make.  Many of the tips given here can help you save your hard earned money and time prior to starting this endeavor. The tips below will help you make... read more

Current Mortgage Rates

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